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& Mannubhai returns...

Puys, thought the website needed a new post .So here I go with a potpourri of pics & songs.
This Sunday we had a project outing to a place by the name Western Country club near Manesar. Here are some pics from the place.

"While my Guitar gently weeps"

Himesh Reshamiyya pose??Uhhh..

The high-point of the trip was that I performed there & I got really great appreciation for one of my compositions “Beet gaye din ” .I’ll upload the composition someday.

In the meantime ,check out this new song I’ve composed .I hope you'll like it though can't say about Dion as I doubt he would understand it!! Anyway,gimme your feedback & I'll tell u a surprising thing about this composition.
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"Madness is like gravity .All you need is a little push " -Joker in The Dark Knight


Sakshi said…
@ Mann
Enjoyed the trip to the club??? Their membership costs a whooping 2 lakh of rupees... and they dont give it to lawyers.

Temme something... have you seriously considered a band?? with so many original compositions etc... why the hell are you guys engineering... whatever u do... y doncha engineer your music careers???
Wat the hell :P
Article post karne se pehle hi comment :-P

Anyway,"considering" music as a career was something i used to think long back .Now I KNOW that there's one thing i want to do in my life & it is dedicate it to music..I want to bring rock music in Hindi ..Jal kinda stuff..I have my compositions & we have pretty accomplished players here in topfloorers itself -Sam & Rudra are ready to join..Dont still know abt Dion..Although my compositions are gud then I think I still have way to go in certain areas like singing next 2-3 years I m gonna work on that !!

By the way ,y nt lawyers ?
Ya ready B ?
Sakshi said…
Mann... the article was already posted when I commented... you modified it by the time I finished with the comments. There are disparities against lawyers... its hard for us to even get credit cards...!!!

And seriously dude... you ought to consider music. You are good.
Nice pics and song (but I have no clue on what it was about- need to work on the singing though).
About joining the group to form a band. Who knows??? Highly unlikely though it may be, one never knows the future.
I'd need to be in India for starters!

Thanks!!! both of you but none of have asked wat's the surprising thing about the song ??? U aint curious to know wazz dat surprising thing?
raj alakshendra said…
rock on...

m eager 2 knw the news... btw u look quite good nw... sari ladkiyan flat ho jayengi ... d song is nt playing here in off .. il listen it in a cafe...

i really want that v all friends should do something ... v have already worked together in coll ... abt the band , u need some planners so myself n raths r alwez there ... plzz dont ask dion 2 sing ... i still remember that summer of 69 in 1st year ...

lets work out on something seriously whn v meet in goa.... see v had got people frm different walks of life- blogger, singer, guitarist, bussinessman, lawyer, NRI,technocrats ... v can use the latent of all towards a single goal ...
raj alakshendra said…
for goa trip please visit the goa lounge ... new updates r dere....
Sakshi said…
Sweetie u havent mailed me ur phone number...!!! I mailed u mine.
Well... I am very curious... just dint wanna show it... so whats the big surprise??
@ All
Well ,well ,well!!! The surprising thing is that I played,recorded & coomposed this song in one go!! That is I had nt written the lyrics or composed the music before!! What you are hearing is the first attempt to a new song without any trials..I just put the headfones & I just started playing & this song just flowed out of me..
With all humility I'd like to tell you that people are distributing this song in the office like hotcakes & everyone is coming to me with an "awsm " expression..

All apologies if I sounded like a self-lauding creature but I think this is the place where I can unwind & write anything without being judged(I hope).So just wrote the truth
Thanks for the compliment!! & seems like u ll never get over wid your fantasies.:PPP."Towards a single goal "? Wat single goal can we have when all of us want to go in different directions ?
Karma said…
Hey Mannu !!
For a start great pics.U have surely grown out of the lanky Manuu we used to see in the first year.I can just imagine girls shrieking 'Mannu', 'Mannu' in a live concert seeing a bespecled dude flexing his biceped hand on the guitar !!Hey i think the composition was kool..though I personally think you cud improve on the lyrics.
By the way Sam also came up with a composition but we cudnot consolidate on the lyrics.I guess all we try to do is string togather words and try to make them rhyme and it ends up like a gospel !!
Its good to see ppl really pushing the limits.With the likes of Sexy Sam,Dino and U I guess it ain't far we will end up as a band.Why not take a leaf out of Rock On!!
Ankit said…
lage raho mannu bhai...really nice work...
shanoob said…
Ur grt man.... composing is such an easy task for u.

Hi... U can also join mannu man... who ll forget ur MindBBBlowin "Hotel Cali..." in Utkarsh 05..
Sakshi said…
@ Mann-
Well, now that you have revealed the surprise, its not coming as a surprise... coz for the nth time- DUDE YOU ARE GOOD... and REALLY GOOD. Next please assume that I have said it...!!
ABC said…
Well we have all the ingredients to achieve the 'common goal'..

Gr8 composition, probably shayon can listen to this one & come over his 'phase'..cheer up shayon..

waisey we have too many guitarists & singers, karma & shanoob have made gr8 progress..

yeah we already have dion for english vocals..rudra & sam are the old-men of this trade..

(Another plan just came to my mind, don't take it seriously:: We can have a multi-lingual band..Mannu-hindi,karma-bengali,shaan-malyalam,dion-english-of-course!!) ;-)

what abt shooting a vdo for this song in goa??

btw gurlz surely must be going ga-ga over over..

shanoob said…
so whats the progression ??
D A Bm ? ...

Don always go for that pattern man... ask sam to teach u some scale... :)
Thanks a lot guys!! I'm really humbled to see that all of you liked it!!!

abey saale ur multi-lingual band will make us look more like a circus!!! Public ande maarna shuru kar degi..
But yes it's gud to have a lot of compositions in different languages it always gives u a wider perspective on music..
& about ur shooting for a video on this song in Goa this song wont fit into the area there .I have really rocking stuff which will suit Goa background!!

Thanks dude!! actually I hadnt written the lyrics beforehand so this aint the final version so will improve the lyrics.
Anyways keep on composing with Sam & Rudra &Rathz can also pour in his ideas !!Yes sometimes u start composing but the end result is it sounds more like a gospel or a prayer ;-PPP but it happens in the beginning after sometime i guess u will be able to compose!!
By the way tell sam not to flick songs.People sooner or later come to know about the real songs .I hope you know wat I am referring to..Hahaha :--PPPPPPP

Gud yaar!! Seems like u have progressed a lot. Btw it's D Am G.
I know it's widely used but then as long as one is able to compose a
melody then it doesnt matter!!
Btw I know the scales well know :-P

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