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Ok, I have no clue why am I doing this- But, I was talking to Shayon and Raj today and I generally asked about Debashish...
Arushi, my younger sister liked him in the picture that is on the TWM slideshow.
During the interrogation, why I don't know, but Raj asked Shayon to manaofy Debu and Chiru for the Goa trip.

I haven't heard about them... at all. All I know is that they work with Gandhi in Maruti. 
So Gandhi yaar, please direct them to this webpage and manao them for the trip...!!!

GOSH- I have no clue why i wrote this post... Raj this is Crap post...!!!


raj alakshendra said…
what s the meaning of manaofy. i didnt find in in dictionary too..

btw i had talked to chiru many a times abt goa trip n he said no .... I had also told debu abt the trip long back but he too rejected ..

il tell whts the prob with the maruti guys. their plant get closed every year during the last week of dec .. if i remember correctly this time their closure is from 26th ... thats why the dates r not fitting in our plan
abey saale dhakan.mujhe bahut hansi aa rahi hai..u vr checking "manaofy" in the dictionary ..Now that's really humurous..."manaofy" english dictionary main kaise milega that's a hindi word ...twisted form of 'manana'ie to persuade!!

I seriously dont understand the logic or the interconnection between Arushi liking debu's pic & calling them for the Goa trip in which even u r nt cming.
raj alakshendra said…
@ mannu
no comments ... mera kela ho gaya ... :(
Hota hai.hota hai..aise kele meri life main har dusre din hote rahte hain
Sakshi said…
Duhu... Shayon is the WORST messenger in the world...!!!

@ Mannu
Abey yaar, end dekha nahin.. maine kya likha hai... its a crap post...!!!
Ankit said…
i made debu read the for goa...holidays are from 28th onwards which mad me cancel my trip with u guys....and for debu his deptt. is always busy in shtdown...i`ll ask him to make a dashing entry to the blog..

Guys please temme how to make email id at TWM....i dont have one...and cannot access any of the applications...
Those who don't wanna come, thats fine- to each his/her own.
Now down to business!
1. How was the CAT?? Mara ya marvaya?? (You'll know what I refer to)
2. Where in Goa are you'll staying?? My parents were asking as there wan't any news from your end. When I last spoke to Rathz, he said his bro was supposed to do the bookings and all. So what news on that front?
3. At least learn one language properly. Hindi or English. No confusion.
4. G-man keep it up!
raj alakshendra said…
@ Dion
doubt Clearing session

1) I didnt Give as u all know . Mannu's was good ... i donno abt others..

2)i donno where v r staying .. samik is planning to make this trip adventurous so he is in no mood to book hotels ... we can manage in that to .. we can sleep on beaches n get fresh on bus stands

3) sala tu pehle angraji bolna seekh

4) G- man ko kuch nahi aata hai ...
Shayon said…
@ Raj
You do not "give" CAT exams, you "take" them. I'm freaking tired of correcting people for this very rudimentary mistake.

And I still can't believe you actually looked out for the meaning of 'manaofy' on Oxford Dictionary!

@ Dino
How you, man? Hearing from you after quite some time. (Okay, I know, I myself have been away from the scene for quite some time, after that out-of-the-blue announcement of mine.)

@ Mann
Abey... have you finally started attending office?

@ Sakshi
Now, how the fuck do I become a meesenger?

@ Gands
I have almost stopped getting online, these days. So, I have given Dino the rights to create new IDs for the TWMOnline site.
This comment has been removed by the author.
I m declaring a ban on the phrase "To each his own" coz m fedup of hearing it again n again.
Sakshi also used it a day back before Dion did.
Plz comply wid the ban.Thanks!!

I m cming to office since this monday so active here also..
Gud to c that u & dion are also back in the cyberspace!!!
Sakshi said…
@ Dion:
Sweetie- I am a hinglish fan... I'll try and correct myself.

@ Raj
Guys, Goa is overcrowded in dec, beaches will also be full...!!!

@ Shayon
Try not to use the f word so liberally...!!! Otherwise I have already told you why and how this post came up...!!

@ Gandhi
Thanks for passing the msg...!!!

And all those who 'gave' their CAT dint write about their ppr...!!!
debZ! said…
Sorry bhai!
Now-a-days I could hardly take out some time after coming back from office at late evening. It's not that I don't get any time after returning back from office, but it's the 'splitting' of words which we rained on our respective dept's managers. I like it so much because I found it's the best stress releasing session which we could have in the days of recession where we have been contradictorily pushed to produce more no of vehicles within stipulated time when we personally don't find such a great demand in the market.
We are having the shutdown holidays from 28th Dec to 5th Jan, but we have 3 projects regarding the upgrading our weld shop automation level in those days. I desperately wanted to be a part of the Goa trip, but probably I have lacking some luck which will push me to work instead of walking on the Goa beach on a sunny Monday.
After getting cough regularly I decided to cut my long hairs as they were not getting dry after morning bathe. Now I have a verry short hair cut like an army man...

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