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TWM's favorite adult movie star Award 2011

The crazy Indian media has found its new muse for few days.Sunny Leone(pronounced as Sunny Leoni),the Indian born Candian porn star, is all over the news as she happens to be the latest entrant to the crappiest show ever- Big Boss-5. Though I have never watched Big Boss in the last 5 years for the sheer silliness of the show and its participants, but seems like now I maybe a little motivated to watch it given Sunny Leone is here. Sample the joke below, the variants of which have appeared in TOI,HT and have been floating around on Facebook

"Husband to Wife(husband pretending to be a good guy): Who is Sunny Leone ?
Wife to Husband : The one whose videos you have been hiding in your desktop in Sunny Deol's folder!

Sunny Leone has caught the fancy of Indian media and Indian youth, so does TWM know about what its members like? We do all sort of polls ,but why not sometimes discuss things which we usually keep under the cover, so I thought that it was a great time to add some fire to this topic and scandalize The Wall Mag by starting this contest to find out TWM's favorite adult movie star 2011!

I'm nominating 13 porn stars for this award whom I have seen "in action". Please add to the list if I missed some of your picks.

1. Jenna jameson
2. Tori Black
3. Kayden Kross
4. Audrey Bitoni
5. Sasha Grey
6. Jessica Correa
7. Alexa Presley
8. Priyanka Rai
9. Presley Maddox
10. Tegan Presley
11. Ginger Lee
12. Jenni Lee
13.and who else then the babe whose pic is here on this post-Sunny Leone

Here's a little more trivia about Sunny Leone in case your knowledge in this spehere is a little limited. She's the girl Russell Peters is talking about in this incredibly hilarious video.

To preempt any chance of you being prudish to reveal your nominee and pretend that you have never watched a movie except for the ones which can be watched with families,let me break the ice by nominating my contender for this award. I recommend Kayden Kross to be my choice for The TWM's favorite Adult Movie Star Awar-2011.A ravishing beauty with a flawless,hourglass figure and great oomph factor!Better than any Hollywood actress and any girl I have seen till now.But men are different,and tastes differ, so let's hear out your contenders

P.S.-Given the title of the post,I could have done much better by putting a more "appropriate" pic of Sunny Leone, but given the fact that TWM is not a all-men's clan ,so thought that I'd spare the women a shock! ;)


Sakshi said…
The woman did get a shock.. and I was laughing away. Thinking, bas ab yahi bacha tha!
I am glad that, you haven't put pics of all the stars you have nominated.. ;)
raj alakshendra said…
ha ha ha ...
i havent seen big boss - a total crapy show ... but this show is always high on talks ..

Sunny Leone - was just visiting her site & it opens with a video .. :P

anyways , i nevr gave a bother who is acting in a porn movi... does that actually matter !!!
Hahaha. True,it doesn't matter as long but I always get curious to find out the girl's name ;)
Well, I don't think the only guy who can beat me in knowledge in this sphere is Sam, for he's a proclaimed veteran! ;)
Given the "nice" guys they are,I don't expect much from Rathindra,Karma,Gandhi and to some extent from Dion in this area. And don't think that the married folks will comment for being accused of inpropriety ;)
Sakshi said…
Phir bachaa kaun?? ;)
Unknown said…
This is a nice one. Well, I must admit that even I don't care much about the porn stars. I am more of the 'girl next door' kinda guy, if you know what I mean. One of the major reasons being most porn stars are filled up with silicone, especially the famous ones. One side effect is they end up having ugly stitch marks right below their domes. And that's a huge turn off. Don't believe me? Then look out for the marks next time you check out a BBW (not the au naturale kind, of course).

Nonetheless, since we all are voting here, I shall put my money (wish I could put something else, though) on Marina Ann Hantzis, or popularly known as Sasha Grey. Well, it'll sound prudish maybe, but I am a fan of Sasha Grey more because I follow her on Twitter & she's seems to be a great person in her personal life, rather than because of her antics or her "acting skills".
Unknown said…
By the way, just noticed that Tera Patrick & Carmen Electra couldn't make the list. Two of the most popular MILFs, after all.
Unknown said…
And while we are at it, don't forget to check out SIndianTadka. Definitely NSFW.
Add Lisa Ann to the list of MILF. She's really good.
You're right about fake tits(that's why I like Kayden Kross) but I never happened to notice any of those stitch marks which you are talking about.Sasha Grey has also appeared in Entourage I had heard from someone. And this Slindian Tadka girl looks hot and she's pretty too!

Yeah, essentially it's just me,Raj,Shayon,Atri and Sam. Rest of the folks are "nice" fellas :)
Unknown said…
I just hope none of us end up nominating Ron Jeremy!
Haha,Krishnan might have recommended this guy had he been active on TWM ;)
raj alakshendra said…
krishnan , my roomie ... just thinking of him makes me laugh ...

everyone is trying to keep a good boy image by ignoring this post ;)
but we all have seen many of porns sitting together ...
Shayon is my guru who had introduced me to this world ...
& u guys remember whom dion had called aftr watching his first XXX ...
btw mannu u have huge knowledge of porn world .. quite impressed ... ur kids would be so licky to have such a dad !!! just like american pie ....
Hahaha. That Dion incident had shocked the hell out of Sam who couldn't believe it for days that Dion actually did it.
Sakshi said…
On this post a single typo can cause a major weird reaction! So I am hoping that Raj meant Mannu's kids will be lucky and not licky!
That just sounded so wrong!
raj alakshendra said…
caught me :p
it was by mistake , u knw that ... :)
Anonymous said…
I speak on behalf of WE and as anonymous so as not to be flooded with spam emails considering the content of the post.

WTF! How did this post come up?

People do not wait for the end credit roll of a film and you have jotted down quite a few names, interesting!

The traffic to this page is growing to increase many folds only to be disappointed though!

~What is this pornography he speaks of~ Hilarious nevertheless
Sakshi said…
Okay am seriously considering turning the anon. Feature off the comments! It just ruins that whole fun!

I know it was typo! But couldn't resist it!
Yeah,turn that anonyomous feature off. This person is supposedly representing WE as in "us" . What is funny is that this person is technologically challenged for he thinks that just by posting on this post, he will be flooded with spam emails.
Quite analogous to that joke in which the girl says that she doesn't think about sex, for she might get pregnant by thinking about it. Talk about eccentricities of people! Haha
Sakshi said…
Thanks for supporting the Cause!

I am going to write a small post on this! Thanks :)
@ Mannu,
I was out of town celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and just got back a few hours back. So I decided to check on the activity and lo and behold! Ha ha ha ha ha! The moment I saw the post heading/title, I knew it was you who put up the post!

I don't know most of the names on that list (5 of 12 to be exact)! I never knew who Sasha Grey was until she appeared on Entourage- my friends kept talking about her and I didn't have a clue who she was!

Tori Black's the most beautiful of the lot (from the names I recognise)! So I guess my pick's with her.

@ Sakshi,
We need to shut down the Anonymous option!
People need to be man (or woman) enough to take responsibility for their statements (or don't comment).

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