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This is serious now

  Friends, on 17 June TWM will complete 5 years!! More than the years at Jsr, amazing! Let us have a conference to discuss the road ahead and ways to avoid controversies. Kidding!! Just thought of having a hangout, simply. Using Google Hangout we can have a video conference. :) TWM HANGOUT Date: 29 June 2012 Time: 22:30 IST You should have a Google plus account (visit ). Mail me your Google+ id. TWM HANGOUT will be live tomorrow, tadaan!!

Coming Soooon !!!

Wedding in a Marriage Series- I

What is this eerie silence all about? Is it the silence before or that of after a storm. I sincerely hope, that it has nothing to do with the ‘storm’ that we brewed and then let it go! ;) Now without getting pulled into any sort of a controversy.. I’ll just get right back to my post.. (I wonder how much discussion will this post ensue… ) So I am getting married. (So is Shayon,and we are getting married to each other, but, this post is solely my own aversions on the whole ‘Wedding in the marriage thing’) Raj has been demanding a story, and since I am writing a detailed post about the whole thing, let me start from the start. First, KUDOS to Shayon. It was his push that got the thing settled, had it been solely on me, I am dead sure that we would have been bickering about what the right time is. And, you guys can’t imagine, I actually Googled the phrases “How to break the news about you wanting to get married to your father”; “How to make your boyfriend meet your parents”;

A proposal

Well, à la lumière des récents évènements, I propose that we make this blog available as invite only. Looks like, time and again, this blog and TWM end up burning one heart after another, for no fault of ours. The blog had been created for a small group of people to be able to keep the banter on, but it seems highly improbable at the watch of a couple self-righteous people . Do sound out your views, along with your email addresses, so that I can keep you all within the close circles, lest the majority of us vote for it. I shall need the email addresses because I know there are a lot of people who, probably, never even comment on the site, and yet have been following the updates religiously for years.