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Some Random thoughts

So after a really long day's nite ,I was browsing through my laptop & was so bored with everything that was wondering the hell to do .Suddenly, my eyes fell on the folder with the college pictures & I opened it instantly .After that, like a conqueror who's out to capture everything-there I was, with a smile on my face, slowly going through the pics one after the other ,reliving the times again with each pic & well,laughing on seeing the different kind of weird expressions on peoples' faces there in the photos.. Saw the folder with Utkarsh pics & saw how happy everyone looked there. People dancing their way to glory .All looked so happy that I felt like going back to those wonderful times.Well, where is this post headed ?? As such in no particular direction, just felt like jotting down what's going through my mind these days. You know ,sometimes I ask myself that don't I have a better life now than I had in college ??? & the answer I get is- Ce

"UTKARSH'08" (added more pics)

PKP n Atri With Jammy Jrs. getting mad Blind Date Couple Dance March Past Dance Its Exercise or Dance The Juke Box is at same Place This is last year's Pravah Treasure Hunt clue which one team brought this time The Topfloorers representatives The Bottom's Up Game-dere is water in Beer bottle The Nasta Gang The Paper Dance The girls are playing some MATKA game Myself trying out my hand in one game Testing my football skills The Chief Guest giving a short speech The Chief Guest giving the prize The guy who was instrumental in the success of X-games My trusted lot of jrs. The Beauties Dancing Jammy's topless performance The Juke Box The X-Games Team The Banner Hi everybody This is my second post. Its very tough to type anything. Unfortunately I was only to see Utkarsh'08 so I have to write something. Before going into details of it I would like to thank to everybody on behalf of 2k5 batch. Golu and Co. organizers of X-games said that without our