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Happy Birthday Karma!!

So it is the Birthday of our very own super shareef and super sweet Karma!
The best part being- that- he is back in India (For Good.. Yipeee!!! ), and I am sure that he must be having a blast!

So, our dear Karma,
On birthdays normally a gift is given and a return gift then taken!
But, for you- I am going to take the liberty and from all of us-I am asking for a return gift! I am asking you to get your ass back on TWM and enlighten us all with your petals of wisdom! :)

Any ways- Happy Birthday to you :)
And we all wish you all the success in life!
And one extra wish that, Comes- JUST from me..
That may you get a pretty bride, as soon as you please!!!


Happy birthday dude!

Well, why is one of your wishes in most of the posts related to us getting married as in "May you get a pretty bride" ?
Just wish that we testosterones loaded men keep on meeting smokin' hot babes who don't give a fuck about marriage as we don't! Haha.
Sakshi said…
See, I am being mean.. okay.. When Shayon and I get hitched as in marriage wise, do you think that we would be happy to see you floating around free.. ??

So, I am gonna make sure that, you guys get married too, ASAP! *Evil Laugh*
Unknown said…
Blah! Why does every conversation have to steer towards marriage? Yahan kya koi competition chal raha hai? Pehle girlfriend banane ki competition, fir shaadi karne ki competition, aur uske baad bachche paida karne ki competition! Gah!
Haha. Seems like your girlfriend wants to win all the races you have mentioned about .haha

Apne boyfriend ke views sun liye tune :-D
Sakshi said…
I mean, cmon, dude.. Shayon and I have been dating for eons now.. I know his views! :P

Just to clarify, there is NO competition going on here!! It is just that, I am a very wedding person. Sorry, bear me for that- And I can't help but wish for more weddings to happen!!
Chill maaro yaar! :)

Happy Birthday :P
Sorry, your birthday post is taking a very 'Wedding Hue' :P
You edited the last line? LOL!
Sakshi said…
Dude, appreciate the fact that it is Karma's birthday. So.. yeah I edited it.
Unknown said…
Karma..wishes again :)

What was edited??
Karma said…
Hi Guyz !! Thanx to all for the wonderful wishes.As usual I am late in replying the thread as I am in all things in life !!!Special thanx to the lovely lady - Sakshi to have posted this nice and cute post.
Its pretty scary that nearly all our conversation starts veering towards "Marriage" topic.
Every time a wicket or two falls , I get warier from the other end of the pitch that I have to face it someday !!
But in any case its not a bad wish at all...but then "may you get a pretty bride.." is a bit of overkill..may be it can be ""may you get a pretty girl"....lets not get hasty here !!
raj alakshendra said…
fb pe shaadi , blog pe shaadi , ph pe shaadi , sms pe shaadi - har jagah shaadi ki hi baat hoti hai ...

sometimes i feel insecure that if i am not the last bachelor on planet earth :p

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