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Hiding behind a veil

Privacy and secrecy, all are a part of ones existence. We all have our own space, our own things, eccentricities which we don't like to share with the world!
But, please people, this is a public forum, basically a place for NIT Jamshedpur's Wall Mag to hang out (and yes, a lawyer too). You have all known each other through college.
Outside college also we meet up, we interact and we have fun together.
Then, why veil yourself??

I am honestly pretty tired of 'Anonymous' comments on our blog. It is no fun, especially when one of 'US' ends up posting as an anonymous identity!
We are not here to judge people by what they say. The most that we can do is pull the other persons' leg and joke out of it.. *And I am hoping that I am echoing everyone's feelings!*

So, I propose that we disable 'Anonymous' commenting on the blog.
You are welcome oppose this motion, and I suggest that we have a decision taken on this issue!!


Rightly said,I'm with ya! I was trying to analyze the writing style of the person who posted that comment but I don't think that it is any of the TWM regulars, so it definitely can't be one of "us", even though that guy might think otherwise
Unknown said…
I agree with Mann partially. I am kinda convinced that the poster is not an alumnus of NIT Jsr. A presumptuous bastard I definitely can be.

Speaking of the motion of disabling the 'Anonymous' commenting feature, my vote goes against it.

Why? Because even though the blog belongs to the TWM-ers, they are not the only ones who read it. There must be a reason why this blog is not a password-protected closed blog, isn't it? It is not just open for the whole world to read, but to comment too.

Now, what are the options available at a commenter's perusal?

1. Sign in using a Google ID
2. OpenID
3. Name/URL
4. Anonymous

1. If we think every single person worth his salt has a Google ID and actively uses it, that makes a presumptuous bastard out of each one of us.

2. I have an OpenID identity. But frankly, anybody else from TWM even know what OpenID is, forget about having an identity.

3. What's stopping anyone to simply enter 'Anon' as his/her name?

4. Why did we want to block anonymous commenting again?

I rest my case.
Unknown said…
I am against turning off the anonymous comments feature. Ease of commenting is a reason, as Shayon pointed out. Also, it gives freedom to some who may otherwise not post any comments at all. Many authors have used pen names or pseudonyms as well. Being anonymous gives one the protection from prejudices and sometimes against physical harm! There are anonymous witnesses in legal cases, isnt it?

Well, I think the anonymous comment that triggered all this was one of us!!
atri said…
I did not like the incident . In fact I had to go through the past articles and comments to find what triggered this post.
Something needs to be done to be done to prevent it.
@ All,
My vote's to remove the Anonymous option!
I understand Shayon's logic and Rathz point, but you can't keep using the 'Anonymous' option everytime you disagree with an article or some comment.
As I've said earlier, one needs to be man (or woman) enough to say what you feel. I agree that things can get pretty heated and there are times when we gang up against someone (especially on hot/disputed topic), but at the end of the day we still talk to eachother and keep in touch. I've never know any social prejudice that has caused problems in our group! We're such a bunch of different (crazy in his/her own way) people who don't conform to most acceptable structures (social)!
If you feel the urge to comment, do so with your name and be proud of your stance on the subject. Don't hide behind the Anonymous 'skirt'! If you cannot do that, don't comment! I personally don't know what the 'OpenID' thing is (as Shayon rightly pointed out), but a little search on the web will clear that up for me. There's another option when you may enter your name (if you don't have a Google account), so using the 'Anonymous' option is the coward's and the chicken's way out of things.
That's my reason for removing the Anonymous option.
Unknown said…
What if someone has a fake id in the name of Mr XYZ and starts commenting. You all will be happy that it is coming from a real XYZ. You cannot control what is happening on the internet. I say let it be. I remember only the Mumbai/Bombay anonymous comment; probably in all these years there would have been 10 anonymous comment on TWM. Well, in case it becomes a nuisance we can do something about it. This is my general view.

@The Last Anonymous Comment
It was me who else. Mannu bhai himself wrote there would be no response from so & so people that's why I thought let see what reactions come by after putting the anonymous comment. I was always going to reveal my identity! Mannu bhai also analyzed the writing style and could not point towards me..hahaha..And Shayon took away my NIT JSR tag.. bahut keh diya tum logon ney, ab bas!
Hahaha. Abey saale tu tha. You drew the fury of the TWM members. You can now make a list of adjectives we used for you :-D Somehow I was getting a feeling after your last comment that it'll be you because "we don't wait for the credit to roll" is a little difficult construction,which is your forte but then couldn't be sure!
The punishment you deserve for playing out this joke on us is that you're going to watch the three finalists-Kayden Kross,Sasha Grey and Tori Black "in action" and then you'll let us know whom did you find is the best of them all!
Whosoever you'll pick will be declared the winner of the contest!
P.S.- Don't select the winner by just reading their wikipedia profiles ;)
Sakshi said…
Itna controversy! Hai ram! I have already given my justification as to why I am uncomfortable with the anonymous comments! And I do not have the same in my personal blog!
Rathz, I agree with the punishment that you have been given! Waiting for the results! ;)
Unknown said…
Main toh kahoonga Rathz must prove he watched their videos by recounting at least two fo those movies in detail, on TWM!
atri said…
Rathz it was a good prank.... I was irritated because a very interesting discussion got stopped suddenly....but I really enjoyed the recent episode.. Keep going guys...haha I am enjoying ....
Unknown said…
Hey bhagwan bachao!

Sorry folks I will no more put anonymous comment..this was one-off incident so punishment should not be 'harsh'..Please forgive me!!
Sakshi said…
Unfortunately we are a democracy, and therefore- The punishment stays!
Anonymous said…

What the hell are u guys upto.... Don't u all have anything serious to discuss........
n what a punishment..........definitely manvender singh rautela must have suffered recently.

Here is another comment from another anonymous -:P
shastha said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
shastha said…
itna maar maar marengey ki pahunch jayega tum seedhe jamshedpur... :P
WTF! Kiske liye tha yeh comment ? :-D

Haha. Mazza aa raha hai fullto nonsensical bakarchodi mein.Btw,yeh comment delete kisne kar diya ? :-D

@Rathz disguised as Annoyomous commentor
Poori bakar shuru tune ki aur bol hume raha hai kuch serious discuss karne ko. That topic I had started was quite serious in nature too!
raj alakshendra said…
ha ha ha .... m loving the thread ...


plea not accepted .. u have to go through the punishment ...
Sakshi said…
Hai RAM!
This is the best thread in the longest time! :D
Mainak said…
Ramji ko kyun iss ghor Kalyug mein ghaseeth rahi ho

Feel sorry for u and the punishment dished out to u by none other than ...........

I guess Taklu would be more than happy to be punished in this way :)
Sakshi said…
Start spelling my name properly!! :|
Ghor kalyug hai, bhgwaan bulaane se bhi nahin aate.. koshish karna dharam tha ;)
Unknown said…
@Mannu bhai

This time it is not me. Ye Chaki hai pucca..maro saley ko!!


Sakshi - ye to wohi ho gaya, bacchey ko bolo ye mat karo to wo wohi karegaa jo manaa hai..seems like anonymous comments will increase now!
Mainak said…
@Rathindra/RRC/Aadi Manav
How dare u blame me without any evidence. I am gonna file a defamation suit against u in the court. Ofcourse Sakhsi would be my lawyer :) if she agrees to do so...

I know ur a bit low after u got caught in ur act of "Hidden Identity" but jhooth kab tak chip sakta hai...

BTW im counting days before i move into my new assignment :)
Sab saala burbakon ka jhoond hai! Aur kehte hain ki "premier institute NIT Jamshedpur" se paas kiye hain. Saare Jamshedpur wale aise hi namune hote hain.
Sakshi said…
I will quote my fees first! And, I will only take on to your case after you give me my money for the first appearance!

@Anon ka baap
Institute toh Premier hi hai.. log burbak hain toh, isme institute ki kya galti hai??
And, stop being defamatory against a whole group of individuals.. maarenge aakar! Darpok!
Interesting to see that now we have the father of anonymous also among us!Is Anonymous a love child of anonymous ka baap , that's why they are ashamed of revealing their identities. Lol!
aur ek hai yeh madam Sakhsi. fees ke alava kuch dikhta hi nahi hai inko.
Sakshi said…
@Maidhak a.k.a Anon ke Bete
This time it is you. No one spells my name the way you do! Give yourself UP!!!

I'll choke to death reading this trail of comments.. ;)
Mainak said…
The person has very cleverly tried to rope me in by intentionally misspelling ur name.... but if you go by his 1st statement you can clearly see the hindi he wrote in....

Ask anyone, I never speak such Hindi :)

Since you are elder to us considering the fact Anonymous is of our age....
Would u like to be humiliated publically or privately :)

If u have the guts unhide urself and ur son/daughter identity....samjhe BAAP :-P
Sakshi said…
I am not going to start a blame game here! I don't care who is who!
If this gets any more 'anonymous' or ugly in anyway thanks to the hidden baap beta and other family- I am going to get anonymous commenting off! And this time I am serious!
Jokes aside, if you can't own it up, don't write!

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