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Hey People... Opinion please??

This is a very pleasant surprise that I have been invited to write on TWM. One place where I enjoy reading the views of all of you. Though I am sure that most of you...oops... all of you know least know my name and know who I am.... ok...just in case- I am Sakshi (collate this with the lil place near Jsr, Sakchi) and unlike all of you I have no job. I am still two years away from becoming a lawyer...and no I would not give any free advice thru blogs. (Just Kidding). (How am I here- figure it out yourselves...please.) This is my first post on TWM and I am going to bore you guys, coz, I am going to talk about politics... I have been following the whole nuclear deal issue like I am an MP but nevertheless I always favoured it. Not because I support a political party but because I truly believe that the deal is in our interest. 1. My very first question on which I want a honest reply is, do you guys feel that the nuclear deal is going to compromise our sovereignty or is it going put


Yesterday Shayon asked me " How much is your phone bill ". I replied dont ask. I recharged for 2200 talktime at the start of this month & the balance is now only Rs.650 , still 10 days are left in this month. I fear I would have to recharge again. The only reason behind my whooping bills is a girl. I spend almost 70% talktime to talk to her. I should mention here that even this topic was suggested by the same girl. My condition is no different from any other guy in this world. Its a typical characteristic of every male that he will definitelty call a girl if she is very sweet to talk to him... Some two years back I got my 1st cell.. During those ancient times my validity would get over but balance wont...Slowly the time changed and in the final year of my coll jus the opposite started happening... and the present situation is that I have the validity for my whole timetime but not the balance. There is one thing that girls never "MISS" to do and that is called --

My new love

hi friends , I am having a lot of free time in office ... This has resulted in my love for writting ...Whenever I am idle i think of writting something... Most of the time I write about the mental situation i am going through... I have written one more controversial n interesting post today morning... As usual the topic of disscussion is the female community...jus a final touch is left to be given.. So wait for few more days .... Enjoy reading


Guys the constructivekarma page had been inactive for a long time, so thought of doing a post there. Kindly take a detour by clicking on the image. btw that's the 50th post on constuctivekarma.. :-) njoy..

... rising high ...

a year back on 2nd july i had joined tata motors with the belief that i have come to a world class company. A firm where people would be helping each other to strive hard to achieve their targets. But all my prior notions proved wrong. In fact in next two months I learnt the biggest truth of corporate world. Be dishonest, mean, lair n you will reach the top. very soon i got to know the fact that this is not the place where I can fulfill my dreams. So, next is what ? (samsung punchline) It was August'07 that I decided to build my business with full passion. I was involved with Amway in my college days too but not with that much passion. It was mostly restricted to product use n little bit of sales to my friends. But this time, I decided to do it with full swing. In the very next month my group turnover rose from zero to Rs. 25000. In that my personal sales was Rs.10000. Slowly n slowly my customer base became strong. Most of my tata motors colleges are my customers. They are very sa