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Hey People... Opinion please??

This is a very pleasant surprise that I have been invited to write on TWM. One place where I enjoy reading the views of all of you.
Though I am sure that most of you...oops... all of you know least know my name and know who I am.... ok...just in case- I am Sakshi (collate this with the lil place near Jsr, Sakchi) and unlike all of you I have no job. I am still two years away from becoming a lawyer...and no I would not give any free advice thru blogs. (Just Kidding).
(How am I here- figure it out yourselves...please.)

This is my first post on TWM and I am going to bore you guys, coz, I am going to talk about politics... I have been following the whole nuclear deal issue like I am an MP but nevertheless I always favoured it. Not because I support a political party but because I truly believe that the deal is in our interest.

1. My very first question on which I want a honest reply is, do you guys feel that the nuclear deal is going to compromise our sovereignty or is it going put India on the global map?
( I feel that its a very important step in making India a super power that it deserves to be)

2. My second question is, If you followed the whole action on the trust vote today I am sure you knew that there was a major breach of conduct in lok sabha when cash for votes was spilled in public viewing. In view of the corrupt MP's that are occupying the house, what do you suggest be done about it?

I think Rathz wrote a similar post maybe on his page where we were debating as to what we can do... and after witnessing the whole scam in Lok Sabha today... I am reasking the question, because today India was put to shame in front of atleast 45 major developed countries who are a part of the IAEA. As an Indian I am ashamed today...because whatever we do or did never compromised our democracy,but today thanks to a few MP's who made a Ekta Kapoor soap out of sun important issue we will become the laughing stocks of the world. And somewhere I think that we as the electorate are responsible for the same because after all w only elect these MP's and put them there...
So how do we rectify that...??? That is what I am asking for.

I hope that I din bore you much. But if I did...and it was a boring post lemme that next time I can write something better.



Shayon said…
Okay, first thinga first, it was me who took the liberty of sending u an invitation to co-author on the wall, especially after Raj's request for u to contribute, in his comment to the previous post. I hope none of the Top Floorers shall mind that.

Secondly, here's a tip. When you start writing on an already set up blog, try to fit into the genre of that blog. (Take the hint)

Thirdly, this N Deal was v v imp for India to graduate from being a developing nation to a developed one. Regarding the scam, what else could we expect from the land of Shakuni mama, Krishna & Chanakya? I'm glad that Mamata Banerjee hadn't attended the session or else she would surely have blamed the UPA for misconfiguring the electronic voting buttons!

Lastly, but by no means in the least, allow me to officially welcome to "The Wall Mag" on behalf of all Top Floorers. I am very hopeful u shall keep up the spirit that we all possess and prove to be what D'Artagnan was, to the 3 Musketeers!
Shayon said…
@ all

I'm sure, after all these years, we can consider Saxi as one of us, can't we?

Oh by the way, it's just me who spells her name as Saxi. For the rest of you, use anything but the same :-P.
raj alakshendra said…
Welcome to THE WALL MAG...
oh i was not expecting a post the very next day i requested u to do so...

In my school days i was quite interested in politics... but after realising that all the parties are equally corrupt i just dont bother who is ruling this great country...
these corrupt MP's r jus eating our motherland...

As far as nuclear deal is concerned i dont have any idea whts going on.... i rarely watch TV or go through newspapers...

btw the post was not at all boring... n keep putting up topic like this ... atleast il knw whts going around me...

i always support girls should contribute on this blog... n definitely sakshi is one of us...
Sakshi said…
@ Shayon
Took the hint. Thanks for the welocome.

@ Raj
I used to turn a blind eye to anything that was politics till about three years back... but as soon as I started my law, I learned a whole new dimension to politics in India. Its still a dirty game and touched a new low recently.

The nuke deal is very important for the country...and I am glad that its gonna push thru.
Welcome Sakshi (I had to look up to your reply to see the spelling of your name- SORRY!!!)
Anyway, great post, and don't take Shayon's hints (we write about everything on this blog- you could be our political correspondent, like Raj is our- at least he thinks he's our- Ladies man!!!!!)
I have a reservation with one of your comments. Personally I will never be ashamed of India (or being an Indian for that matter), it is my fellow countrymen I am continuously ashamed off. But then again, to each his own. With respect to the nuclear deal, I feel India should go ahead with it (though I haven't been paying close attention of late and some of the events you wrote about left me confused- Times of here I come). I believe that we shouldn't give up our option of making nukes (our region is too volatile and that would just be a foolish- Gandhian execise (no offense to Gandhi, but sometimes I feel maybe Bose had the right idea)). The nuclear deal would solve a lot of energy problems in the long run and also alleviate some of the burden on petroleum- maybe even bring down the prices a notch (by the way, what's the price of petrol???- I heard rumours that it was 150/litre).
So thats my take and again welcome Sakshi (I didn't have to look this time) and I've said the more the merrier and this means that people can take a bit of leave from blogging for a while and know that the blog will still carry on (there being lots of people).

Sakshi said…
@ Dion
Thanks for the warm welcome. If you read the post that I provided the link to I am sure you would not be that confused.
Nuclear deal will not compromise on our ability to make nuclear weapons. This deal does not maen that we will have to sign the CTBT or the NPT. Above all this deal is not only with america but with 45 other countries.
Also with the petrol prices rising and pollution becoming a major issue the deal would solve atleast some percent of the problem if not the whole.

As far as being ashamed of being an Indian, you did not see the whole incident live had you seen too have felt humiliated...these are the goons and we are the abducted...somebody set us free...!!!
This time we are fighting the Kaade angrez as they are called... the ones who think that they are indians but arent really thinking about India.
I know that this deal wouldn't compromise our Nuclear capabilities, but that was a reservations that the US had and I wasn't sure if we chickened out on that.
All the same, I still have to disagree on being ashamed of the country, but I respect your decision. I'm definitely ashamed of those 3 MP's and their alleged bribers (if that is a word, or for want of an actual word). I did an extensive read up on and have gotten up to date on most of the mess that happened.
raj alakshendra said…
petrol prices hasn't reached 150 but very soon it will...
presently the prices in a few cities r :

nasik-Rs.61 (probably hisghest in india)
Sakshi said…
@ Raj
Dude we were talking the price of the crude...and not of the petrol at the pumps... atleast that is what I make out...
raj alakshendra said…
which petrol price u r talking abt ???
Shayon said…
Lolz! it seems v gt a coupla kids on board, fiting for their father's approval.
Sakshi said…
@ Shayon
This was mean...we were just clarifying the a lil softspoken...!!! not CRUDE.
Children Children!!!!!
Settle down!!!
Thanks for clarifying both the prices. The price of Petroleum gives a wholistic view, but I guess end consumers like Raj and most of the country are interested in the price of Petrol only. Anyway, I'm not choosing favs. here and I'm not goin to, so don't push it.
And Shayon, stop provoking and stirring up trouble. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Uhhh..wat the hell is goin' on here ??
Topic kahan se kahaan chala gaya ..
Anyways, it's great to have a new member onboard the Titanic err TWM..:-) Hope the blog doesnt sink that easily..
Anyways, talking about the DEAL..I would be just paraphrasing what has been said maybe more than a million times in newspapers & on TV.."That the deal is good for the country & will help a long way in enabling india to become self-sufficient in power generation".
(uhh I m bored of this sentence now..seriously)..What I havent been able to figure out till now is that Why had the Left adopted this habit of putting roadblocks in every reform that the govt intended to push forward. Is that a really a part of the "Reds ideology" or pure publicity gimmick.I seriously want to understand their ideology coz at times I get irritated wid their conserative views & short-sightedness on every freakin' issue under the sun.FDI, Disinvestment,modernisation blah blah..So if anybody has a better understanding of the Leftists please let me know what goes in the screwedup heads of Karats & their followers? Sakshi..I think u would have studied their viewpoints closely..watdyathink ?
Ooooo!!! My ever so racist Indian self can't help but make the following statement.
"I think you're gonna have to ask the Bongs in the group (the hard core commie ones). Ha ha ha!!!!"
I used to have this argument with Sam when we were in first year itself.
It's just a commie attitude of the Leftists. The Soviet Union (the birth place of the fathers of Communism- actually Karl Marx was, but you get my drift- with Lenin and Leon and the lot) itself succumbed to the capatilistic lifestyle, but these ancient gaffers won't change their attitude. If you go to see in true Communism, nobody has any wealth, it all goes to the country and everyone is equal, yet like the Politburo in erstwhile USSR; our very own CPI/M's Poltiburo is swimming in money and the pleasures of the capitalistic lifestyle that most of the world has embraced. Is that correct???
Are they not just a bunch of hipocrates towing the party line (just in words mind you), so as to placate the masses in the Eastern regions of our country that truly believe in that system of life if only as a hope (fleeting though it may be) of a better life to come.
Sakshi said…
@ Mann and Dion
Yup, the left party is able to pay Rs.3200 everymonth to more than a 1000 of its political employees... its unaccounted for ofcourse.

When Karl Marx propunded the theory of Communism, the general mood of the people of Russia was very the sense the Burgoise i.e the Czar was putting the labour class under a lot of financial stress by levying weird taxes. Thus to overthrow thw bad Czar, the russian revolution took place. The main ideology of the commies is that there should be equality amongst the people and that there is no concept of personal wealth and that all people should be treated equally. But in the quest of forming a society that is equal they supressed the personal expression of the people of the country. Most of the Burgoise class were force to flee the country to other parts of eastern europe, the ones left behind were put in jails. Anybody found possessing anything that amounted to luxury (ciggs were included and so was soap and hot water) were put in jail. (There is more, you can read it in a book called We the Living by Ann Ryand). The economies of these countries was closed, that is no export or import. Even the clothes were same... imagine living your life always in uniform...!!!
But this idealistic society was destroyed by its own makers, because it was supressing the peoples wills.And despite being free they were not free.
The idea of the commies was that there shouldn't be a concept of rich and poor. I agree that the division of wealth between rich and poor should not create a huge gap...but not the left way.
In 1991, had Manmohan Singh (FM at that time) not opened the Indian Economy we would have gone bankrupt. Left fear that once we deal with the Americans we lose our soveriegnity...and that the government wont give a damn about people. What they forgot is that, its not a primitive world where imperialism exists and Civil treaties are the way to live in peace. And they keep forgetting that India follows mixed Economy, where Industry n people are both looked after. What they dont understand is that a better economy= better standard of living.
Had they understood that, I am sure Calcutta which was one of the biggest industrial town at the time of British would still have its status. The whole nandigram issue shows how narrow minded they are...and how they can wreak havoc and people dont give a damn. Thus Calcutta is still years behind in some cases from the other metropolis.
I hope My comment din offend anyone...!!!
And Mann, now you are clear why the left is never right when it comes to economics??
Unknown said…

Welcome aboard TWM, and dont take Shayon's hint seriously. Write on anything you feel like, whatever this blog genre may indicate.

Regarding the post & the follow up comments, well they were insightful & interesting!!

I would like to put Lalu's qoute from his speech on the voting day in Lok Sabha, it goes for the anti-US parties:

"aap log amriki ghadi pehentey hain, aapney baccho ko amrika mein padhatey hain par amrika ka virodh karengey"

Truly that's how it is, isnt it??

Another quote(dont mind):

"shrama shobhati uus bhujang ko jiskey paas garal ho"

It means the snake which has poison(indicating power), has the right to forgive.

If India is to become a strong nation it has to have power. Having nuclear capabilities not only strengthens our defence but also will go a long way in overcoming the energy crisis that the country is currently going through.

Regarding the plight of Kolkata, well that's known to everyone. It could have been easily one of the best cities in this part of the world, but as it is now, it's an ol' city trying hard to preserve it's glorious history.


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