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Long Road out of Eden

Lost in thought and lost in time
While the seeds of life and the seeds of change were planted
Outside the rain fell dark and slow
While I pondered on this dangerous but irresistible pastime
I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the moment had arrived
For killing the past and coming back to life

Look who's here???
Yeah,yeah I can already sense the bewildered expression on your face from the other end of this monitor.I guess I deserve a lot of flak for my self-impressed exile from the 'LOOP'.Apologies to those who thot that I cud done my bit more sincerely for this forum..cud have become a li'l more proactive in scribbling my thots.
First thing first, cannot thank Shayon enuff for putting our beloved wall-mag in the place it shud have been a long ago.....a fully owned and managed web-portal.He really deserves laodsa pat on the back( but on the other hand I think a tap on his butt in our NIT ishtyle wud be kool !!) and all my fellow-mortals who despite their busy schedule ahas managed to keep this blogroll alive and kicking.I guess all good things in life....persists if u really want to keep it that way.And now thata Shakshi's also joined the mayhem we are so adept in stirring..things are looking better than ever !!! Look at the motley crews we have torch-bearer of this forum,the keeper of this menagerie and above all el-gran- escritor per excellence;Maninem a.k.a Mannu the show-stealer;Raj the AMWAY-man;Firangee a.k.a Dion, a sheer Géniewhen it comes to giving u a piece of his mind ;Shakshi a avant garde blogger,a wannbe keeper-of-law (its always good to have the blind-lady on ur side in case our blog runs into legal trouble) and who has a big hand in preventing the m/f ratio of our blogosphere escalating to infinity and ofcourse Gandhi the sole Gujju in our Arsenal...I am really looking forward to have more of him...he is just irresistible !!
Well, I my long sabbatical from our forum stems from the fact I have gradually lost interest in the finer things in life.Getting busy with life wud be such a lame excuse!!The college-hangover still persists....fervently resisting the shift in life that has set in.The perfect setting of the office, the claustrophobic cubicles and the dementors whom i call colleagues( dementors are supposed to suck all the happiness around you isn't it!!)and the black screen of death that stares at me in non-chalance(my system i.e mainfrmaes is all black and white just like gud ol DOS) and the several thousand lines of code that I have written till date.....has gradually eroded my "creative streak"..... blogging has ceased to give me the high that I used to love so much....Still looking for the "Shangi-la" ...still undecided whether to walk on the road less travelled or tread the path already explored....flow with the stream or look for the meadows which always look Greener in short...MAN I AM PISSED-OFF !!!!
So in an attempt to break free of the cocoon that I have spun around me...I have finally decided to let go the spent steam in form of loosely put idiosyncrasies and usual breed of craps in our beloved scrap-book.Hope to kick-up loadsa of dust!!!
Until then...Adios

Joyguru Njoyguru


Sakshi said…
Hey Karma... welcome back... its great to read you again...!!!

Btw, Its SAKSHI n not SHAKSHI. Guys, I am a punjabi... please respect the 's' in the language... though I know its 'sh' in Bangla...!!!
Shayon said…
@ Saxi
Oh man! Your name never ceases to kick up issues, eh? ;-)

@ Karma
By the Mother of God, I can not even remember when was the last time I ever got to write @ Karma anywhere, be it this blog, any blog, the community on Orkut, any fucking place!

I can't decide whether I should felicitate you with open arms or whether it is actually you who deserves the "tap on the butt, NIT ishtyle"!! The so-called Dementors that you talk about, had swooped into your life for not more than 2 months. And anyway, last time I ever got to have a proper tête-à-tête with you was the last time we united, courtesy my Bro's wedding. If you try to probe around for some commiseration to help you with your recently discovered apathy for social parlance, then I won't be the best bet for sure!

I ain't too sure if I could be the torch bearer & keeper of this menagerie, as tributed in your post, but I think I shall definitely attribute the unremitting continuum of The Wall Mag to Dino and Raj who had always been the chary equestrians. But yes, a little of cum laude never fails to exalt one's amour-propre.

And yes, they say, scriptorial dissertations often work wonders in cases of effusing tumult like yours. Of course, being extensively clamorous is hardly ever admired.
Take a stroll out, meet a few people, show both your middle digit and the butt to the carte blanche and compliment yourself with a fiesta!

In short, Get A Life, man!! :-)

@ Raj
I can, very well, imagine you ripping off your non-existent mane trying to gather the marrow of all the conversation going around! :-P

@ Rathz
Dude, to be able to blog by sending emails, I think you should check out this link for all the dope.
Sakshi said…
@ Karma n Shayon
If both of you dont stop using language wherein atleast Raj n I need a translator along with a correct dictionary you both will defo get a tap on ur butt, NIT ishtyle (assuming that its an unpleasant experience)

Like Shakespeare said 'Whats in a name..." EVERYTHING...!!! (As long as nicks are concerned, its ok... but for heaven's sake... my Christened name has to be RIGHT- PERIOD)
Shayon said…
@ Saxi
*LoLz* The level of pleasantness depends upon who taps the butt! :-) If it's either of Rathz or Mann, I'd rather wear a butt-guard but if it's Salma Hayek herself, not many would hate the idea of getting tapped on his bare ass! ;-)
raj alakshendra said…
watt lag gayi post aur comment (shayon's) padh ke ... sala har word pe dictionary dekhna pad raha hai ... it seems war of words is going b/w shayon n karma to show their supremacy .... but yaar v r loosing in it .... il jus pray dion doesnt start ... before reading this post shayon had already warned me 2 open a dictionary page ...

@ karma
welcome bak ...its very nice 2 see u bak again ... myself n shayon used 2 tak that v have lost a very good writer ... i hope u continue this time ... atleast put a comment if not a post ...

plz tell me what this whole para means

"And yes, they say, scriptorial dissertations often work wonders in cases of effusing tumult like yours. Of course, being extensively clamorous is hardly ever admired.
Take a stroll out, meet a few people, show both your middle digit and the butt to the carte blanche and compliment yourself with a fiesta! "

@ sakshi
coulnd tak 2 u dat de ... a bit busy wit my prospect ... u will happy 2 knw that the guy with whom i was sharing my plan joined with me the next day ... n he was not alone, his frnd also started buss with me ....
Sakshi said…
CONGRATS... man you are going places... !!! its ok, yaar, I was just concerned abt everyone... that is it.
N, I don't have ph numbers u c...!!!
If we were to describe this post in one line I would say "Wow!! A Marvellous piece". Very rarely do I come across such a fine piece of writing.
& Believe me dude ,very rarely do I get the feeling when I saw those opening lines from Pink Floyd's "Coming back to Life"..It feels great that I am not the only one who drenches his soul everyday through those heavenly lines & for whom these lines mean so much..It feels like losing yourself in an altogether different world!! ...
& the pic somehow reminds me of an another Floyd fav "High Hopes"..An another gem!!
Coming back from my reverie, Welcome back dude!! By the way dont get pissed off!!What's the nedd for putting so much effort on writing those endless boring lines of codes.Just chill!!! I think we all need to channelise our energies in our passion & hope that u dont go into oblivion after this !!!
raj alakshendra said…
has anyone noticed that this is the 100th post on the blog ....

congrats 2 all..

n karma u had made a comebak at a perfect timing ...
My fellow men and woman!
Let us end our pissing contest (the using of big words) coz I'm feeling bad for Raj and Sakshi. And Raj, no use in the dictionary, use wikipedia- you'll get quotes and stuff like dementors in there and not the dictionary.
Karma, it's good to have you back man. Hope your asocial behaviour ceases and you become more active here. When I read your comment about the tap on the butt, I knew that giving a bit of prodding Shayon would push it beyond the context in which it was meant. Ha ha ha ha. We never change!
Hope all are fine after the Sat. shocks. I didn't have access to the net over the weekend so I couldn't get in touch with people.

Ankit said…
hey karma..welcome back...because of this blog, i never feel i`m away from u all and have left the coll...

@all bada log:

gr8 site for cat least tum logon ki language decipher karte karte, and wikipedia padhke shayad kuch ho jaye.....
Sakshi said…
@ Dion
Thanks for the sympathy dude... though I plan to write up a post with solid legal terminology as revenge... ;)
Sakshi said…
OOPS: Karma ur Karma hs worked... TWM finally reaching the 100 milestone...!!!
Shayon said…
@ Mann
Karma & writing up lines of, it still doesn't sound too right! :-P

@ Dino
I never pushed anything until Saxi actually persisted.

By the way, any thing on the December plans? How early shall we need to get the hotels and stuff booked? I have a feeling it's time we started planning it out.

@ Gandhi
Dude, let me give you a pointer. Do make it a point to enquire about Karma's percentile in English, in CAT 2007! ;-)

@ Saxi
You are most welcome!! :-)
raj alakshendra said…
abt goa trip ... i have started the work ... looking through hotels n trains on internet ...
il put a post on it by sunday ....some final work need 2 be done...
Shayon said…
@ Raj
Abey, at least let us get the dates fixed up, first! And moreover, how many are interested to make the trip, in December?

@ all
I was just scourging the web-o-sphere when I suddenly stumbled upon something really interesting.

Apparently there's a all-girl music band called "Top Floorers" and their name also got derived by the same logic as ours.

Man, it seems something like matter and anti-matter. Here we are, an all-guy group (of course, Saxi joined in later) and then there's this all-women group, by the same name! :-P

Do remember to check out the site.

By the way, I was thinking of putting up a section on the blog that could answer "Who are we?" but couldn't come up with an impressive literature. Would any one like to volunteer?
Sakshi said…
Hmmm... wow an all girls n a all guy top floorers...!!! very interesting...!!!
@ Shayon
Abt the lit on the who are we thingy, I dont think that there is actually any need coz the tag lines says it all. But, yeah, we can take inspiration from WAT and do a funky rock on write up...for all of us...!!!

@ Raj
Hmmmm.... business mind planning days in ahead.

Ok, I am trying very hard to get an internship in Mumbai for december. Just waiting for the nod to come...pray hard...!!!
Shayon said…
@ Saxi
I was actually thinking on the very same lines, you just echoed my thoughts.

@ all
In case you are clueless of what Saxi's talking about, check out WAT's Profile Page.

By the way, Raj and Mann's email addresses are ready.

I have also done a lot more to the site. I am sure you must have noticed the pretty little buttons under the heading TopFloorers' Lounge. You can click on them and play around for a bit. I am too lazy to write about those links, right now. Gimme a day for that.

DISCLAIMER: You shall need a ID to be able to access the email and other pages. So, you are asked to give me your desired user IDs and an email address where I can mail you the passwords. Of course, you can change the passwords later on!

Give me an email id of yours and I shall email you the password.
Sakshi said…
@ Shayon
I am being very telepathic these days. I thought ull create n mail me the id urself.
neways, gimme You have my mail id.
I love the Lounge feature. Now, I can put in all the birthdays...!!!
@ Shayon !! & do let us know wat all can we do wid these mail ids :P
Shayon said…
@ Mann
Abey popat, is ready! I need an email id of yours where I can email you the password! Had you read the above stated disclaimer, you would've known what you can do with the id. Anyway, another post on the same in on the way!
@ Shayon
abey jab gandhi ki pic gmail waale add pe bheji thi toh password bhi uspe hi bhej naa
By the way
Shayon said…
@ Mann
Password has been emailed.
Karma said…
Ohh....22 murmers in the very first post..never expected to rake up such no.
@ shayon
whats my twmonline id by the mail me at
Oh!! Nearly forgot great new application man !!! Rocking the way can we monetize the blog in any manner??It wud serve as icing on the cake...
sorry man about the cluttered language...COBOL likhte likhte dimag ka dahi ho bhi likhta hoon sab if ,else,loop yehi sab ate rehta hain....
Hey I didn't make the typo error by purpose...but u gotta admit Shakshi gives a nice raspy feel...
hey write some posts man...u have amazing command on english language
yeah man Pink Floyd never cease to give u a the way howz ur rap going..try picking akon You can put the balme on me..what lyrics..holi shit !! Kickass...
Hey man nice to c ya...all well on the northetrn frontier i guess...not seeing much Gandhigiri on the blog..


Thanx all for having a glancing at the took me 1 hour to post this ...that too without any substance..just fretting and fuming stuff...boy i am loosing my touch....

Shayon said…
@ Karma
You choose an ID and I'll create it for you!
Shayon said…
@ Karma
Application? What application? Monetizing wouldn't be that effective since we hardly get visitors other than us ourselves. I have put up a few Google ads though, but they gave me just 2 dollars in the past 2 weeks :-P Let's see if something hits my luck. Although earning money off the blog is never my priority but it would be great if we could host our own web site and the blog paid off the charges.

@ Karma & Mann
Talking about Akon, have you ever heard of Blaaze?
Dipayan said…
Oh!!!! At last the beast comes and blows few of us out there with the stupendous literary sense that reminds me of the good old days when I used to hover around books for understanding lexical analyzer(Compiler stuff)and now which leaves me without any choice but to stick ma a** to a standard lexicon (
Welcome back dude!!!!!!
Good to see you here........


Really good job done for this site...
Unknown said…
Karma's back with a bang..

Unknowingly he has come up wid the hundredth post of our TWM..congratz to all..

Karma has gone for a Blogger's meet today & seems like he'll be coming up with more of his fantastic posts.Joy guru..njoy!!

And what's that on the anti matter!!
Let's get TOPFLOORers registered then!!

By the way what's the amount for jazzing up the page, shayon..
great work..thora 'Knowledge Tramsfer' raj ko bhi kar that he can take care when you get busy!!

Going by the recent posts, seems like we'll have to put a dictionary widget in our page too!!

Sakshi said…
@ Karma
Sakshi is perfectly fine. Thank you.

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