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"UTKARSH'08" (added more pics)

PKP n Atri

With Jammy

Jrs. getting mad

Blind Date Couple Dance

March Past Dance

Its Exercise or Dance

The Juke Box is at same Place
This is last year's Pravah Treasure Hunt clue which one team brought this time

The Topfloorers representatives

The Bottom's Up Game-dere is water in Beer bottle

The Nasta Gang

The Paper Dance

The girls are playing some MATKA game

Myself trying out my hand in one game

Testing my football skills

The Chief Guest giving a short speech

The Chief Guest giving the prize

The guy who was instrumental in the success of X-games

My trusted lot of jrs.

The Beauties Dancing

Jammy's topless performance

The Juke Box

The X-Games Team

The Banner

Hi everybody
This is my second post. Its very tough to type anything. Unfortunately I was only to see Utkarsh'08 so I have to write something.
Before going into details of it I would like to thank to everybody on behalf of 2k5 batch.
Golu and Co. organizers of X-games said that without our monitary support it was not possible for them to conduct the games. There was so much shortage of fund. Tata Steel didn't sponsor this time. There was also some fight our the coordinators of juke box and the G.Sec of fest. So our trustworthy jrs of 2k5, who had helped us last year, seperated from them and added a new chapter in Utkarsh- X Games. The jrs. include
Golu, Ankit, Sameer, Vidyut, Nilotpal, Manmay, Shekhar,Nandan, Aditya, Williams-2k7 and my own Nasta Gang.There are many more whose name I dont know.But one guy was still in jukebox. He was Shankar, managing out juke box somehow.

Spl. thanks to the fund raisers which include- Raths, Samik, Mannu, Gandhi, Debu,Chaki, Atri and myself. The X- games was a grand success same like juke box of our times.They had got printed seperate bands for the volunteers of X-Games. Some of jrs. told me that " Sir is baar juke box mein utna maaza nahi jitna last time tha." Some even told me to take over it for Sunday. I just said them 2 lines to succeed- Get the Girls and to hold them give chocolates. The guys will follow automatically.

Here is the most interesting incident of Utkarsh. As you all know that I don't talk to Nikita, it became a big prob for the other members of nasta gang (madhulika, aadya n kasturi).On day 1 we all were talking in a group and Nikita was standing beside alone. I went to her, she gave a big sweet smile and I said lets talk for three days for the sake of others. A three day contract.
Day 1 was very boring. RJ Abhishek of BIG FM had come to host the personality contest.Bahut chata usne.On day 2 Indian Laughter Challenge fame KHAYALI had come in place of kavi sammellan. Finally a celebrity came to our college. He was very good. He took some 1 lakh for 1 hr. There was one more celebrity who gave a on stage topless dance performance. Any guesses????? Plzz don't think he is salman... Arre he is our own Sandeep Jamatia... He was awesome... For the first time paper dance was introduced. See the pics (how close are the couples). I was made the judge of Blind Dates. Rahul this time koi partiality nahi hui.aur bhahiyon treasure hunt mein ek group ne last year ke treasure hunt ka chit le aaya tha. I had kept that chit as a memory.

Golu made me the chief Guest of X-games.I distributed the prizes and even gave a short speech. On public demand I also participated in one Rescue Operation Game. Madhulika had put her head in water and I had to do some actvities to rescue her. I did it in 41.7 seconds better than many college guys.I missed the prize for just 1 second. My jrs. told me that I am still very active.

Hey , Mannu there was nobody to conduct the tongue twister this time. Nobody can replace you in tongue twisting. People also missed the Anchoring of Dion for Blind Dates. Everbody asked about Raths- the mastermind. I told that he has turned to a basketball player now.Dion don't get angry but its the truth aur sach hamesha kadwa hota hai. Atri too had come to represent the Topfloorers. And how can anybody forget Mr. Ankit Gandhi - greatest dancer of all times.

I felt very proud to see the Topfloorers name on the banner and whenever someone announces that " THE X-GAMES ARE SPONSORED BY TOPFLOORERS HOSTEL-E 2K3 BATCH" i felt like- i can't express in words...Aisa feel hua mano hum ne kuch bahut hi aacha kaam kiya hai.Life mein aise bahut hi kam moments aate hai jab aisa lagta hai ki jo hammne kiya hai wo sach mein kisi ko help kar raha hai.Tab asli khushi milti hai.I hope you all were present here.Pata hai many jrs have got so much inspired by our group that they too had formed this grp.I think we need to copyright the TOPFLOORERS.

One accident also took place during the games. A guy fell from some 1st floor height in MATKA PHOD game & fractured his hand. Nothing to worry he is fine.

And dont forget to post your comments...


Unknown said…
I must say it was great to see coll. again. Raj your narration in the beginning was exactly like a bloody soap opera!!!! Ha ha it had to include some girls and their many trials and tribulations. I hope your contract didn't have any extentions in the fine print. Aadya still looking good as ever- bust seeing her with Aditya, mera dil toot gaya (I can see all your faces when you'll read that sentence ha ha ha ha- I WAS JOKING so don't get any bright ideas). So what other news???
From my side it snowed quite a bit a few days back. I'll post some pics.Give me a few days. I've been terribly busy exams and HW and work at the lab.
Anyway I've got a plan to keep this blog updated a bit more often. I'll post about it in the Orkut comm. You'll may give ideas and suggestions
Manvender said…
hey Raj ...u made me cry today...seriously yaar...
" THE X-GAMES ARE SPONSORED BY TOPFLOORERS HOSTEL-E 2K3 BATCH" ..seriously very rarely do tears well up in my eyes..but reading that line has done what very lil things could ever's really hard to bare my soul but it feels great that we have left a legacy redefined the very meaning of friendship ...The sense of belongineness to a thread which held us together ..before i become more sentimental bbye guys!!
Chiranjit said…
raj,tera mast time raha hoga kuch din. achha hain, atri or tu topflorer ka do representative utkarsh main bahoot enjoy kiya.

main to bhul gaya tha utkarsh kab tha.
thanks for this nice post.
hope many of us will meet during convo
Chiranjit said…
koi music band nahi aya isbar?
Unknown said…
last years band nucleaus had come dis time also....
Unknown said…
Hey Raj
I forgot to thank you and Atri for making this possible. And kudos to the juniors for making all this possible. Raj, when you get the chance please thank them personally on my behalf and tell them all I say 'hi'.
hey raj..
js forgot to compliment u on ur post.. was really very gud ..enjoyable & this very interesting too!!! Keep it up !!

& dion now it's turn to take the pains of posting something..I hope we will have the pleasure of reading ur that "much-awaited" post soon.
ABC said…
last year's treasure hunt chit was found this time around..kya baat hai..sahii yaar ye chiz aur fir banner dekh kar dil khush ho gaya..hope most of the TOPFLOORers turn up for convo..
good work 'ladkibaaz' baar bhi ladkibaazi kam nahi hui hah!!
sahii kaam kiya jnrs ko batakey success ke 'raj': gurlz n chocolates..
n did atri do his trademark belly dance??

u too write ur side of Utkarsh xperience..

hi u doin??
n were u really JOKING!!
Unknown said…
dont say thank 2 me n atri only... its all a topfloorers team effort... i was jus a representative lookin aftr everything...

il definetely say dem thanx wht il go 2 coll nxt... well my contract s broken ... nw v dont hav ne prob in takin 2 each other... but m nt takin ne initiative ... dont want 2 divert my mind again... bt m stil crazy fr her as u r fr aadya.... jus jokin...

meri saath to ladkiya hamesha rahegi nahi to samik kaise bolega ki " raj sabse ladkibaaz"
atri ne dance to nahi kiya ... vo aur PKP warcraft khel rahe the...
Unknown said…
Ratz my man, still on the bench????
And since when did you become the baskey player?? AND YES I WAS JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!
Get Sam off his fat arse and posting.
Shayon wake up!!!! I need some news on the LDS events!!
Manvender said…
@Rathindra & co.
I hope you dont spent your entire career in S/W industry "ON BENCH"...saale kuch kaam waam kar bhi lo ab..
& guys in all this chattering here ,seems like nobody remembers "my best friend" , my lovely dear friend the great Ankit Gandhi aka Chaatu G-man aka Daangu...Have you guys forgotton him or wat ???

@Gaandhi beta, Load le lo ab coz these guys have forgotton you..
Unknown said…
dangu ki gand mein japani ghus gaye hai... jab bhi cl karta hoon rote rehta hai....
Manvender said…
Rona toh uski puraani aadat hai..fone pe 80% of the time apni job ,company aur manager ki burai karta hai..Gaandu baba Zindaabaad!!
gaandhi u listening ?????
I thought he liked his job!!!!
He sounds positive all the time. What is actually happenning out there????
Madhulika said…
hi everybody out there....this is madhulika and i hope u all remember us...well its nice to see this blog and d way u ppl stay in touch...raj has really written well about the utkarsh but widout u ppl it was damn boring.....the X-games gained all the attention and juke box was not a big hit....but the trend has started by u ppl and so it will be continued....the only thing we missed this time was 2k3 batch.....we all r looking fwd to see u ppl in the convo....all the best...bbye
Sam said…
Thanks've depicted everything very lively.if you have more snaps can you send me or upload on orkut...thanks again

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