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Rock On...!!!

To follow your dreams is the moral of the story....

The direction is great, the songs are awesome... ( I am not a fan of Rock music... but I have become a fan of the music of Rock On...!!!)

Its a beautiful movie which reflects, how the choices in our life make or mar our lives. and how at times circumstances force us to choose the life that we actually want and the life that we ought to have coz... that is right.

I should mention here that there were a few posts in the past... in which there was a lot of discussion about the career choices that all of you have made... and consequently losing out on everything. You know what I think?? I feel that for us at this age, (we are still young dude..) we have gotten a movie that reminds us the value of what dreams mean to us. Its like Shayon said in his return post, about the satisfaction and the gratification. I feel totally restricted at times, familial obligation etc etc.. and most importantly, the familial expectations.... imagine, as soon as you get in a school, and people around you get to know that you are aske only one question, 'Beta, aap bade hoke kya bananna chahte ho?' and we are so sure that we want to be a doc or an engineer or lawyer....

I am always hearing this, 'oh you guys have many choices... at our time...' but what is surprising is that often the career path that we like is so unconventional that .....

But really, does that mean... we get stuck in a life where all we do is get up... go to work and get back... have a social life that is restricted to people whom we work with... that friendship is no actual friendship, it simply is because you have selfish motives for being friends with the other person... Someone truely said that you only make true friends when your are in school/college.

Sometimes we just stop vereything in our lives and all that is left is compromise because we have responsilibities and compromises become a part of life...

I hope and pray that all of us, live our dream... if not now... then tomorrow... The reason that we have dreams is so that they may be made into realities...

I still dunno, what my real dream is- A great job...?? or what? I am still at figuring it out... planning to learn guitar... (Any teachers avalaible??) though on the personal front I do know what I want...!!! But what is that ultimate thing that I want from life... that satisfaction... from where it will come I dunno...

Lets hope you guys know what you want from life... maybe that will help me figure things out a lil...!!!

PS: The passion for music that you guys have was constantly in my mind when I was watching the movie...!!! When are you guys making a band???

Thodi senti ho gayi hai... but chalta hai I suppose...!!!


raj alakshendra said…
after waking up in the morning go infront of mirror n ask this ques 2 urself : if this is the last day of my life then am i doing what i had always dreamt off ??

if the ans is yes then u r on the right path else change ur path ...

doing a job or doing studies is not a dream ... people go according 2 the market ... they want 2 be on saffer side ... they dont want to take risk ...

Dream is what which never allows u 2 sleep n u r still fresh the next day 2 run after that dream... it is the same dream which u see every night ... dere is no 2nd option 2 a dream ...

i feel very sad when many of my friend jus run after the same job thing ... actually job is not the end 2 everything ... they r jus wasting their talent... off this whole lot few r still living their dreams n trying 2 achieve it ... i believe if they continue working towards it then they will definitely succeed...

i jus want two things from life ... to be a big n successfull bussinessman n i am on the way of achieving it ...
Sakshi said…
When I read your comment, I had this cute smile on my face. I'll surely try n adhere to your advise... on a lighter note though, if given a choice, I'll want to spend my day with you know who..!!!

I had bought this diary 4 years back, the reason why I bought that diary was coz there was a quote on the cover which said: "Never judge yourself by what you have accomplished, but judge yourself by what you should have accomplished"
Gud article!! Personally,I feel gud whenever I come across such article -articles on one of my favorites topics of contemplation-wat does a career really mean ?& wat do we want to do ?-this is probably always at the back of mind throughout the day.It's a topic which I am kinda of analysing the whole day like what are most of the people doing & why they are doin' so ? How are things actually different from the way they look from outside etc ,so on n so forth..
I'll probably talk about all this from a Metaphysician's point of view in some article.I m nt claiming to be a philsopher or metaphysicist but yes watever I ve gained from endless readings of the books in this area I'd like to share it wid you .
In fact I ve one article written by one of our batchmates-H Rajesh in college .It's an absolutely fabuluous article.Will post it someday
I'll join u in saying that hope all of us spend our lives doing not only wat we want to but also spending time wid people whom we really want to spend time
@ Sakshi,
You want to spend all your time with Lord Voldermot (he's just a character you know!).
Just kidding, nice article, but I haven't a clue about the movie, and I'm pretty sure I won't be watching it.
@ Raj,
Dude we know you're doing what you dreamt of, but sadly not all people have that opportunity!
@ Mann,
Now we are waiting for two articles from your side.

raj alakshendra said…
everyone gets opportunity but people doesnt want 2 take risk... de jus want 2 be on safer side...

frnds , our rapper is prently suffering frm dengu ... he hasnt recoverd fully frm typhoid yet ... al the best 2 him ...
Sakshi said…
Hey get well soon...!!!

You know normally when it comes to following your dreams and all... practicality over rules everything. Its great to have a dream... but greatest to have it fuilfilled.

@ Dion
You should really watch this movie... You are gonna love it...!!!
Ankit said…
I second her opinion, movie is really awesome... the point is as raj said, one never gets tired when he does what he dreams of and wants to achieve...i guess the luckiest ones in this case are shayon & raj...specially shayon who had the balls to chuck away conventional jobs and go for somethin which his heart says....
For raj, again practicality is somethin due to which hes holding up to his job, till his business becomes stable...

You can download this torrent:


As eminem says,"u only get one shot, do not miss ur chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime,yo!!"

u need to be ready for that one shot and u cannot say later, who knows when ur chance may come...

Be ready to rise higher when u fall...and remember why u fell...
believe me nobody can defeat u then...
raj alakshendra said…
do watch d movie ... once in 2-3 years some really good hindi movie comes ...

@ gandhi
i have heard for the 1st time some confidence building words frm u ...nice 2 see it... i hope u follow ur words .....

whn is my interview as i hav heard frm shayon...

Omg! first time I am hearing some motivating words from your mouth.seems like Gandhi's changing!! Keep it up!!

@ All

Guys they say wat goes around comes around!!
Yesterday was one of the most embarassing days of my life & dat too coz of Gandhi .How ??
I hope most of u would have heard the song I had composed on Gandhi in college ..with such fucked up lyrics. I had forgotton that CD at home & yesterday what I had been dreading for long happened.My parents played that CD thinking it would have some normal songs wat they got to listen was that utterly crap Gandhi song..
Yesterday when they told me abt it on fone I was so shocked that I literally couldnt speak anything .Not that they said anything but then also I feel like sinking into the ground outta sheer embarrasment.Pheww!!!
raj alakshendra said…
@ mannu
ha ha ha ... abe tere saath hamesha kuch gadbad kyon hota hai ... aur lagta hai gandhi ki badduaye ab apna kaam karna start kar di hai ... gandhi ki aatma kabhi tera peecha nahi chodne wali hai .... afer reading this comment even my friend couldn stop his laugh .... enjoy ...
Sakshi said…
@ Gandhi
Well... wow...!!! great motivation...!!!

@ Mann
You n Gandhi are an accident waiting to happen or what...!!! (jst kidding...!!!) and what about your health??

@ Raj
what interview...!!!??
Abey Gandhi kay ek dialogue mujhe yaad aata hai baar baar
"Jab das haraami mare honge ,saala tab tu paida hua hoga"
Translated text for Dion
"When ten bastards would have died ,then you would have taken birth".Haha
Sahi bola bey i think Gandhi's curses are taking it's toll now.
By the way,Gandhi it's really disheartening man..i dont deserve all these curses aft all I have been such a sweet friend..
All these people here are the witnesses !!! Kyun doston kya kahte ho ?

watdyamean by "accident" ?:-P

Regarding health, well I dont wat the prob is..Doc says it's dengu..but the fever is a low-intensity one which comes n goes the whole day..Hopefully the antibotics should work.Btw Thanks!!! :-)
Woh motivating words sach main Gandhi ne bole ..believe nahin ho raha mujhe..The sun seems to be rising from the West !!!
Sakshi said…
@ Mann
Accident, I inferred from the comments ad your last post...!!! Always getting in n out of funny situations...!!!
Ankit said…
@all frens'n'fools:

was i such a pessimist in college??

may be, u guys will know more nywyz...

Dude, that line"jab das" really made me smile when i saw it here and i`m surprised that u still remember it??

And about my "baddua", saale 4 years ka combined curse hai...just wait n watch...


Mera aur mans ka to "milaap" tha, was accident for all others who suffered...
Shayon said…
Firstly, a small sorry for coming around so late. Had to be away on a little sabbatical, thanks to the pathetic GPRS connection, these days. :-P

@ Saxi
Firstly, the post was a great read! I just happened to watch the movie today and it seemed, kinda, a good blend of DCH and Jhankar Beats, to me.

As for the "moral of the story", I think it's more about coping up with ego and clash of ideas in relationships than anything else. The protagonists had already been following their hearts.

I think there's a subtle essence about Mann and Gandhi's relationship that you'll always miss unless you actually meet them together and stay in their company for a few years, like we did. Their relationship is a perfect example of a "love-hate" relationship that people always keep talking about!

As for Gandhi, he's a guy with a great heart, peanut brains and weird ways of thoughts. I guess I had already told you about the story of me, once, getting slapped by Gandhi 'coz he didn't like me smoking! :-P

@ Phat Man
It's still Tom Riddle, man! It'll take him a few more years to get to Lord Voltemort! :-P And anyway, I guess, the Devil Incarnate suits me more! ;-)

As for the movie, I think you should like it. Just grab a DVD, man!

@ Gandhi
U quoting Eminem? I'm impressed! :-)

@ all
Phew! So much of philosophy on the same age old topic! Seriously, doncha guys get bored?
Shayon said…
@ Mann
Which last statement, man?
That we have developed a fetish for discussing this job & dream related topic all the time..somedays bac u were the one who used to talk abt all this most of the time...
Sakshi said…
Thank for the appriciation, coming from the 'grandad' of Blogging it means alot... (naaah... jst kidding...)
I dont think that any of us can ever get tired of talking about dreams, especially related to jobs etc. coz we all have studied when it was the best time of our live... (this does not imply that we din enjoy) but, today i guess, all of us want jobs that fulfill our dreams too.... so that we can not just by adding years to em.

Hmmm.... well... mann n gandhi, next time when i am in gurgaon... I should try n meet u guys up...!!!
Sakshi said…


raj alakshendra said…
mannu is is home ...

aur gandhi ... nothing in this world can hurt him ...

he was driving his scooty during the gujarat earthquake

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