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karma remember this cake . Till date i have been copy - pasting cakes . This time I have got our very owm bru beck cake . This one is especially for you .. see it n feel the taste . Just now writing these few lines I have planned that next time when i come to kol , il definitely bring a cake ...

This guy had a typical bengali look with a kurta n an age-old carry bag.
A very prominent member of this club . Thank God u came back after a loooooooong hibernation. I hope now u will continue contributing on the Blog.

Deviating from the topic I would like to share something interesting . As most of you have visited my home , u all know that there is a balcony which is grilled. I keep my wet clothes there for drying. 3-4 months back 1 morning i couldn't find my jockey in my flat ...I searched all around my home but couldn't fine it . Few months latter someone stole 1 towel n surprisingly another jockey ... The height was 2de morning .Yesterday, I had kept 1 jockey n 1 Lee for drying but I was shocked at what i found in the morning. The Lee was there but jockey is again stolen. Finally I realised that this theif is brand specific . I think he is crazy for jockey . He is not interested in my other brands Puma or Lee . I should call him a BRANDED THEIF. n why the hell he is after my innerwears. he is a pshyco i think.
I donno how to react - get angry or laugh. I would definitely like to meet this theif.

Hey Sakshi , what would u call this post - just a post, a birthday post or a post or something else. I have labelled it as Crap


Sakshi said…
Each to his own... Raj this was a birthday post... But... Raj really, you ought to talk beyond 'Amway' PLEASE....!!!!
I am sorry about your jockey's getting stolen... thrash the guy if you find him...!!!!
Oh Yeah-
Karma- Happy Birthday....!!!!
abey i have a great idea to ur problem..
If u find him stealing your jockeys now then dont thrash him since all u want back are your lovely jockeys !!! So take back that jockey from his hand & pull down the other jockey he would be wearing.That would be the end of all your woes.Wonderful solution ..hahaha..Whatdyasay ?
Ohh yes!!Forgot ..Happy Bday to Karma...Keep writing those freakin' twisted sentences leaving others reading them again..;P
raj alakshendra said…
I have removed that single line ... girls should alwez feel comfortable ...
Happy :)
raj alakshendra said…
@ mannu
mast solution hai lekin ye gandhi ke liye perfect hai ....ha ha ha ...
Oye i dont my jockey back ... il get new ones ...
Actually , m out of my flat most of the time so I couldnt catch him .
but il tell the darban 2de to keep the track...
Happy Birthday man!
I guess I'm a day behind (or I may just catch you in time).
Have a great day NIT style.
Ankit said…
karma...happy bday yaar....hope u had a gr8 GPL....
Shayon said…
@ Karma
Dude, I tried calling you, on your B'day. Rathz told me that you were with your folks. Anyway, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

By the way, do you even visit the blog, these days?

@ Raj
Main tera ghar chhodne se pehle tere saare Jockey's and Lee's chura kar le jaoonga... Muhahahahaha..!! :-D

By the way, what do you mean by "girls should alwez feel comfortable"??
Karma said…
Okay.I will make it real quick.....coz as soon as I post it I am sure people will come at me swearing and in an evil intent to take my head off....being the last one to append to this post is no glory and I indeed to all the brickbats for procrastinations has really touched a few nerves i guess.....

But anyways thanz guyz for the wishes....Love ya all !

And off I go !!

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