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Dostana.... it is...!!!

We missed out on a post on Children's Day...!!! I forgot to wish also in the comments...!!! YUCK... well, better late than never.

Happy Children's Day...!!!

I agree when Mann says that though we are officially adults we should goof up also in our lives. And sticking to the same theme, on 14th, one of the most awaited movies of the year released- Dostana.
And, Mann, Arushi, Meerut and me went and saw the movie together today... ( Yup- Now I have met Meerut also and Mann and Meerut have met my younger sis was fun) 

True to the hype created around it- It was a very happy and 'gay' movie.... it was an absolute laughter riot... some of the jokes that they were cracking did gave you a feeling of deja vu (what with so many comedy shows happening on T.V) but it was the acting, the direction and the fast paced narration of the story that kept you smiling if not laughing all through the movies. 

The whole movie has been shot in Miami... and like Priyanka said in her numerous interviews that- Even though she was in her shorts she felt over dressed there- You are goona be surprised at the length of the shorts... she is doing a great amount of skin show... and its worth the money- She is looking DAMN hot. 
John is absolutely gorgeous with deep V neck T-shirts and lots of shots minus any T's. 
Abhishek is great... after the intense expressions we saw in Sarkar Raj, here he was completely chilled out.
The Cameos are great- Kirron Kher, accepting her son to be gay and taking in John as her bahu/damad. Boman Iran as a gay editor of Verve, fashion Magazine...veteran actors at their chilled out best.

The music is topping the charts- The title song ' Jaane kyun' is a pacey number that keeps you reminding why you have such great friends... then there is the new gay anthem ' maa ka laadla bigad gaya' and ofcourse my current favourite ' desi girl' with pacy beats and absolute ode to the beautiful and sensous desi girls.

But- What I really liked about the movie was-  The whole fun having friends and of being with friends regardless of anything...!!!
It was all about the 'Dosti' and not 'love' for a change.... and that was a breather.

Don't miss it... a Must watch.. and for a change the guys- Mann and Meerut agree with me...!!! ;)


Ankit said…
awesome movie...i can only realise & say...frens thank u very much....
raj alakshendra said…
good movie ... myself n shayon had gone ...but the sound quality here was too bad ... v couldnt here some of the dialogues... but the movie was nt abt the gay thing , it was all abt friendship ...
I found Aarushi's comment "That's a really lame name!!" pretty hilarious when the great Meerut told her abt the name of the band he's gonna form-"Bhartiya Rajniti"..Laughed a lot..

Anyway,gud review of the movie !!!
Sakshi said…
@ Mann
Its arushi... dont let her catch u spell her name wrong...she is very sensitive... anyways- I watched the Bond flick too... it was nice...!!!

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