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With Love, From Jamshedpur!

It's been almost a week now that I'm staying over at Raj's place and still quite a couple more to go. After all the discussion about his place of abode and house keeping issues, I thought I should share a few pictures showcasing the place we call house :-P And of course, I had also promised to share Raj's latest bald look with you all. So, here they are -

Had to start the album with His Highness, Mr. Bald!! :-)

Baldness can work wonders on Raj's skin texture, what say? ;-) Looks like Amway has come up with fairness creams too!

That's our bedroom :-P Raj's office and that's where he sleeps!

That's where I sleep, the other side of the bedroom.

A little closer look, showcasing Amway products ;-)

And that's my office!!

This one is a no-brainer, ain't it? Well, planning to make an ash tray out of those boxes.

That's the other room, the one we call "Store room"

That's the broken door of the bathroom. Yes, we can't close the door while bathing :-D

Not even the bathroom is devoid of Amway products!

That's the kitchen... yes, I get to cook here!

The other side of the kitchen, especially showcasing the sink!

That's what powers the kitchen.Yup, a local made one!

And, that's our favorite punching bag...oops! Ball. :-P

And...that's the look I'm sporting, these days. Yup, I got a prominent mustache now that's even trim-able :-P
Well, that is all, for now. Shall come up with more picture as and when I can. By the way, did Raj ever mention that, these days, Atri, Raj and I visit the regent once a month to binge on the alcohol and food, while having really awesome time together! I remember, last time, me and Atri had lined up 10 vodka shots each within 2 hours! I guess, money does manage to get you happiness, at times.

Before I conclude, allow me to remind you all that the voting for the new domain is going to be over in 4 more days. the current status shows that is leading with 9 votes while is a close second, with 5 votes. All who still haven't voted, please do so at the earliest.

Would like to share one trivia, here. It seems everyone has liked the Wowzio widget that I have put up (the one that tells you who visits the blog). I had once met the guy behind the Wowzio, Mr Manish Baldua. He had come to me with a prototype of his widget, some 2 months ago. We had discussed, at length, on how to make these widgets more user friendly and useful and, hence, had come up with this beautiful idea. I was pleasantly surprised to see his email a few days back, informing that he had worked on my suggestions and wanted me to test ride the improvised widget. The best place I could think of was The Wall Mag, with so many of you to come up with feedbacks. It seems, Mr Baldua is going to be pretty happy, what say? ;-)

Ciao then, it's 9 o'clock in the morning and duty beckons!! :-)


Unknown said…
sahii yaar..

aaj kal lagta hai bahuut kaam kar raha hai!!

raj is lucky to have an expert cook with him, tell him you are not a husewife & you need some monetary benefits in return!!

good work & ya now we should get hold of a handle the technicalities..hamein sirf bataa dena kya karnaa hogaa..

good to see dipayan & gandhi back here..well as far as karma is concerned, he's literally gone offline..

just now i mailed myself all the comments so that whn i get back to my cubicle, i can read them at leisure in office..

abey Raj sahi hai amway kay products use kar kay gora ho gaya hai bey...btw i want some products..i ll cal u today..
abey flat ki itni gandi fotos post karne ki kya jaroorat thi :PPP
Shayon said…
@ Rathz
Good to see you back here, man! You know, I can configure the blog so that every time someone posts a comment, it shall be emailed to you. Do you want me to do that, so that you can read the comments (if required, even posts) in the comfort of your office chair? ;-)

Aisa bhi nahin hai ki aaj kal bahut kaam kar raha hoon. It's just that, my job is my hobby too... and almost everyone can stay glued to what they like to do, what day! :-)

As for the domain name, all you need to do is vote for your preference, which I think you have already done. As for a private hosting service, we might have to pool in some cash. Let me figure out how much will be essential.

Karma seems to have gone on a permanent hibernation from th web-o-sphere! What's happened to him? Another good writer, getting wasted in the grind of daily labor! *LoLz*

@ Mann
Abey, flat ke baare mein aaur kaam waali bai ke baare mein itni discussions chal rahi thi... toh maine socha sab ke saamne isski current haalat feature karoon :-P
Sakshi said…
Oh man, you guys seriously need to clean up... and no door at the bathroom...!!! :o anyways...seems that RAj's place is flooding with only amway...!!!

@ Raj
Well.. it seems that the omen is pretty good as far as your miss training goes.. coz u met her the next time on puja. (ofcourse if ur a atheist... then...!!!) Though I could visualise your red blushing face while reading the comment abt miss training on the other post... keep up the good work man.. ;)
raj alakshendra said…
arre yaar ghar to kuch jada hi ganda dikh raha hai ... aur shayon ne bhi chun chun ke gandi jagah ki photi li hai ... ab to main jaldi hi bai rakh lunga ...

@ raths
welcome bak ... btw in past 7-8 dez . pal has cooked only 1 time ... both of us r too busy to cook...

il wait for ur call... il tel u abt the new launches too...
raj alakshendra said…
@ sakshi
there is a door but it doesn't get closed properly ...
i take bath when he is sleeping most of the time n shayon , i donno knw whn he takes bath ... sorry ... does he really take bath ... i doubt ...
i was also thinking why i met her during puja n that too Ganesh is my luckiest God ... lets see whn we meet next ... it is not that i
1st met her in the training ... some 2 months back i saw her in a net cafe n by mistake i sat on her place ... it was there whn v had our 1st conversation... but i forgot her after that eve ... this story is moving like a movie ... ab dekhte hai God ki aage ki kya planning hai .....
Sakshi said…

Since you are an theist... and believe in omens... then you should also work upon the movie so that it has a perfect ending like in our v own bollywood....(take tips from Shayon, he is very good at it...!!!) About him taking a bath... I have no comments...!!! AT all..
Ha ha ha!
I had a good laugh about Raj blushing. Ha ha ha ha, even if he does, the guy's soooo black, you wouldn't be able to see red. Ha ha ha. No hard feelings dude.
Ratz, good to see you again and hope you don't go into hibernation again.


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