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Where Are The Drum Rolls? TWM :: Online is here!!

Ta Da! In the past 10 days, TWM :: Online has undergone a lot many changes, eh? First, the blog header gets a make over, followed by a complete overhaul to the whole site's design. Then came a few changes in the sidebar, a better looking Adsense implementation, a brand new tag line to the blog and now, finally, a brand new URL for us all! Yes, if you haven't noticed it yet, check out the address bar of your browser and you'll notice it says "" no more!

Yes, the online edition of The Wall Mag has a new address now, Do not worry, the previous URL will still be functional but all who visits that one shall be redirected to the new URL (it must have been the same with you too).

Well, along with the URL, I have also added a little graphic to identify the page among the rest. Such an icon is called Favicon and you can view it on your address bar and also at the left most part of the tab (unless you use IE6). Here's a figure to demonstrate what I am talking about.

I have also uploaded a slideshow of the authors' pics for the blog, titled "Author-o-Scope" and implemented the latest comments feature too. Just 2 issues, I didn't have a good enough pic of our very own Phat Man for the slide show and the latest comments' section seems to update itself a little late.

@ Dino: Do send me a pic of yours to put up on the blog.

@ Rest: If I have left anyone from the slideshow, do let me know with an attached picture of yours in an email. I shall put it up ASAP.

Oh yes, I had almost forgotten to mention about the new rating system that I have installed in the blog. Now, we have a chance to vote for a certain article that we really like. For example, the last article from Mann really deserved a couple of 5 stars, what say?

Well, there you go. I am almost done with the customization, for now. I have been spending a bit too much of time with this blog, lately. I hadn't touched the Blogger platform for quite a while now and it took me a while to get back my magic :-)

Rathz had called me up yesterday and was asking me to snazz up the theme a bit. But when he learnt that I couldn't edit the template in itself, he advised we should revamp the blog to another template, then. What do you all think about that? As for me, I told him I was trying to arrange for private domain hosting and we can think about a redesign only after that, if it at all happens!

It's past midnight right now and the Airtel's GPRS connection also sucks today. Had spent almost the whole of tonight, buying the domain and setting it up with the blog. The best part was, Atri Bokachoda visited the blog last night and even commented about the changes, but couldn't figure out that the domain too had already been changed! :-)

Kinda feeling a little alone now. All night, I had a purpose, a "mission" at hand. Now that it's almost done, I'm suddenly very sleepy and I think it's high time I hit the sack.

Oh, before I forget, every TopFloorer is set to get a custom email id for himself :-) Yes, that's also in the pipeline. But I couldn't set it up tonight 'coz of the finicky internet connection. Will get that done tomorrow and the email adderesses should be ready by the day after, max!

So, if you want an email id for yourself, all you need to do is drop a comment and mention the id with which I should get your registered! :-)

Sheesh! This post almost sounds like a diary entry, or probably a letter :-P

Anyway, it's adieu from me now!

A very happy belated birthday to TWM :: Online and 3 cheers to ourselves!



Hey Shayon,
Dude, it's amazing what you've done to the blog for us. I noticed the domain name change earlier today when I checked the blog out, but I didn't have a chance to comment.
I did see the ratings stuff too. Again thanks a lot. Nice little Art Attack model you've made by the way. I recognised the name since my sis would watch that almost faithfully.
I unfortunately didn't understand anything about the spicing up the blog and the template stuff, but I do have a fairly decent idea what you're talking about, so no need to explain. As I've said before, I'll leave the techy stuff up to you'll guys who know about this stuff.

Sakshi said…
CONGRATULATIONS and CELEBRATIONS...!!! Its such an awesome thing that happened... Thanks a ton Shayon...
Now that, TWM is a .net thingy... I am sure the participation will surge...!!!
raj alakshendra said…
i have already started marketing our TWN ... after wht i love 2 do is marketing ...

my id should be ...

u have done a g8 piece of work ... quite a hard work frm u n that too with such a bad internet service ...

but u havnt completed my project...

abe ek article likh ki hw ur company make money ... sab mere se puch ke mera dimaag kharab kar rahe hai ....
Great work dude!! It's great to see that you have taken to much pains for transforming this blog into a full-blown website.Just rock on man!!!
Within a fornight u have transformed the face of this webiste .
Author-0-scope rocks!!

By the way,one suggestion regarding "What are they talking ? ".Can you please make it a lil better .The comments are getting a lil hotch-potch there .
I want my domain name to be .

& how & where will we use this id ?
Hahaha the above ques may look a lil stupid but given the fact that I am nt much into tech-stuff i hope you can make it a lil clearer :P
However I asked this question to you also that how does your entire company works ?We want a post a general article on how is the revenue earned in the virtual world ? or better if you dont have much time
gimme some links where I can find more info on this as I am pretty curious about knowing this!!
Sakshi said…
@ Mann
Hey if you want this info... you can go to and browse there...
Shayon said…
@ Phat Man
You know, doubling up as a social media analyst, I have gradually come to understand and appreciate the impact and the need of the man to reach out to others.

At times, I feel bad that my personal blog, Shayon's Labyrinth, still lies very unnoticed and neglected. For the past 6 months or so, it'd bean Saxi who had taken up the baton and kept the site alive for quite a while now. I wish I could spare some time on that one too. I guess, I just lack planning and scheduling my day. hopefully I'll grow into a true professional, one day.

By the way, just uploaded your pic too, for the Author-o-scope.

Hey, when do we start planning for our Dec trip? I fear that the hotels will easily over booked out there, during X'Mas. Me and Raj had been thinking that 24th should be the ideal time to land up, out there. What are your thoughts? We shall need to act fast, dude... 'coz we shall have to pre-book the rooms too, ain't it?

@ Saxi
The .net thingy that you speak about, is actually called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Here's a Wiki article to help you cope up a little more with the terminology. :-)

@ Raj
I have just completed the collage you had asked me to build, man!

@ Mann
I know, man. I shall have to scrounge for a better plugin. Gimme some time and I shall try to better things out.

As for the email id, don't you think it's a great boost of your personal brand image when you share a custom email email id with people, than the age ol' gmail or yahoo email address? As for other uses, will try to think up some! :-P

As for how WAT Media earns money, you can give a little dekko at our official website. I shall also try to come up with a general post, in some time.

@ all
I couldn't be available online for the past 5 days and hence have a lot of work pending. I shall try to wrap them up asap and shall then start working again on The Wall Mag. Shall also start creating the email addresses then. kindly bear with me, till then.

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