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A Very Happy Birthday to Sakshi

Good Morning everybody ....

Today is the b'de of an "aspiring lawyer" ... the only lady in this club ... on behalf of everyone I wish her happy b'de ... may the coming years bring a lot more happiness n color in her life ..

now as per rule her bf , Mr. Shayon , should wish her exactly at 12 but this was not the case here ... sakshi called him to wish her becoz he forgot i suppose ... i also talked 2 her ... but i was in deep sleep so couldnt remember wht i said ...

Shāyon's little note :

Believing hear, what you deserve to hear:
Your birthday as my own to me is dear...
But yours gives most; for mine did only lend
Me to the world; yours gave to me my love!

They say, "You're not 40, you're eighteen with 22 years experience." Yes, it's never the age that matters. Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself. So, here's wishing Saxi a very Happy Birthday! Love you!!

P.S. - In my defense, I did not forget Saxi's birthday! I was just a little too busy building an ashtray out of empty cigarette boxes to be aware of the time! :-P


Manvender said…
Hey Sakshi
Wish u a very happy birthday!!
Keep rocking & our treat is due now :-)
& mind it we people dont belive in giving any gifts coz we are just shameless fellow .We shamelessly ask for Big bday bashes
Manvender said…
sorry a coupla of grammatical mistakes there..
Sakshi said…
@ Raj
Thank you so much for this lovely post... s this cake for real or graphics? This is the yummiest cake I have ever seen...!!!

@ Shayon
Trust me I thought that you had forgotten my birthday... that is why I called you...!!! ;) Thanks for the lovely msg.
I Love you too..!!!
Sakshi said…
@ mann,
When I was posting I thought I was the first...!!! Thanks for your wishes..and treat for sure..!!!
raj alakshendra said…
the post is a mixed creation of me n shayon... i had got some other cake but shayon changed it ... even i liked the very much ... i hope it was a real cake...

hey, tell shayon 2 celebrate ur b'de ... atleast il get a t8 ...
Shayon said…
@ Mann
Saxi is still a bit naiv about the kind of b;day bashes we used to have! ;-) I guess, we'll surely celebrate this one on X'Mas, in Goa. If we do end up in Goa then...plan to tag Saxi along too! Will do, I hope! :-P

@ Saxi

I took up about 2 hours, right in the morning, trying to build a good cake for you and while I was uploading it, I noticed Raj had already posted a birthday message and that kinda got me off :-P

I unpublished it, changed the cake with this one and appended a little note of my own!

It feels good, after so much of hard work, that your tenacity has paid off. Yup, this cake was baked using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MS Word, Google Images, a little bit of skill and loads of love! Okay, that was a bit cheesy!! :-P

@ Raj
Hmm...treat? Let's see...
raj alakshendra said…
@ sakshi & shayon

oye tum dono publicily itna romantic kyon ho rahe ho ...

control yaar ... control...
Shayon said…
@ Raj
Saale... "love you" bol diya toh publicly romantic ho gaye? Kabhi Botanical Gardens ya fir Kolkata mein Nolbon ghum kar aao toh pata chalega PDA kisse kehte hain! ;-)

(Btw, for the uninitiated, PDA = Public Display of Affection)
Shayon said…
By the way, kissi ko dhyaan bhi hai ki aaj Teachers' Day bhi hai?

Happy Teachers' Day!

raj alakshendra said…
i remember its teachers day n i have wished a few persons...

abe tujhe public mein jo bolna hai bol ... mere ko koi prob nahi hai ....
Ufff!!! saala Xmas tak Bday treat kay liye kaun wait tak toh dion & atri ka bday treats hongi..
We want the Bday treat ASSSAP!!!!
Shayon said…
@ Raj
Abey...load kyun le liya be? :-P

@ Mann
LoLz! Well... Saxi Delhi mein hi rehti hai :-) Tera toh fir bhi treat ka chance hai...luck try kar ke dekh! ;-)
Sakshi said…
Oh My gosh,
@ Raj
Hey, cmon... I deserve the love..its my birthday after all..!!! ;)

@ Mann
Shayon is right I am in delhi..!!! btw, you guys never said if it ws ok, if I can come with u guys to goa...that is if you do make such a plan..!!!

@ Shayon
Yummy cake...
@ Sakshi
Happy Birthday!!
With regards to Goa, I guess they were waiting for me to tell you that you can come- since I was the one who invited them.
So, you are most welcome!
@ All
With regards to your trip in Dec., if you'll come after 25th I can play a nice host (though you'll are always welcome before that too, but I'll be busy!)
I'll contact everyone on Gmail with the plans (give me till the end of the day as I'm a bit busy) as this place is a bit too public.

Shayon said…
Hmm... guess wot? Right now I'm attending some orchestra band organized by the TATA Motors guys, courtesy Ganpati Puja. And guees what? The whole arrangement completely resembles ambedkar jayanti in our college! I guess, u knw wot I'm tokin about!! :-p
Sakshi said…
Thanks dude for the wishes and for the invitation.
@ All

Thanks a ton for this beautiful post. I had a great day, my office got me the cake and I cut two cakes at home. It was a great day, though I wish it was getting younger everyday rather than getting older. Thanks again.
Ankit said…
Wishin u belated happy bday..

Finally even i`ve got holidays in dec may be goa plan hit kar sakte hain....

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