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Hey Guys...
I need to ask all of you something...
Since all of you are so familiar with the working scene that too away from home and all...
Any tips for a jittery me, so that I don't make a fool of me on the first of training at my work...!!!

I am freaking nervous....


Manvender said…
Only two tips from me:

1.Be good with people(even if it means being a lil manipulative when it comes to dealing wid people in office) & believe me they will go their way out to help you .Everybody wants to wid with jovial people who have a sense of camaraderie(even if it means fakig it sometimes)Half of your problems will go away if you gel well wid people.

2.Second tip :Know what is important & what is not otherwise you will endup being in office till 8 evry night & u can't let that suck all fun you want to have there in Mumbai.

Both things work for me big-time.

Apart from this,you are mature enough to handle things.Just enjoy
All the best
Sakshi said…
Mannu... This is great advice....
Thank you sooooooo much...!!!
Shayon said…
Fow everyone with limited internet access in office :

Rediff allows you to access any web page, anywhere!
Wow!!! That would be a great thing for Rathz & party !!!!
I can't offer any advice re. the job scene- I've never worked. I personally find that being myself is always the best thing- but in my case, I'm too set in my own ways and just don't give a fuck, so take Mann's advice. Hope the internship goes well.
And, Mann, in the legal profession, their normal timings are till 10-11 PM. Not like the rest of us!
Sakshi said…
Hmmmm.. clarification: My dad comes home as he pleases... its just like what mannu said... its about knowing what you want... and trust me after Shayon lands up in mumbai, I have no intentions of being holed up at work... all the time.
FYI: You are an intern/paralegal at the moment, not a hot shot lawyer with your own company. So take that into consideration and thats what I was talking about.


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