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Goa Trip - episode 2 (for me)

before going into the detail of the trip i would like 2 show u all a few pics of our last trip ...
had a football match with firangees

resting in dion's home

having breakfast -- v four finished whole bottle of hommade jam in 5 dez

the beach where samik saw something for the 1st time in his life

in deep thought ...joking ... jus giving a pose

dil chahta hai

see what dion did with raths

i was the 1st one 2 start n last one 2 finish

waiting for geetanjali exp ata tatanagar exp -- v had great a great train journey

dont worry i didnt eat the fish

relaxing on the sands of palolem beach

i am looking like a negro

finally the best pic

Hello frnds …. i hope u all have liked the pics...

The goa trip - part 2 , has got its shape ….

24/12/08 - reach mumbai by 6 am morning … v wil go by road to madgaon…
25/12/08 – visit adjoining areas of madgaon & celebrate Christmas
26/12/08 – palolem beach
27/12/08 - panjim
28/12/08 – church, fort, karting, calungute beach, vagha beach
30/12/08 – leave for Mumbai by konkan kanya exp. The food is very good in this train …
31/12/08 – leave for their respective places..

I have decided abt the train for the guys posted in kolkata n jamshedpur …il talk 2 raths abt this..

I have searched through the hotels on internet …but ,I need dion’s help in this … if possible can the tourist hostel (of goa government) near your home be booked for us …

Please confirm who all r going… if I need 2 change anything please put ur views … I request everyone 2 be fast to take decisions else we wont get trains n accomodation...

I would request everyone to be a part of this trip… some two years bak on 23rd sept we had left for goa (this 23rd sept has a special importance in my life for some other reason too)... newez the trip was awsome was one of my best trip ever.


Sakshi said…
Hmmm... well... (ok though I havent confirmed my presence as yet...I hope no one minds my inputs)
Raj, Tell me why according to the itanary here, Christmas Eve n the New Years eve... we are travelling. As far as I knw, all over the world 1st jan is an off...!!!! We guys should reach goa max by 24th morning... I was in Goa during christmas years back... 24th eve carnival is the thing to see... and ppl from all over the world come to Goa to celebrate 31st in Goa... you cant leave on that day... leave next morning...
raj alakshendra said…
k.... ur point is accepted ....
i agree 2 it ... so vl reach by 24th morning...

but , is it possible for everyone 2get such a long leave frm their work ....

lets see wht others say ...
Lagta hai that Rathz kaa Mr Planning title ab tujhe de diya jaayega but i hope like his flop plannings urs would work out!!
Anyways yes I think we shld be there till 1st..
I am in a fix ..u know y so will think abt it & let u know ASAP
Check out Mainak's pic on Orkut!
It seriously made me laugh!

Ha ha ha ha ha

Manvender said…
DUDE i never imagined that it would be this funny...Couldnt control my laughter. & to make it even worse he has put the title "Indian Michael Phelps"..
Dude's gone mad or wat.u remember his last pic on which I had commented on the community seems like he's bent on making a fool of himself by putting such pics:P

I strongly recommend u to c Mainak Chaki's orkut profile for a hearty laugh!!!
Unknown said…
folks wats the latesht??
Anonymous said…
I am sure you guys enjoyed a lot there ..
Is this route from hyderabad to Panji correct?
Unknown said…

Actually we'd taken a day train to Goa from Bombay..So will not be able to tell you anything regarding the road-trip from H'ybd.

Though I would tell the konkan railway has captivating natural beauties on its route,even more if its raining. It also serves the best food compared to any other railways in India. May be you would like to take the rail route. Bring along your gang & you all can have a wonderful time..


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