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NIT Jamshedpur students to prove their mettle in London formula-student race

NIT Jamshedpur students
NIT Jamshedpur students
Engineering students of NIT of Jamshedpur have set an example for B-town ‘Engineer-Idiots’ by manufacturing a wonder car which would be hitting the racing track in the London’s Formula-student-UK-2011 to be held from July 13 to 17.
The 11 engineering students of NIT Jamshedpur have developed wonder car equipped with several special features. The previous version of this car had brought laurels to the institution and students by winning the Formula Society Automobile Engineering Australian Racing in 2011 in Melborne. 
Team leader Uttam Kumar a mechanical engineering student said, “After participating in the Australia Formula Racing, many modifications have been done in the engine. Earlier it was of 150cc but now the capacity has been raised to 600cc. Now the wonder car can touch a top speed of 200km per hour. The weight of the car is 270 kg.”
The creators of the wonder car have named it Drift Racing 211 (DR 211).
The engineering students informed that at least Rs 24 lakh has been invested in the car. And companies like Tata Steel, Korba Engineering Private Limited and Soma of Metals have helped the students by giving the potential sponsorships.
Pleased with the effort, the Director of NIIT Jamshedpur has congratulated the institute team involved in the project.
The team of students involved in the car manufacturing includes Uttam Kumar, Rahul Singh, Saumyadeep Vishwas, Alok Srivastava, Aditya Kumar, Saket Sardar, Turam Purti, Nitin Agarwal and Alok Verma.



Unknown said…
kya contrast hai..This achievement and the recent sine die..foooh..
Mainak said…
Sometimes i feel our batch was so ignorant bout all these competitions. But we all never really cared to participate in such events. I know we always had bottlenecks from the college administration but i still feel we were really ignorant.

Kisko time tha padai karne ki... time tha to bas time udane ki :)

Its also good that we never participated coz had we participated ppl would have been really serious n then TWM, nashta gang, Gandhi episodes, etc, etc. would have never emerged

Just imagine Dion, Raj & gandhi talking bout innovations and passing gyaans on fluid dynamics and mechanics..... Kahan ho pati Shyaam ji ke pass unending useless conversations...
I concur with you. Now that we're outta that hell hole we lived in and now that I have seen what really good colleges are about(though I'm not in a grad school) and how much is the emphasis put on innovation,ideas, learning ,entrepreneurship in good colleges, I really wonder what the hell did we do in 4 years!
Now that I'm treading the path of entrepreneurship, I think that it'd have been a little easier ride for me had I learnt a lot of the things earlier.Imagine,in college I, and in fact the majority, of the people never thought beyond getting a job, or going for an MBA or to a grad school. We hardly talked about developing business models(except for those crappy business plan competitions which are almost of no worth), and start up stuff which engineering schools in the US foster.
There were no workshops on say learning photoshop,illustrator or open source technology or on creating sustainable companies. In fact, though a lot of stuff is happening now,I'm sure that there's a lot that can be done. 2-3 years down the line we can group up and mentor the college .Those poor students deserve something better than those bloody profs!
The best thing about our college is that we really had quality students and that's something which I am proud of.
raj alakshendra said…
proud of the juniors ...
Sakshi said…
You know Mannu, I agree with you. And this is not just the system in the Engineering colleges but colleges and institutes in genres. Be it engineering or medicine or even law.. history, geography..
There are a million fields that are there but avenues are zero to indulge in the actual field. Everything is about money and a job.
Reality of life over rules the dreams.
atri said…
These guys are really working hard...I knew a few students who worked last year on a similar type of project and was really surprised by their detailed work on zero waste emission - something on green car...even some companies wanted to buy their work....

great going guys..

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