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Mission-Bring Sam to Delhi

Most of us are going to here in Delhi from 21st-23rd December and we're surely going to miss those who wouldn't be able to make it. While Rathindra wouldn't be able to make it because he's seven seas away,I think Samik can surely make it. I mailed Sam for his contact number long back but as expected,the lazy bum never replied(I doubt he checks he ever checks his emails).
I urge you all to get in touch with Sam as we set out on our mission to bring Sam to Delhi. Since he's studying and may not have money to splurge on air fare, so I was thinking that we can sponsor our friend. I'm ready to sponsor his one way flight ticket and it'd be great if anyone can sponsor his flight back.
Let's bombard him with emails so that he finally comes out his den. Keep updating the status here.


Sakshi said…
Mannu bhai.. sab theek thaak na.. you have been posting left right and center.
On a serious note- I think that this initiative be taken seriously.. so DOES ANY ONE *incl the sleeping partners who read and not comment and those who only comment*
have SAM's phone number? Please supply to all of us so that, this particular mission be successful.

Dear Sam,
IF you read this- Please contact!
Unknown said…
Air fare, I doubt I can... but a ticket on Rajdhani, sure!
raj alakshendra said…
hey mannu y u take the all the burdan .. we can divide it ..

about the post i just blasted to laughter on reading it ...

i dont have his no ..
Raths , do u have it ???
samik said…
I am visiting TWM after a long time. I got really surprised after seeing this post. I could not fathom anything the first time. I was reading this post in the classroom. I could not suppress my laughter (I don’t know why)and I left for washroom and laughed my head off. But at the same time I felt guilty for not having replied to mannu’s mails and TWM posts.

@All Believe me I am no more a lazy ass.B-school has screwed me from all directions. I think I hv finished my quota of sleep in my life. Quizzes,classes,assignments,exams,other loads of non sense activities consume 25 hr from my daily days. Trust me I would reallllly love to meet you all in Dec.Money is never an issue(specially when I hv 10 lack bank balance from SBI loan ) I will get 2-3 days vacation during xmas. It depends on the term exam schedule plus the summer placements.I don’t want to promise anything and then back off at the last moment. Because I spoiled the goa trip last Dec and I really felt bad .(Raj I know you r cursing me now)...
I hope I have convinced you .If I have, then my MBA learnings are paying off.:)

P.S My number is 9178493515.I am expecting inbox full of gaalis by tonight
Sakshi said…
Arre waah.. the Post paid off!!! Yay!! Yay!!

I am proud of you!! I think more than Sam's MBA abilities, yours worked, because you mobilized him to reply!!! :)

Thanks a ton for replying!
And, unfortunately, you have not convinced me. Figure out your schedules and come.
Like pretty please.

Pata nahin, kal ho na ho!! :P
@ Mann!
I'm in (I'll cover the other half of the ticket!).
@ Sam Da!
Long long time! Ha ha, looks like B-school is taking its toll on you!

Sakshi said…
Just one lil suggestion here- we can all contribute to the tickets! Sam bas aane wala bane!
Unknown said…
sam - jaa, jee le apni zindagi ;)

If you show this post to the profs, they might themselves put you on a flight..haha..ja betey jaa..
Unknown said…
btw catch hold of karma!!
Sakshi said…
Btw- Rathz.. I think Shayon has already had a word with him.. but I do not have his phone number- Unless it is the same number that he had last time that he was here in India in summers.

Also, I think, that we need to have a TWM directory, where we all should be updating our phone numbers!
It is so hard to catch hold of you all, when it is required!!

So, that is the next thing on the cards. having an updated list of proper contact numbers and e-mail id's.
Aur kuch nahin toh, shaadi pe invitation toh bhej paayenge!! *As and when required!! :P*
Finally tune reply kiya woh bhi itni jaldi. What a surprise. Tujhe call karta hoon kisi din.

Yeah, good spotting.Karma ko bhi pakad ke le aao. Somehow I was under the impression that he's already coming.
Unknown said…
All - kripya apna no. Sakshi ko de dein!! Expect good news soon ;)
atri said…
hahaha I cant imagine Sam working hard .....but it is good that he is doing so
To all - have a nice and memorable meet at Delhi.
Sakshi said…
your sentence sounds so wrong!!
Read it again! :P
Unknown said…
Why wrong? A bit premature, I can understand. But why "wrong"?
raj alakshendra said…
Forget everything n give me ur acc detail !!!
@ raths
Ur line has so much of deeeep meaning ..
@ sakshi
When is the good news coming ?? He he
I called Samik during midnight, he cut the call & msgd that he is busy .. I can't believe that lazy ass is burning his ass so much .
Where the hell is karma ??? Shayon give his no ...
raj alakshendra said…
mil gaya mil gaya karma ka no mil gaya - 8017324899
Sakshi said…
Somebody take the condom away from Shayon's wallet..
Hahahaha. That was superb! One hell of a comment
Unknown said…
Oops, stirred up quite a response :P

power of words!

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