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It’s been a long time I’d been on a vacation. I am badly in need of a break from the city life. Not that the past few months have been cruel/harsh/busy or so. On the contrary recent few months have been easy and may be that’s why very boring. These days I am not finding xing in anything. A trip to the mountains or any place out of the city limits might bring my spirits up.

One of my long term plans was to make trips to Ladakh/Tawang. Lately I have also added Bhutan to the list. Is anyone of you interested in making a trip to any of the three places??

We can plan for it !! Actually, I’ll coordinate and leave the planning task to someone else considering my ‘history of grand plans’.

On a serious note, is anyone really interested? We can plan for Feb-March-April time, when everyone is done with their exams and can take out some time from their ‘scheduled life’.

Anyways, I will clear off some important office work this month and then will be on a trip back to Assam. Times have gone by in a jiffy; it’ll be a full one year since I last went to Assam. Longing to meet my folks. .


Kudos!Another "visionary" plan! :-D
On a serious note,I'm game for it.I am going through the most uncreative phase in the past few years.The trivia of daily life can make you dud,I tell you.

Anyway,March would be a great time.I can vouch for Raj and myself coz we don't have any strings attached now!
raj alakshendra said…
m ready .... m vry xcited ... isnt feb is too it b4...

no need of so much planning... just move on...
Sakshi said…
Grand Plans- HUH...!!! I hope it works out this time.

On a serious note-
I think there is a certain sort of a depression that is clinging to all of us- somewhere-
I mean- where is all the discussion, all the leg pulling gone??
Have we all decided to grow up at once?
Or what?
I mean- what with Raj saying that Gands was all sad sad.. and Mann don't mind this- but when I talked to you last- you too were sounding so off...!!!
Whats up guys? Am I missing something??
(And here I thought that my dudes would try to cheer me up, coz I have a legitimate reason for being sad- Shayon moving away and all..!!)
Hehe.Why would I mind that? I wouldn't say that I'm depressed or sad.It's just that am so damn busy that my mind is also bustling with the n number of things I ve to take care of these days and so am not in full form.I know it sounds exaggerated but yeah it's the truth.And for the entire month of November it's gonna continue like this.
And why are you sad ?You told me that Shayon is going away just for 3-4 months.
Sakshi said…
@ Mann
I guess- being busy, is something that I have forgotten.
Anyways- Yeah, Shayon is going to Banglore for a few months, but he is not coming back to Delhi. So, it is kinda sucky situation- I need a job in Mumbai- No idea how will that happen...!!! :(
So, basically- I myself am reeling under loads of stuff- and am not really giving a damn about that...!!
@ Sakshi,
The reason the leg pulling has stopped is because the main guys- whose legs are pulled don't visit the website often (i.e. the G-man and Ramu kaka!).
I hope this comment will stir them out of their slumber!

Unknown said…
Reminder: Those who are 'really' interested can keep a week aside in coming Feb.
Can we make it March instead of Feb ?
Mainak said…
i guess a river rafting trip to Uttar Kashi was what we had planned while in college. That time we didnt have money but now we can afford...

Kya bolti dost logon

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