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A Little Update On My Very Eventful Life...

Hey guys, how you been doing?

Well, Sorry for being away from the blog for so many weeks. Anyway, I wanted to update you folks on one of the biggest decisions I've ever taken, in my life. I RESIGNED! Yes, I have resigned from WATMedia Pvt Ltd. Why? That's a surprise in store for you all. I'll unveil it very soon. Just a hint. I am ready to pursue my dream! Yes, I am planning to embrace my ambitions and make my dreams come true.

By the way, if you can't hold the excitement, try the "stop and start" routine! (If you do not know what's that, click on this link . :-P )

Thanks a lot, for loving me and having faith in me!!


Sakshi said…
bloody hell drama and nautanky....
Yes, I totally agreewith you Sakshi. Though I'm surprised that you only just found out Shayon is a 'Drama Queen' par excellence.
Shayon, I think I think that I have an idea what you're up to. Congrats by the way.

the link was awsm but nt smthing new ..that's smthing evrybdy is cool enough to be nt-told-yet-know it
Shayon said…
Humm... Am "Drama Queen par excellence", eh? What the hell!

@ Mann
Dude, you forget, we also have people like Gands and Shashtha reading the blog!! ;-)
Yeah!! That's there..the other day Meerut was bombarding me wid such silly questions regarding all this to make even gands would feel that he's way ahead in the race .

man, i hope at least NOWW you would be taking steps in the right direction,regularly :-)
shanoob said…
In typical RIT Lingo, this is called Shayon ka Painthra... dude... u n ur job... what r u trying to prove.. eh ??
shastha said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
shastha said…
@Shayon - Wat the hell ...I am being kept in the league of Gands (that brings down G's importance)....
Congrates for your Resignation. At least we have people who dare to follow their dreams.
Sakshi said…
I tried my level best to stay out of this convo... But I have to say...
All of you are Drama queens...!!! I have been laughing my head off...!!!

Though- Thank heavens for this, I though all of you had hibernated...!!!
raj alakshendra said…
I am waiting for my Dday ... during the closure of my plant I was feeling so independent to do work of my own ... no tension of punching , designing ... I was getting me a lot of time to interact with new people for my buss ...
Oh it was a great sence of FREEDOM.

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