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"Trip Kela" season is back!!

"We had joy,we had fun,we had trip kelas every season but the things we used to plan were seasons out of time"
Wow!! Seems like the "Kela" season is in the air again!!
Why is it that whenever WE plan something ,something has to go wrong!!

On our maiden trip to Goa, I had to back out coz my dad was just outta hospital.So I had to be at home.Before our second trip,we had so much discussion regarding a "reunion" trip to Darjeeling during Convo.What happened was evrybody backing out the last month.Raj said that he has already booked tickets for home.Rathz,supposedly, didn't get any tickets for returning to Kolkatta from Cuttack & there I was in Kol doing nothing.Though finally we did go to Digha & the trip was gud BUT our unbeaten record of "Flop Plans" continued.

Now, we are probably gonna add an another feather in the cap.The highly anticipated Goa trip which had created so much ripples across the cyberspace(blog,gmail & orkut) with people discussing the nittie-gritties in September itself, is heading for NOWHERE!!Firstly ,Shayon & Sakshi backed out. Now it's our own lazy friend -The show-stopper SAM. He's going to Agartala as his own elder brother is getting married on 5th Dec & he's on leave from 27th Nov-12th Dec & on top of that he's filled up Kolkatta as the test center for the B-school entrance exams on 21st Dec & 28th Dec.I tried my best to get his center changed to Mumbai by calling up the institutes myself but to no avail.So, I officially confirm that Sam is also not joining!!Rathz has informed me that Karma is also getting very skeptical now.We havent booked the hotels or anything till now & in the end we may endup paying huge money(If the trip materialises at all in the first place).
Though I am a little pissed off but I ain't blaming anybody as I completely understand that everyone has his own other committments.As they say "such are life's drearies"
Let's see how many more twists & turns this trip will take!
Aage aage dekhte hain ab hota hai kya


Sakshi said…
I need to clarify... That, I have backed out from the trip because my cousin decided to get engaged on the 25th december itself. And my Dad confirmed my attendance on my behalf. And Shayon backed out, coz... well... you all know why. Lets hope that the trip materializes for all of you. Else just come to Mumbai....
Jeez guys!
Seems like nothing ever goes to plan. I was looking forward to having you guys in Goa this time. Anyway, do what you'll have to. We can meet up sometime elsewhere.

Unknown said…
And the 'TRIP' comes crashing down.. :-(
Wtf man!! that was so fuckin' rude..

abey saale before the trip was to die you have declared it "dead"..
ya but as they show it on 'Discovery' sometimes magical powers bring the "dead" from the other world into existence!!!
Sakshi said…
Like really, Mannu, Dion was not being rude... simply angry. Even I was looking forward to meet everyone...!!!

Ya!! I was js screwing him :PPP

Btw ..great to c u here.I thot now u wouldnt visit TWM before ur internship gets over!!
Got net connection at the place u r putting up ?

Latest development is that the last straw has also sunk .Rathz has got the tickets cancelled.Damn!

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