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"Trip Kela" season is back!!

"We had joy,we had fun,we had trip kelas every season but the things we used to plan were seasons out of time" Wow!! Seems like the "Kela" season is in the air again!! Why is it that whenever WE plan something ,something has to go wrong!! On our maiden trip to Goa, I had to back out coz my dad was just outta hospital.So I had to be at home.Before our second trip,we had so much discussion regarding a "reunion" trip to Darjeeling during Convo.What happened was evrybody backing out the last month.Raj said that he has already booked tickets for home.Rathz,supposedly, didn't get any tickets for returning to Kolkatta from Cuttack & there I was in Kol doing nothing.Though finally we did go to Digha & the trip was gud BUT our unbeaten record of "Flop Plans" continued. Now, we are probably gonna add an another feather in the cap.The highly anticipated Goa trip which had created so much ripples across the cyberspace(blog,gmail & orkut) wit


Hey Guys... I need to ask all of you something... Since all of you are so familiar with the working scene that too away from home and all... Any tips for a jittery me, so that I don't make a fool of me on the first of training at my work...!!! I am freaking nervous.... HELP...!!!

Chiru Reloaded..

Hi everybody, Most probably I am writing in this blog almost after one yr. Thanks to all who are still very active in our TOPFLOOER ’S blog (Raj may be only proactive person to push people to get connected by online). For those people who do not know me can ref. the person 1st from left of the football wining team photo(R&D team of Maruti ) of inter divisional tournament. Life has become too busy to even think about myself after joining at engine auxiliary design dept. company has planned to make new vehicle every year and they are involving new joiners like us as project co- coordinator plus design and development of respective parts. works time almost 10hrs a day, 6days a week. That is why i am not in online or in blog regularly. Visit to japan: In the busy schedule i have chance to have a business trip to japan(city: Hamamatsu ; suzuki head quarter ) for four days. A nice , clean but strenge country. Strenge in the sence, you will never find more disciplined people than ja

A lil thought....!!!

Never say  I love you If you really don't care. Never talk about feelings If they aren't really there. Never hold my hand If you are going to break my heart. Never say you're going to If you don't really plan to start. Never look into my eyes If all you do is lie. Never say hello If what you really mean is goodbye. If you really mean forever Then say you will try. Never say forever Cause forever makes me cry.   - Rebah A. Ward , June 14, 1998

how we forgot to wish Raths

b'de wishes to the creator of this concept , the planning man .. guy who is not at all interested in girls except assamese babes... A very creative guy who is trapped in this corporate world ... I have been knowing him from our 1st year Utkarsh days n since then he has been one of my best buddies ... v have got a great understanding b/w us ... it was alwez fun passing time with him ... 1 imp thing I forgot write that he can eat a lot...

Eye Candy!! A-Star is here

First project completed... Visit Site is awesome....

The mystery that the American Society is!!

Note:The writer of this article is in no way being judgemental or critical about the American society rather he's trying to put his fascination,confusion & thoughts about it. The USA-a country with a society which was just an another society to me BUT that was before I got to know it better.Before knowing it well,for me it was just a society which incidentally belonged to the most powerful nation ,a society which doesnt have many so-called "moral chains" or strings attached ,where anyone is not judged by what profession he/she's in as long as he's in his pursuit of happYness(Yes! with a "Y" there) .As they say "Ignorance is bliss" & after getting to know about the American Society fairly well now the clarity with which I looked at it has been obscured by a cloud of questions. Recently,I read "Scar tissue"-the autobiograpgy of Anthony Kiedies(RHCP frontman) .The book is a real life account of how badly c

Some Rare Pics

Dont think its a pose ...its a real pic... he is actually trying to complete his lab record ... 2de is his viva ....


Ok, I have no clue why am I doing this- But, I was talking to Shayon and Raj today and I generally asked about Debashish... Arushi, my younger sister liked him in the picture that is on the TWM slideshow. During the interrogation, why I don't know, but Raj asked Shayon to manaofy Debu and Chiru for the Goa trip. I haven't heard about them... at all. All I know is that they work with Gandhi in Maruti.  So Gandhi yaar, please direct them to this webpage and manao them for the trip...!!! GOSH- I have no clue why i wrote this post... Raj this is Crap post...!!!


karma remember this cake . Till date i have been copy - pasting cakes . This time I have got our very owm bru beck cake . This one is especially for you .. see it n feel the taste . Just now writing these few lines I have planned that next time when i come to kol , il definitely bring a cake ... This guy had a typical bengali look with a kurta n an age-old carry bag. A very prominent member of this club . Thank God u came back after a loooooooong hibernation. I hope now u will continue contributing on the Blog. Deviating from the topic I would like to share something interesting . As most of you have visited my home , u all know that there is a balcony which is grilled. I keep my wet clothes there for drying. 3-4 months back 1 morning i couldn't find my jockey in my flat ...I searched all around my home but couldn't fine it . Few months latter someone stole 1 towel n surprisingly another jockey ... The height was 2de morning .Yesterday, I had kept 1 jockey n 1 Lee for drying b

Dostana.... it is...!!!

We missed out on a post on Children's Day...!!! I forgot to wish also in the comments...!!! YUCK... well, better late than never. Happy Children's Day...!!! I agree when Mann says that though we are officially adults we should goof up also in our lives. And sticking to the same theme, on 14th, one of the most awaited movies of the year released- Dostana. And, Mann, Arushi, Meerut and me went and saw the movie together today... ( Yup- Now I have met Meerut also and Mann and Meerut have met my younger sis was fun)  True to the hype created around it- It was a very happy and 'gay' movie.... it was an absolute laughter riot... some of the jokes that they were cracking did gave you a feeling of deja vu (what with so many comedy shows happening on T.V) but it was the acting, the direction and the fast paced narration of the story that kept you smiling if not laughing all through the movies.  The whole movie has been shot in Miami... and like Priyanka said in her n

Time to bell the CAT...!!!

Atleast, its not that cold, and hibernation mode hasn't set in.  The comments on Shayon's post atleast proved that point. As far as I know, most of the guys are all set to sit for their CAT exams... I know all of you have been working really hard... So like we often say in punjabi- Chak de Fatte...!!! In short- Wishing all of you lots and lots of luck to bell the CAT. I am sure that all of you are gonna crack the paper and make all of us proud. And also all the very best for rest of the Mann told me - the entrances continue all the way into the New Year. All the very Best...!!!

Ye Kahan aa gaye hum

hi to everybody, i am thinking what to write. there are many things to say . lets start one by one . As u all know my ph hunt is over . I have got N85 . Its a good set ... superb camera , a lot or memory n nokia have added many new features (like oxford dictionary) in this set as compared to other N series sets. The inbuilt speakers are not up to the mark .. Since its a gaming ph i have loaded with many games. n yes i have loaded it with all my bussiness details . I had a great festive season . I had home during DP n diwali both but was very depressed seeing the condition in Maharashtra regarding that mathu - bihari prob. I dont get why dont people use their head rather than using someone else's. U all are aware of present market situation ... Even my company has got trapped into it . My office was closed for some 5 dez due to low production ... Probably ,it will close again during month end. A deserted look of my office Thats all from my side . Have fun n Enjoy

A Little Update On My Very Eventful Life...

Hey guys, how you been doing? Well, Sorry for being away from the blog for so many weeks. Anyway, I wanted to update you folks on one of the biggest decisions I've ever taken, in my life. I RESIGNED! Yes, I have resigned from WATMedia Pvt Ltd. Why? That's a surprise in store for you all. I'll unveil it very soon. Just a hint. I am ready to pursue my dream! Yes, I am planning to embrace my ambitions and make my dreams come true. By the way, if you can't hold the excitement, try the "stop and start" routine! (If you do not know what's that, click on this link  . :-P ) Thanks a lot, for loving me and having faith in me!!

Polar Bears...

The winter has not even completely set in... and all of you have become POLAR BEARS... Hibernating long before even the first snowfall... agreed that my last post was way lame... but really that does not needfully mean that you all have to stop posting...!!! NEW POST PLEASE...!!!

Barack Obama won... Now what??

I know politics doen't really interest you all... but then, it is an historic event. An african- american has become the President of the most powerful nation USA. Is it a victory for just the democrats... or is America gonna change? I am not gonna do political analyses of it, because there are far too many happening all over the web. Its a very sentimental moment for all the blacks to see one amongst them on the top from being the slaves to the very country. The winning speech that he delivered in Illionis, Chicago was not extraordinary, but yes very emotional. I am just hoping and praying that he doesn't really carry out his policy on outsourcing or become a difficult ally to India. Here is hoping for the best... Cheers to Mr Obama.

Sneak Peak of FLY!!

Friends remember I'd talked about a song from Sam long long long long time back . Well for all the reasons you know about Sam' laziness and also coz of not finding any suitable lyrics at the end; it's still to be completed. Anyways here's a 'First Look' at the new 'original' creation from 'The Eastern Forces'. Fly !!.wma If you like the song, please call up Sam & force him to finish off the song. njoy..