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TWM :: Online is now a full fledged Web Portal with TopFloorers' Lounge!

Man! It's been a really long but very satisfying day!!

A lot more features are in place, for

HOME : This is the very first icon that you can find at the Lounge section in the sidebar. It actually points to and is basically a homepage that contains Google's search box and a few more gadgets that will help you to retrieve a lot of information right at one place!

EMAIL : Here's what Mann has been asking about, all this while. This is where you can access your personalized email address. The email service is basically Gmail so you should not face any problems in finding your way around. All you need to do is click on this cute little button and log into the account. However, the direct link to the email sign in page is

CALENDAR : This one is the TopFloorers' very own Calendar application. If you had ever used Google Calendar, this should not prove any tough job for you. If it's your first time, I'll suggest you take a look around, first. The calendars created are viewed by every TopFloorer (who have their ID registered) and can be used to schedule events (think, Goa Trip). Saxi has already decided to create a calendar comprising everyone's birthdays so that we miss none, henceforth. I'll say, good idea! The direct link to the calendar is

DOCUMENTS : No more shall you ever need to worry whether someone has Office 2007 or not. Our very own docs solves that problem for you. Online applications Word, Spreadsheets and Presentations (parts of 'Docs') can easily be shared and collaborated with every Wall Mag member with ease. The direct link is

GOA TRIP '08 : This little palm tree should have been anybody's guess. I have created our very own wiki at This web site is editable by all of us. It has been created to document our days and emotions till the D-Day and is also supposed to contain memoirs of Raj, Rathz and company's last trip in 2007. Everyone who had been a part of last time's trip, you are requested to share your experiences in that site. As for the next one, let us see how things work out. One thing is for certain, if we sincerely keep populating content in that site, some day, we shall definitely treasure these memories. What more, we can even share it with the rest of the world to be jealous of!

Yes! All this, at just $16.19, till now. That is all I have spent on The Wall Mag, till date! :-P

I know, it is a little complicated for the more technologically challenged lot of us. But c'mon, you always have me to consult with and I shall not be able to maintain everything on my own! All I ask of you all is to play around a bit and you shall surely figure things on your own. It ain't rocket science, you know!

By the way, Raj, me, Saxi and Mann already have themselves registered. I am still waiting for response from the rest of you. Mind you, you shall not be able to access the above web applications without your ID. I shall also maintain a .doc file at TWMOnline Docs so that everyone knows everybody else's ID.

Finally, here's a little video featuring Chaturvedi, Premaland, Lala, Mehul and, our very own, Meerut, shot by Sreeshastha. It's basically about everyone asking Meerut to pay for the petrol 'coz all of them had come out just because Meerut wanted to buy an iPod! After watching this video, you just might feel like giving Mann's post a revisit. ;-)

Ciao then... Cheers!!


Sakshi said…
@ Everybody:
Please send me ur that I can put em up on the calender. Thanks
Shayon said…
@ Saxi
Just create a new calendar named "TopFloorers' Birthday Calendar", create the required columns and share it with everyone. They shall input their birthdays themselves. ;-)
Shayon said…
@ Saxi
By the way, I'm including links to how to share a calendar and to control what others can see, in case you need any help.
Sakshi said…
@ Shayon
why doncha you do that yourself...!!!
@ Shayon
U r taking us places man.!! great enthu man!! sahi hai ...All these icons look quite fabulous
By the way ,Thanks for letting me know wat all can be done :-P
dude can u plz check this music players & let me know if u have any info on their durability & overall usage experience
i m looking for the 4 GB MP3 player given there.wazz ur expert review
Shayon said…
@ Mann
Good to know that you liked the changes. Well, however, even though I start with the trend, it has to be you guys who shall have to take the torch forward. Right now I am devoting a lot of my daily time 'coz I'm in Jsr now and have limited responsibilities regarding my job. Once I am back to Mumbai, I shall be taking off again :-P

By the way, regarding the MP3 players, My picks will be Creative ZEN and iPod Nano.

Of course, while both of them look pretty good, my heart shall always go out for the iPod Nano despite it being the 3rd Generation model (it's been discontinued by Apple since they launched the 4th Generation a few days back). Dion has a iPod Video, so you can ask him for his feedback on the music player's lineage.

By the way, you can also read their reviews here.

1. Creative ZEN
2. iPod Nano (3rd Generation)

This should help you decide.
Shayon said…
@ Saxi
The birthday calendar has been created and shared with all.

Kindly update your details.

The steps are as follows :

1. Click on "Create Event" (top left, right below TWM icon).

2. Write your name under What.

3. Choose your actual birth date actual date, month and even the year) for When.

4. Tick mark All day.

5. Choose "Yearly" for Repeats.

6. Choose "TopFloorers' Birthdays" for Calendar.

7. Fill up the Description if you feel like.

8. Choose "Public" as Privacy.

9. Click on Save and voila, it's done!

For any more assistance, you know who to reach ;-)
Sakshi said…
@ Shayon
Thanks a ton for public humiliation...ur DEAD...
Shayon said…
@ Saxi
Public humiliation? Huh??
atri said…
Visiting the blog after many days....lots of changes......good work done .....Regarding Goa trip: Give me some two weeks and I can confirm you ppl.....I don't want to miss the trip.....
Shayon said…
@ Atri
Whoa! 2 weeks? Well, okay, try to get it going.
Dipayan said…

Dude admirable work done.....U surely deserve a tap on your back.
BTW, what is my twmonline ID????
Shayon said…
@ Dipayan
Will be fine or do you want me to create a diff ID?
Dipayan said…
yah yah it will be fine...Thanx
Dipayan said…
mail me the password also @
atri said…
Shayon u r bringing lots of changes in this blog one thing first.....change your photo......the previous one was better
raj alakshendra said…
@ all

i was busy for past couple of dez... had gone 2 bhubneshwar for amway success seminar ... was a g8 trip...

well a lot of changes on the blog in past 2 dez...

m going 2 replan the trip after discussion with raths , shayon n mannu ....
raj alakshendra said…
our last goa trip was on 2006 not 2007 ...

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