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Eye Candy!! A-Star is here

First project completed...

Site is awesome....


raj alakshendra said…
pics to mast hai ... whts the price n plz tell specifications of this car ...
Sakshi said…
Congrats Gandhi for the first successful project...!!!!
But show us some 'on the road pics'.
Even I can make computer enhanced pics! When is the unveiling??

Unknown said…


btw seems your loyalty ends outside the gates of ur plant!!
heard u r driving around gurgaon highways on a santro ;-)
raj alakshendra said…
@ raths abe gandhi petrol bachane ke chakkar mein apni gaddi drive nahi karta ... bahut chindi hai ...
Ankit said…
dude thats how i commute to mah office in manesar...a drive of total 50 kms daily.....CNG dude!!
abey dekha tune daangu ka ab standard bad gaya main tujhe galiya kay baat karta tha ab dude! dude karke baat kar raha hai..
Jiyo Daangu "DUDE"

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