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Think about it

This is a poem that I heard sometime back and it just struck a chord in me. It's not cheerful like Sakshi wanted nor is it dreary. I just couldn't bear any Santa-Banta jokes. Hope you'll enjoy it. If I f you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or, being hated, don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise; I f you can dream - and not make dreams your master; If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with triumph and disaster And treat those two imposters just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to broken, And stoop and build 'em up with wornout tools; I f you can make one heap of

The Dark side of Shadow......

I guess in last few posts we are encountering a shift of content.Shayon coming up with a really kool piece of poetry and Sakshi too scribbled some wonderful lines.Her post was like sunshine emanating through small chasm the dark clouds of melancholy that has been hovering quite a while. Thus came Karma..always eager to grab eyeballs ,to join the party.He started off thinking he could write lyrics whom his fellowmortal The Sexy Sam is bugging for quite some time.So in order to prove his mettel he started scribbling in between his work.Who knew writing a poem cud be so intricate as compared to writing COBOL codes!!! All he knew about poetry is that it shud end in rhyming words!Hence , he decided the old method...inspiration from some unknown source.He went through covers of Metallica whom he likes to imitate under showeres and thus came a really Murky lyrics which drove Sexy Sam in a state of frenzy.He refused to string tune in the lyrics as he considered his Acoustic cudnot do justice t


Today was Daughter's Day, so to spend some time with my Dad, we went to watch a play... more interesting than the play was the cafeteria from where the following lines of poetry come. The moment I read these lines on an obscure board... I knew that I wanted to share them with all of you. People are Unreasonable, illogical and self centered, Love them Anyway.... If you do good, people will accuse you of self centered and ulterior motives, be good to people Anyway... If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies, Succeed Anyway.... The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow, Do good Anyway... Honesty and Frankness makes you vulnerable, Be frank and Honest Anyway.... What you spend years in building may get destroyed overnight, Build Anyway.... People really need help but will attcak you if you help them, Help people Anyway... Give the world the best you have and you'll get kicked to the teeth... Give the world the best you have... Anyway....!!!

And Sinbad, the Sailor, Sails Away...

... i just feeling like looking ur snap again n again...... u r da best.... we all love u a lot atul.... miss u atul.... mis u i still remember d last time i met u before comin to delhi may ur soul rest in peace missin u loads "blue boy"......still cnt believe it.......luv u loads.... Its beyond my comprehension...I cannot digest such a fucking thought...It has ripped the ground from under my feet...why the fucking bike man...why the fucking bike? tough to believe ..its really tough to believe for me bro ... u will always be remembered ...u are simply the youth of the nation ...u r one among the best individual of the college ... oh lord almighty i pray u whole heartedly for the soul ... miss u a lot bro So? What do you think of the above few quotes? The comments section of an obituary? Nope, they are actually snippets off the scrapbook of a pretty close friend of mine. No, he wasn't just a friend, he was my brother... the only younger brother I ever had! I was in

The Pheonix is Doomed to ReBorn!

Just putting up a little poetry to portray the current state of my mind... I weave a cocoon to keep me safe, to keep the child in me alive. I peek about with my cynical eye to view the big bad world. I arm myself with wisdom from years of experience. I brace myself to wage the war with the world and the demons in my heart. I pour my heart and my soul to build a new life a new world again from broken dreams and wounded heart and friendships gone awry... may you be with me, hold and guide me when i falter, rebuke me when i go wrong and nurture me when the world around me falls apart... be the fire always burning, giving me strength to rise each time, like the phoenix from the ashes to brave the world with forces anew. (Thank You,  Raka )

Once Fucked, Always Fucked!

I have no clue, with what face, shall I write about it. Well, all I'll say is, after all the hullabaloo and excitement, I just might fail to make the trip to Goa, with all you guys. Yes, at the end of the day, me, of all people. On hindsight, I realize, probably I was never dependable, probably I was never dependable because I always carried a fucked up fate up my sleeve. Probably I justify too much. Probably I don't! But yes, one thing I can swear my heart on, I love you guys! Anyway, getting back to the topic. I ain't making the trip. Explanations? What the fuck are those? I just ain't gonna, the picture is as simple as that! As far as Saxi is concerned, I know she would refuse too. But I shall trust you guys, my comrades, my brethren, to coax her, cajole her and manaofy her for the trip. I know she was looking for the trip. Even if it's gonna be minus me, shouldn't dampen the spirits much. Hic! Sorry for getting a little sentimental. i had just called up Ra

& Mannubhai returns...

Puys, thought the website needed a new post .So here I go with a potpourri of pics & songs. This Sunday we had a project outing to a place by the name Western Country club near Manesar. Here are some pics from the place. THE PLACE "While my Guitar gently weeps" Himesh Reshamiyya pose??Uhhh.. The high-point of the trip was that I performed there & I got really great appreciation for one of my compositions “Beet gaye din ” .I’ll upload the composition someday. In the meantime ,check out this new song I’ve composed .I hope you'll like it though can't say about Dion as I doubt he would understand it!! Anyway,gimme your feedback & I'll tell u a surprising thing about this composition. Get this widget | Track details | eSnips Social DNA "Madness is like gravity .All you need is a little push " -Joke

TWM :: Online is now a full fledged Web Portal with TopFloorers' Lounge!

Man! It's been a really long but very satisfying day!! A lot more features are in place, for HOME :  This is the very first icon that you can find at the Lounge  section in the sidebar. It actually points to and is basically a homepage that contains Google's search box and a few more gadgets  that will help you to retrieve a lot of information right at one place! EMAIL :  Here's what Mann has been asking about, all this while. This is where you can access your personalized  email address. The email service is basically Gmail so you should not face any problems in finding your way around. All you need to do is click on this cute little button and log into the account. However, the direct link to the email sign in page is . CALENDAR :  This one is the TopFloorers' very own Calendar application. If you had ever used Google Calendar, this should not prove any tough job for you. If it's your f

Goa Trip - episode 2 (for me)

before going into the detail of the trip i would like 2 show u all a few pics of our last trip ... had a football match with firangees resting in dion's home having breakfast -- v four finished whole bottle of hommade jam in 5 dez the beach where samik saw something for the 1st time in his life in deep thought ...joking ... jus giving a pose dil chahta hai see what dion did with raths i was the 1st one 2 start n last one 2 finish waiting for geetanjali exp ata tatanagar exp -- v had great a great train journey dont worry i didnt eat the fish relaxing on the sands of palolem beach

Long Road out of Eden

Lost in thought and lost in time While the seeds of life and the seeds of change were planted Outside the rain fell dark and slow While I pondered on this dangerous but irresistible pastime I took a heavenly ride through our silence I knew the moment had arrived For killing the past and coming back to life Look who's here??? Yeah,yeah I can already sense the bewildered expression on your face from the other end of this monitor.I guess I deserve a lot of flak for my self-impressed exile from the 'LOOP'.Apologies to those who thot that I cud done my bit more sincerely for this forum..cud have become a li'l more proactive in scribbling my thots. First thing first, cannot thank Shayon enuff for putting our beloved wall-mag in the place it shud have been a long ago.....a fully owned and managed web-portal.He really deserves laodsa pat on the back( but on the other hand I think a tap on his butt in our NIT ishtyle wud be kool !!) and all my fellow-mortals who despite their b

Does This How "The Wall Mag" Look For You?

Thanks to incessant connection problems of Airtel's GPRS service, I was once forced to access the internet from a cyber cafe, after months, a few days back. After checking up on a few of my important emails, I fired up The Wall Mag  and I was horrified at the way TWM :: Online 's homepage stared blatantly back at my face! The colours were all mis-matched and even the banner had a very ugly feel to it. I was even more pissed when Raj later confirmed that that's exactly how the page gets rendered in his office too! Although I think the reason behind it might be the age old Windows 98 and older versions of Internet Explorer, I thought I should better confirm the same with the rest of you guys. The picture above is how TWM :: Online  is originally supposed to be rendered. (You can click on the picture for the larger version.) If it is any different for you, kindly shoot me a comment informing the operating system and the version and name of the browser that you use. I shall t

Rock On...!!!

To follow your dreams is the moral of the story.... The direction is great, the songs are awesome... ( I am not a fan of Rock music... but I have become a fan of the music of Rock On...!!!) Its a beautiful movie which reflects, how the choices in our life make or mar our lives. and how at times circumstances force us to choose the life that we actually want and the life that we ought to have coz... that is right. I should mention here that there were a few posts in the past... in which there was a lot of discussion about the career choices that all of you have made... and consequently losing out on everything. You know what I think?? I feel that for us at this age, (we are still young dude..) we have gotten a movie that reminds us the value of what dreams mean to us. Its like Shayon said in his return post, about the satisfaction and the gratification. I feel totally restricted at times, familial obligation etc etc.. and most importantly, the familial expectations.... imagine, as soon

Where Are The Drum Rolls? TWM :: Online is here!!

Ta Da! In the past 10 days, TWM :: Online has undergone a lot many changes, eh? First, the blog header gets a make over, followed by a complete overhaul to the whole site's design. Then came a few changes in the sidebar, a better looking Adsense implementation, a brand new tag line to the blog and now, finally, a brand new URL for us all! Yes, if you haven't noticed it yet, check out the address bar of your browser and you'll notice it says " " no more! Yes, the online edition of The Wall Mag  has a new address now, . Do not worry, the previous URL will still be functional but all who visits that one shall be redirected to the new URL (it must have been the same with you too). Well, along with the URL, I have also added a little graphic to identify the page among the rest. Such an icon is called Favicon  and you can view it on your address bar and also at the left most part of the tab (unless you us

Art Attack!

Does the title of this post strike a chord in your gray cells? Nope? Well, that's borrowed from a nice little program on Nickelodeon where this guy comes up with really nifty way of converting the very scraps off your household into real works of art! Yes, I, too, am planning to showcase this little art-work of mine on The Wall Mag , where else? Remember me commenting on the last post that I couldn't call up Saxi on time because I was too busy creating an ashtray out of a few empty cigarette boxes? I finally completed it today morning and now posting a few pics of the same. Unfortunately the pics were taken in the night and my ROKR doesn't have any flash, so they are a little grainy :-( So, what do you think? I had filled up the box at the beneath with some mud so that it stays a little heavy and gets a sturdy base. 'Have plastered the whole thing with cello tape. However, it does feel pretty strong. I seem to be on my creative high, these days! Today afterno

A Very Happy Birthday to Sakshi

Good Morning everybody .... Today is the b'de of an "aspiring lawyer" ... the only lady in this club ... on behalf of everyone I wish her happy b'de ... may the coming years bring a lot more happiness n color in her life .. now as per rule her bf , Mr. Shayon , should wish her exactly at 12 but this was not the case here ... sakshi called him to wish her becoz he forgot i suppose ... i also talked 2 her ... but i was in deep sleep so couldnt remember wht i said ... Shāyon's little note : Believing hear, what you deserve to hear: Your birthday as my own to me is dear... But yours gives most; for mine did only lend Me to the world; yours gave to me my love! They say, " You're not 40, you're eighteen with 22 years experience." Yes, it's never the age that matters. Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself. So, here's wishing Saxi a very Happy Birthday! Love you!! P.S. - In my defense, I did not

Meerut,Yakoo,John & Dawg

The curtain rises!! LadieSSSSSSSSS & gentleman!! let me present before you some hell-raisers from Noida .Once in 2K3 batch of NIT,Jamshedpur these people are redefining the very words “Idioticity" & "Stupidity”.Every day they are unknowingly surpassing greater heights of moronity.This circus has four characters with a certain “Dawg” being their ringleader who inspires them(read provokes them) to achieve those lofty heights of stupidity .Although each one of these person deserves an introduction which would run for tens of minutes but let me do away with it in a a few sentences each Meerut -A budding rockstar who’s just mad about music.For him music is js about rock & nothing else.He Shares the podium with Gandhi for being the most famous guy in 2k3. Yakoo –Amit Srivastav-My recluse neighour in NIT, Jamshedpur whose always @ 90 degrees hair earned him the sobriquet of Yakoo from the Krur Singh of Chandrakanta.Has become my comedy partner here. Dawg :That’s none

With Love, From Jamshedpur!

It's been almost a week now that I'm staying over at Raj's place and still quite a couple more to go. After all the discussion about his place of abode and house keeping issues, I thought I should share a few pictures showcasing the place we call house  :-P And of course, I had also promised to share Raj's latest bald look with you all. So, here they are - Had to start the album with His Highness, Mr. Bald!! :-) Baldness can work wonders on Raj's skin texture, what say? ;-) Looks like Amway has come up with fairness creams too! That's our  bedroom :-P Raj's office and that's where he sleeps! That's where I sleep, the other side of the bedroom. A little closer look, showcasing Amway products ;-) And that's my office !! This one is a no-brainer, ain't it? Well, planning to make an ash tray out of those boxes. That's the other room, the one we call "Store room" That's the broken door of the bathroom. Yes, we can'