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Which phone to buy ?

Raj had posted here regarding his confusion about which car to buy. Though that seemed to be a no-brainer to me as I would have gone for Honda City but I am in a similar situation ,the only difference being that I'm confused about which mobile phone should I buy.

Requirements in the phone:
Long battery life. I'm a lazy bum when it comes to doing routine chores and want to have a phone whose battery lasts at least long. My dad has a Galaxy Ace and he has to charge the phone almost every day. I took some feedback from those who have iphones and Galaxy S series mobiles and they say that their batteries keep running down quickly and they have to charge their phones almost after every 8-10 hours even if they moderately use the phone.
I don't want this headache and am looking for a good phone. Don't have budget constraints. Haven't researched much about phones because I don't feel the enthusiasm. I don't know what I want as I'm happy with my Nokia 1100, the most basic Nokia phone, as it's been a great companion for more than one year but I think that it's time to move to something better. I want suggestions whether I should go for a QWERTY keypad one or for a touchscreen one? Also your top 3 picks.Let the discussion unfold!


Sakshi said…
I am no good at this. But I have heard that Blackberry's latest phones.. especially the new storm (Shayon, honey, you reviewed that na??) is great.
(Since Shayon reviewed it- he would be able to give you the correct picture)
The only thing that I have heard complaining in a BB is that the battery runs out IF you are continuously doing BBMing.. If the new BB phones face the same problems or not- Shayon- tell em.

I also know for sure that HTC phones- are totally awesome.

And the new windows phone Luminia or something also has great reviews.

Personally I am on a Nokia 5366. I am actually fine with it. My only problem is the touch. It sucks. Especially after using the itouch that Shayon had given me.

I am not a Iphone fan. Because of the whole no multi tasking thing.
And a big nokia fan!! :P

All the best!!
Unknown said…
Business - Blackberry
Experience - iPhone

I am not into reviewing and stuff but here I go..

Apps may be one reason you may want to buy an Apple phone besides the retina display and touch feature. All major events and companies today have dedicated apps to provide crisp information. In a new place, I relied on my phone to roam without any hassles!

I would say go for Blackberry or iPhone.
Unknown said…
One and only phone you should go for, since you're looking for battery life. Blackberry 9780. Period. And well, never switch on 3G or the battery will die faster than you have your next meal.
raj said…
M satisfied with my BB ...
My next phone will be iphone ...
Few of friends r having HTC but they r not much satisfied with its battery back up ...

In any case battery back up depends how much features u use on phone ...
Here's my two pence!

I have a Nokia N8 and I'm totally happy with it (I'm a big Nokia fan too!). I'm impressed with the Nokia Windows phones that have come out, but I've not used one to comment.

I don't like Apple prodcts, so I'm biased against the iPhone (antenna gate notwithstanding)!

I'm probably going to shift to a BB in Jan (9930) to try out something new and since my dad has a BB too (easier to keep in touch).

There you go!

Thanks all for the great inputs! At least now I have some direction in which I can explore more.
Someone just told me that the iphone's battery can last for around 1 day if you use it moderately.Battery lasts for only 6-7 hours if you're continously using it. Aisa hai kya ? If that would be the case, then I may buy it.
Unknown said…
@Mannu bhai

Songs, photo, video, browsing, maps, aps, social networking updates etc..iPhone battery should last the daytime you remain outside untill you retire to your room to recharge yourself and the phone..

I keep my 3g on but switch off wi-fi when going for a day-out to save some battery sticks..
raj alakshendra said…
m satisfied with my BB ...

if u r using net , games , music , apps , chat all day thn dont expect any phone to run for 2-3 days ...
if it survives for 24 hrs , its more thn enough ...

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