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NIT Jamshedpur students to prove their mettle in London formula-student race

NIT Jamshedpur students Engineering students of NIT of Jamshedpur have set an example for B-town ‘Engineer-Idiots’ by manufacturing a wonder car which would be hitting the racing track in the London’s Formula-student-UK-2011 to be held from July 13 to 17. The 11 engineering students of NIT Jamshedpur have developed wonder car equipped with several special features. The previous version of this car had brought laurels to the institution and students by winning the Formula Society Automobile Engineering Australian Racing in 2011 in Melborne.  Team leader Uttam Kumar a mechanical engineering student said, “After participating in the Australia Formula Racing, many modifications have been done in the engine. Earlier it was of 150cc but now the capacity has been raised to 600cc. Now the wonder car can touch a top speed of 200km per hour. The weight of the car is 270 kg.” The creators of the wonder car have named it Drift Racing 211 (DR 211). The engineering students inform

Hiding behind a veil

Privacy and secrecy, all are a part of ones existence. We all have our own space, our own things, eccentricities which we don't like to share with the world! But, please people, this is a public forum, basically a place for NIT Jamshedpur's Wall Mag to hang out (and yes, a lawyer too). You have all known each other through college. Outside college also we meet up, we interact and we have fun together. Then, why veil yourself?? I am honestly pretty tired of 'Anonymous' comments on our blog. It is no fun, especially when one of 'US' ends up posting as an anonymous identity! We are not here to judge people by what they say. The most that we can do is pull the other persons' leg and joke out of it.. *And I am hoping that I am echoing everyone's feelings!* So, I propose that we disable 'Anonymous' commenting on the blog. You are welcome oppose this motion, and I suggest that we have a decision taken on this issue!! Thanks!

Happy Birthday- Dipayan!

November seems to one hell of an active week for all of us! There are a slew of posts, one after the other! Like literally! And here comes another Birthday Post!! Today we are all gonna wish our very own 'Open' source guy- Dipayan!!! The only one for whom I will not a wish of getting a fair bride, because he already had one! So for him, the right wish for his birthday would be that of peace... And happiness and loads of success! Here is wishing Dipayan a very very Happy Birthday!! We all wish the best for your birthday :) PS: Birthday is on 21st!

TWM's favorite adult movie star Award 2011

The crazy Indian media has found its new muse for few days.Sunny Leone(pronounced as Sunny Leoni),the Indian born Candian porn star, is all over the news as she happens to be the latest entrant to the crappiest show ever- Big Boss-5. Though I have never watched Big Boss in the last 5 years for the sheer silliness of the show and its participants, but seems like now I maybe a little motivated to watch it given Sunny Leone is here. Sample the joke below, the variants of which have appeared in TOI,HT and have been floating around on Facebook "Husband to Wife(husband pretending to be a good guy): Who is Sunny Leone ? Wife to Husband : The one whose videos you have been hiding in your desktop in Sunny Deol's folder! Sunny Leone has caught the fancy of Indian media and Indian youth, so does TWM know about what its members like? We do all sort of polls ,but why not sometimes discuss things which we usually keep under the cover, so I thought that it was a great time to add some fire t

What happened in NIT Jamshedpur

Our college, its professors and the students - none of them will ever change. There is this 2nd year guy called Sanket who had written a blog post about it. Looks like he developed chicken feet later on and pulled the post down. Nonetheless, being the geek I am, I retrieved it off Google cache and took a snapshot. Download it to read what had happened in NIT Jamshedpur that day. Sanket's blog post [image, 17.4 MB]

Happy Birthday- Rathz!!

So this is the month of Birthdays!! And today we shall celebrate thebirth of our very own creative director! The one person who I truly believe is wasting his years and talent at TCS! Dude, make good films, write a great story or two, publish your own book! I really wish for you to be that famous guy! You know the one who we all shall brag about!! And today, especially after your last post, I wish you, that you find that GIRL, the one who is made for you, and I shall pray, that your true talents shine- for the world! Happy Birthday- Rathz! We all wish the best for you, in all that you do!

Half Time

Roughly, we may be at the half way junction of our active (able-bodied) life cycle. We learnt a lot of things since the time we crawled on all fours to this point. Though there is still confusion as to which road to walk. I think I am on a side path which may suddenly drop me on the main road. Is it not the time to apply my learnings and do the things I had imagined as a younger restless mind? Now I am able and fearless. Still, it is also the time to get settled. No more of Brownian motion. That's my personal choice. But again there is this call for a quest, will there be another trajectory that will be altogther different if I make the choice? A state of duvidha ! I had been on adventures to find a companion for the journey ahead. Alas, not all expeditions are successful. Hope is important to the exploring spirit for there are still beautiful patches and brilliance! I am ready for the next half nevertheless. It's time or is it time!!

Happy Birthday Karma!!

So it is the Birthday of our very own super shareef and super sweet Karma! The best part being- that- he is back in India (For Good.. Yipeee!!! ), and I am sure that he must be having a blast! So, our dear Karma, On birthdays normally a gift is given and a return gift then taken! But, for you- I am going to take the liberty and from all of us-I am asking for a return gift! I am asking you to get your ass back on TWM and enlighten us all with your petals of wisdom! :) Any ways- Happy Birthday to you :) And we all wish you all the success in life! And one extra wish that, Comes- JUST from me.. That may you get a pretty bride, as soon as you please!!!

Which phone to buy ?

Raj had posted here regarding his confusion about which car to buy. Though that seemed to be a no-brainer to me as I would have gone for Honda City but I am in a similar situation ,the only difference being that I'm confused about which mobile phone should I buy. Requirements in the phone: Long battery life. I'm a lazy bum when it comes to doing routine chores and want to have a phone whose battery lasts at least long. My dad has a Galaxy Ace and he has to charge the phone almost every day. I took some feedback from those who have iphones and Galaxy S series mobiles and they say that their batteries keep running down quickly and they have to charge their phones almost after every 8-10 hours even if they moderately use the phone. I don't want this headache and am looking for a good phone. Don't have budget constraints. Haven't researched much about phones because I don't feel the enthusiasm. I don't know what I want as I'm happy with my Nokia 1100, the mo

Mission-Bring Sam to Delhi

Most of us are going to here in Delhi from 21st-23rd December and we're surely going to miss those who wouldn't be able to make it. While Rathindra wouldn't be able to make it because he's seven seas away,I think Samik can surely make it. I mailed Sam for his contact number long back but as expected,the lazy bum never replied(I doubt he checks he ever checks his emails). I urge you all to get in touch with Sam as we set out on our mission to bring Sam to Delhi. Since he's studying and may not have money to splurge on air fare, so I was thinking that we can sponsor our friend. I'm ready to sponsor his one way flight ticket and it'd be great if anyone can sponsor his flight back. Let's bombard him with emails so that he finally comes out his den. Keep updating the status here.

Message in the Bottle

Dear Rathz, I like your idea about the travel diary.. except that there is not much to say this time. I am as a matter of fact very blue, because the holidays are up and I am going through post holiday depression! But, I do have a lot of stuff gathered from my previous Goa trip.. and surprisingly both these trips were to two distinct part of Goa! So, I think that a combination of my naive observation will make for a decent read. But it will take some time. :) Dear Dion, Your Goa, is BEAUTIFUL! I love that place, and even though I have been there twice (third time was when I was like 7, so that does not count), I already feel like owning a house there so that I can be there as and when I want. Now, I know, that, your home town has a lot to do with the lovely person that you are. Dear Karma, Now, that you are finally back.. :) I can't wait to see you in December... and please please call me up as and when you can..;) And, how about a post? Dear Mannu, Duhu to the damn