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Hi Idiots!!!

Normally when I go and watch a movie minus Shayon, I miss him like crazy.. but today, I missed each one of you. And as I am writing this post- I feel like giving each one of you a hug... a big bear hug.
I went to see 3 Idiots today, and trust me, from the moment I sat in the theater and the movie started I felt that I needed to call each one of you and tell you that go and watch this movie now, coz, all I could feel in the movie was you all. And it totally reminded me of the crazy things that you guys did back in college.
Yeah, the movie also talks about following what your real passions are etc etc... but mostly it is about the joy and warmth that friendship is. I mean, I could really visualise, how Mannu took the case of Gandhi, or how Karma would try and put some sense into Shayon or how mad you guys went without any reason...

I know, for a fact that how so far you guys are from each other, the true blood friendships still pull your strings in your hearts...
So my dear idiots-
Wake up, and here are Christmas greetings to all of you...!!! :)

Love you guys...



I also really want to see the movie.As far as how our college life was,you are right we all were a bunch of idiots who had a one hell of time back in JSR.Wat experiences!
raj alakshendra said…
a perfect movie ...enjoyed a lot reminded of our college days... the movi was more inclined towards unconditional friendship & to fulfil ur dreams..
Mainak said…
the sad part is that none of the profs had any daughter who were of our age or most importantly not worth looking :)
Karma said…
Rajkumar Hirani Rockz!!

I mean you cannot help but notice the amount of thought and research he has put in the film.For a start look at the get ups of the protagonists!! Typical engineers...fresh from school with an air of i-have-better-grades attitude,hair oiled and parted neatly and same old clothes worn in all occasion.
First half was too good.Flawless

Second half was sometimes tacky and in a few occasion garish,but Hirani never lost the plot.Despite the predictable ending,the film was worth watch multiple times over.What I liked in the film is the ways the nuances of an engineering college was captured.The whacky ragging sessions,water crisis in bathrooms,muggers like Chatur and most importantly the pre-placement trauma.Perfecto!

@mannu Sharman Joshi aka Raju Rastogi is a deja-vu of you in first year ,believe me!!

No amount of 'stan' could have made this hell of a movie ,had Raju and Amir were not at the thick of things.Only these two could have done such 'balatkar' in such a suave style!!

Haha.Yeah! The moment I saw Raju Rastogi doing his chanting and pooja ,I blurted out "Oh my God! This is what I used to be like in the first year." Albeit instead of pooja I used to do Yoga .
Ankit said…
simply awesome.....& wen i & sandy(gulti,he is in delhi) saw chatur, the 1st person i cud think of was utpal(of chola bhatura fame)....the way he laughed was kinda deja vu for us bcoz utpal also gave similar deadly smiles....
Ankit said…
@sakshi: Please elaborate "how mannu took the case of Gandhi"....i'm interested in knowing wat new story mannu has cooked up......

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