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Time to bell the CAT...!!!

Atleast, its not that cold, and hibernation mode hasn't set in. 
The comments on Shayon's post atleast proved that point.

As far as I know, most of the guys are all set to sit for their CAT exams... I know all of you have been working really hard... So like we often say in punjabi- Chak de Fatte...!!!

In short- Wishing all of you lots and lots of luck to bell the CAT. I am sure that all of you are gonna crack the paper and make all of us proud.
And also all the very best for rest of the Mann told me - the entrances continue all the way into the New Year.

All the very Best...!!!


raj alakshendra said…
i am not giving cat but m eagerly waiting for it for 2 reasons ..

1) firstly for treats
2) secondly many guys r waiting for CAT 2 get over so dat they can start buss with me ..

BTW al the best to all cat aspirants ... give ur best that day ... its the one day when u will have everything ... be cool n enjoy the paper
bussiness ,business & business!!! My God!!u r obsessed wid it..But then it's a gud thing..having a passion is thousand times better than having no passion at all.

Thanks a pile yaar!!Thanks a lot again.. Now m also back in the office so will post something ASAP.
raj alakshendra said…
sale maine bhi tere ko best wishes kiya ... mera thanx kahan hai ?????
Haan haan bhai..Thanks a lot!!!
CAT se kuch yaad aaya tujhe..
The morning of CAT2006 when ur parents were sitting in ur room & I.........

raj alakshendra said…
ya i remember ... i had planned everything but u spoilt everything at the last moment... if m correct then u were shouting at dangu ... my parents were looking at me n i donno how 2 react ...
Ya I must say that i would have sunk into ground outta sheer embarrasement had it happened wid me!!! Anyway,All apologies for it..

Happy Children's day!! Although we are no more children- we are 'supposed to be' adults now but i think we are all in our hearts the same lil kids & in fact the brotherhood & the friendship is beyond words!!
This day also reminds me of my school days as a lot of events used to take place on this day..A really beautiful day.
& I think I need to celebrate it all the more as day by day the child in me is taking the drivers' seat !! My activities are living proofs of this...will tell u some of the "new feathers in cap" i have added in terms of weird activities when we all meet.
but Sakshi..kuch yaad aaya ??watering the flowerpot..
ABC said…
all the best guys

Ankit said…
guys only wishes can save..but that cat 2k6 i remember very well....bhai logon billi ki m** **** ** manu was shouting on top of his voice....and both of us had same centre....manu ka admit card nahin aaya tha that time....and he was a usual pretending to be cool when we cud see sweat on his forehead on that cold morning...i guess it was on 21st Dec then...
Sakshi said…
Ankit- CAT happens on the third Sunday of Novemeber every year- How could it be december???

Mann- Ahem... the pot still lives...!!! LOL...!!!

Raj- I heard what Mann did to you...!!! My sympathies. ;)
Ankit said…
21st Nov i meant....slip of...well...mind...

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