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A proposal

Well, à la lumière des récents évènements, I propose that we make this blog available as invite only. Looks like, time and again, this blog and TWM end up burning one heart after another, for no fault of ours. The blog had been created for a small group of people to be able to keep the banter on, but it seems highly improbable at the watch of a couple self-righteous people.

Do sound out your views, along with your email addresses, so that I can keep you all within the close circles, lest the majority of us vote for it. I shall need the email addresses because I know there are a lot of people who, probably, never even comment on the site, and yet have been following the updates religiously for years.


Unknown said…

I would like TWM to continue in the public domain.


Since we all know TWM can be accessed by readers from all age-groups, let us put some control on what we post lest the content offends anyone.

For everything else we have emails!

TWM as closed-user blog does not sound good.


Cool yaar :)
Unknown said…
That was no reason to delete the comments.
Unknown said…
Additionally, I'd like to ask you one thing. Who is the primary target audience of the blog? Us, or the rest of the world?
I'd aso like the website to continue in the public domain. People come and go but we are here to stay and there's no need to censor anything so that it suits someone sensibilities. Until and unless, we don't post something really offensive(don't know what that would be) i think there's no harm in anything.
And I thought that Shayon has deleted the comments. Yeh toh Rathindra mein hi delete kar diye. But chalo, negativity toh khatam hui.
Karma said…
This is insane...the whole post was deleted without the consent of any fellow Wall-mages.
I am totally at a loss to see this happening at TWM,which until yesterday I thought was the pincushion of our daily life.What we say or express is supposed to be what we would might discuss when we chit-chat in person,and that includes everything under the sun !
View and opinions expressed by passers-by and ringside viewers hardly matters to me and I hope same for others too.

@Shayon : Dude I guess rather than controlling the contents for this blog,we should be looking to control the acts of "moderators"!

@Rathz : I double Shayon.What the hell u mean by " TWM can be accessed by readers from all age-groups"?? Since when we started caring for all these non-sense! This is a blog by us,for us and of us...we need not waste time thinking what others think about this blog.

@rest of the world

Please do not endorse or follow this blog if u find things going in here contrary to ur taste !
Unknown said…
Doston I would not delete the contents. Just removed them from the page.

Karma - We would not care for the visitors reactions, alright; but since our well wishers, friends & families may visit TWM we have to show some self-control, subtlety & discretion while posting should it be the case that the content may not be suitable to someone.

The last two posts I have reverted them to draft status. Too much of mud slinging!

The blog may be by us,for us and of us but do we not refer it to our circle of friends and families? Thora care aur responsibility to banta hai apni taraf se.
raj alakshendra said…
I am only write on girls , girls & girls :P

ab main kya likhu :( :(
@ All,
I'm not entirely sure what's going on, so no major opinions from me. I just have one thing to say (sort off based on what Mann wrote in his comment): I agree with Mann's sentiment about not knowing what is appropriate and what is not, especially after we had a "Favourite/Best Porn Star" debate on the website! Ha ha hahaha.

Seems like I should be the first one to be banned then by the moral police ;)
raj alakshendra said…

next will be me:p
atri said…
Guys.... donot put too much censorship like the current cartoon row ..

I donot know who is the moderator. Is it Rathin or Shayon or both ? I would also like to be a moderator .... Raj and Mann in that case you will enjoy absoulute freedom of speech ..In fact everybody .... No tension/worries/fear from being banned.

I had a horrible Spring semester. Winter at Minnesota is very dark and gloomy. On top of that, I had to write loads and loads of fucking assignments, exams.( not used to for a long time)... So the point is - post some nice, interestng comments to cheer me up.... Even JD, Corona failed me - now it's your turn ..
Unknown said…
hahahaha..pareshaan kar diye ho..

abey choti si baat tum log likhtey ho agar jigar hai dum hai to face any reactions then thats fine..

lekin pehley ho chuka hai ki when things are at stake person had removed one's own contents..thodi si akal lagao jo bhi pesh kar rahe ho TWM ke page par..aisa na ho ki future mein pareshaani mein fas jao..josh thik hai par zara akalmandi bhi dhikhao..

anything I do here you will know..kabhi kabhi TWM ke posts ko edit karta huun (alignments and grammar!) and the owner of the posts is made aware of that..

there was a bad fight in the comments section of the last post..forget who was right or who was wrong..that posts remains in draft status..

rest TWM is as usual..back to business..
Karma said…
@atri : "loads of fucking assignments, exams...." man you are having a rollicking time did you "come" in flying colors !!! ;-)
Good to hear from you after a long time
Sakshi said…
And our dear men our back with a bang.. :P

Sir good to see you here :)

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