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Happy Birthday- Rathz!!

So this is the month of Birthdays!! And today we shall celebrate thebirth of our very own creative director!
The one person who I truly believe is wasting his years and talent at TCS! Dude, make good films, write a great story or two, publish your own book! I really wish for you to be that famous guy! You know the one who we all shall brag about!!

And today, especially after your last post, I wish you, that you find that GIRL, the one who is made for you, and I shall pray, that your true talents shine- for the world!

Happy Birthday- Rathz!
We all wish the best for you, in all that you do!


Unknown said…
Wish you a very happy birthday, man. Btw, non-Assamese ladki nahin chalegi, bhai?
Happy Birthday Rathz.
Sakshi is right. If Durjoy Datta and Manvi Ahuja can sell more than a freaking million copies and constantly hog the bestsellers list by writing books like "Of course I love you..Till I find someone better" ,"Now that you're rich..let's fall in love",I really think that you could write better books than these books.
Not that these books are not well written.In fact, the books were incredibly gripping but had a very normal storyline replete with sex,couples making out, guys staring at cleavages,girls getting horny!Haha.The books almost seemed like semi-porn though it really depicted what we think and discuss. Read these books and you may wanna get inspired!
Happy Birthday again! :)
Unknown said…
Sakshi - Thanks for the very good wishes :)

Shayon - nahi yaar, stuck to it for a long time, aur kuch samay hi sahi!!

Mannu - haha..I'd the 'of course ILU' book on my desk for a long time but did not read (dont knw why) and finally returned it to the owner..Btw you write long passages on TWM that is what is needed to write definitely can write one! seriously..

Thanks all for the wishes, seems like its already working..sun is coming out :)
Karma said…
Dude...its a shame we missed an "english" b'day celebration...had it been there it would be revived the tradition of celebrating each others b'day..but I guess it was not to be.
Nyway wish loadsa cake on ur face and b'day bumps from my side...
Btw I am not sure why the phrase "that girl" is stressed by Sakshi in the post..reminds me of that old vdo of urs "woh ladki hain kahan"...but then the image of corpus christi in ur last post does tell lots...fear of time getting eaten up.Chillax dude- it ain't over till it ain't over...and in my wishes I won't be frugal...rather than wishing "that girl" I wish - May you find loadsa axomia GIRL !!!

Salud !
Haha.I have already co-authored 3 books till now. You remember I had told you long back? Just that these books are not novels ;) I have a couple of books to write in the next one year and once I am done with those, then maybe I can think of writing some stuff,but I can't weave beautiful sentences like the way you and Karma can,not that the Indian readers care about it anyway ;)
Sakshi said…
Authored books and all.. well, we do have some famous people around.. :P
And stop under estimating the indian reader re.. we appreciate good books.. it is just that we often mis understand the contents from the cover.

That Girl was stressed upon, with respect to the last post rathz had written.. :P
Mainak said…
Happy B'day Rathindra Ranjan Chetia.

Wapas aake ek big size party dena.
raj alakshendra said…
i ahve alwez told u - start writing or directing & whatever u r good at ...

come back to india soon ... have to go to leh& ladhakh before getting hooked up ...

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