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4 gujju..better late than never

I knew frustation will never leave gujju no matter wherever he goes..see he is now frustated with maruti..But everything has pluses n minuses...till now ankit was famous in NIT JAM..but now after interacting with so many japanese people I m sure that he'll be an iconic figure in Japan as well..abhi tak to sirf college walle marte thhe ab to japanese walle bhi....but dont u worry gujju..bhagawaan ke ghad mein der hai andher nahi....TCS is still there 4 ur rescue.U still can join TCS..we ll keep everything secret 4m milte hai TCS mein..kya bolta hai?

hi gurgaon....oops its manesar....bye then...

dil ke raste mein aisi thokar maine khai, toote armaan saare ab khamoshi hai chaayi, har khusi kho gayi, zindagi kho gayi...kya maine socha tha aur kya kismat mein aayi.... the story goes like this....gurgaon bol ke manesar le gaye, zyaada salary bolke perfromance bonus include kar liya...translator lake japanese log mast lagate hain indians ki....khali baithne pe photo kheech te hain, nobody to attend us in training so called (27 days for us vs 7 months for royal gurgaon guys) in gurgaon, 95% are indians, in my plant 70% are japanese....everybody from those who had worked for 1 year to those who r workin there for 5 years advised us to leave since we had options , they a 7 to 7 job. well that includes conveyance time.....with precise 30 mins of lunch time, 7 min of tea break, wait till 8th and japanese will start staring at you, and at 9th minute expect a flash of lite.....dream job???

Require Assistance!

I was just reading news on Times of India when I suddenly stumbled upton this page titled Are Women Safe in Kolkata? I found the contents very disturbing. I am not too sure about the context on which the comments have been made. Can you decipher it? I'd really like to know what it is all about!

Life after college II

Samik same is the case here. The first week went by recalling the days in college, and the slam book and the videos were the means. Even minor incidents seemed special moments-to-cherish. As I am new to this place(Cuttack), previously I just came here for 10 days or so during our holidays, there is no one of my age except for a small kid to give me company. My brother was here for a few days. Yes internet has occupied me through this month and a half. I have surfed 317 hours in 40 days. In between I completed my paperwork in college and made a trip to Puri. I prayed to Lord Jagannath for our joining to arrive soon. So no need to worry. Talking of mental preparation, I am all set now and physically too I've gained a couple of kilos and have turned a little fair!! 'companywalo bas ab bhej do apna joining.' The other guys are already into their professional lives and it seems they have gone too busy with it. People are slowly becoming less active on the net. There are no

Life after college...

It's almost 2 months now since I left NIT JAM..First I thought I would have a gr8 time here at home...but as the days r passing by time-pass has been the toughest job 4 me..may b bcoz I got used to hostel life n on top of that all my school frnds r off to their respective workplaces.Some of them have even started saving!!..First I wasn't prepared for TCS bcoz I wanted some mental preparation but now it seems, after seeing so much delay in the joining letter, TCS is not yet ready 4 us.....My everyday is a xerox of the previous day..I get up at 8:30, eat for 20 minutes n then sh*t for 30 min..glue my ass in the sofa n watch TV or rather say switch continuously bt all the channels.....I even joined driving school 4 some hairy(though I dont hv gr8 hair) speed thrill...but my overconfidence in driving resulted a big hole in my wallet as I banged a ricksaw 4m behind in the very first day n I had to pay 200 bucks as u topfloorians ,specially TCRers, r passing time ha

8 Baje Ki Mumbai Local

Just thought I'll share a pic, I took while going to office at 8AM in Dadar railway station, with you all. That's Mumbai locals for you!! ;-)

Calling Out Fellow TopFloorers

Okay, I can see quite a few TopFloorers have already joined the bandwagon. What a pity that Karma is still huffing and puffing for an invite! This is strange! I’ve sent him an invite to join wall mag not once, not twice, but thrice! N yet he reports of receiving no mail from Blogger. Apart from the already joined forces, I’d also like to call upon Krishnan , Sambhav and Nandu to share their email ids so that they too can be invited to join in. Why them, u might ask. Well, everyone’s aware of the kinda vocabulary Mr. Load possesses, in English. He just has to open himself up a li’l to leave us awestruck. I’ve always been in awe of his sarcasm and his panacea of using the very perfect word, in the very perfect context. He’s a reader’s delight, for sure! As far as Sambhav is concerned, I find him to be a knowledge storehouse. Whatever be the topic, howsoever be the company, he always has something or the other to say. Moreover, I feel if he shares his experiences of his working life

moi rothindro..

It has already started then. Shayon no other option but ultimately I had to forego the twmonline name. Those of you who do not know about it, well I forgot my login to the original TWM blog. No wonder I am also known as the "Flopmaster". That's why now we have a new name "the-wall-mag". Friends it will be wonderful to have you all here. Some few years down the line when all of us get too busy with the hustle-bustle of "LIFE", we can share our moments through this medium. I am sure reading a few posts on this page will refresh you and can bring a smile on your face. As Shayon says "This goal-less fun sure does have some benefits." I have already sent out a few invites and more are on the way. Looking forward to have you all on this wonderful journey. What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. from "Leisure" by W. H. Davies

Here I am...This is Me...

Okay, I’m glad that despite the initial set back (ask Rathin if u r curious abt it! *wink*), we are up again onto the virtual world! Yes, it’s true, we used to have a helluva of a time, in the ‘TopFloor’. I know what most of u are thinking, “we alredy have a community on Orkut, ab is ski kya zaroorat hai?” Now, the fun of Blogger is, you can even share pictures, actually write abt ur feelings, pull legs and even share videos of ur latesht workplaces, with the rest of the gang! But seriously, wot’s gonna help you more, on the personal front, is ur tryst with the Queen’s language! I’ve been on the circuit for abt 3 years now and I can actually feel the difference. N wot else? How abt some of the goal-less fun that we used to have, all together? I’d sincerely urge all the Top Floorers to come forward and take part in this revolution (yes, I’d call it a revolution) that Rathin has started. I’m sure that u r gonna love the journey.


Friends remember our times on the “Topfloor” of Hostel E in NIT Jamshedpur. It was the place of all our masti. I guess all of us will never forget our bunch the “TOPFLOORers”. The “Topfloor” was the centre of all our activities. “The Wall Mag” was one of them. We have left the “Topfloor” to go on with our lives, but we can still have the TWM editions. Not on any other wall but here in the bloggers’ park space with an online avatar. You all can contribute to it with anecdotes from the past, present day life, future hopes, views, reviews, on anything you like. Just express yourself. A journey of thousand steps begins with a single step. Let this be the first step in the direction. ~constructivekarma Every man has reminiscences which he would not tell to everyone but only his friends. He has other matters in his mind which he would not reveal even to his friends, but only to himself, and that in secret. But there are other things which a man is afraid