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F**k me, I’m famous

Well it started with my desperate need to get out of the lab and my roomies’ equally desperate need to get laid. So where do you think that lead us? Approximately 900 miles from the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia to a party haven called South Beach, Miami, Florida! But I (the only sane person in this miss-adventure) had to play spoil sport and make a detour in Orlando. Well you see, I thought if we’re going all the way to the S.E. of the huge US of A, why not stop at Universal Studios, Orlando and Disney World (I hadn’t been to the latter since I was 3 years old, in Tokyo)?

Finally on Friday, 26th March, 2009, three extremely horny guys and I (I distance myself from their plans) left a very rainy and gloomy Philly to board the United Airways flight for sunny and Spring Break Florida. So let me explain a bit here. Spring Break is that time of the year when 90% of college students get extremely sloshed and head to the sunny parts of the country to celebrate the arrival of Spring (the warm season) with various rituals which involve more drinking and bacchanalian debauchery (notice the same word written twice- that’s just the most appropriate way of describing the activities) that put the parties we had in Jam. to shame.

Of course as I stated earlier, because of me, we made a pit stop in Orlando and did what kids would do- go to Universal Studios (shows, rollercoaster rides, etc.) and Disney World (the biggest wave pool in the world, waterslides and the lot). That leg of the journey took me back to the days when I was young and we’d (family and me) go on all such outings. I even went to the Disney store at Disney World and boy I became a kid again (sooooo many toys and stuffed animals!). I nearly lost my mind not knowing what to buy and actually contemplating living in the store for the rest of my life- I still love toys!

Now I have a request for all those of you can access YouTube. Put on the following track(s) and turn on the volume all the way!
Ready? Don’t cheat; this is needed to get you in the mood!
Ok, now to MIAMI, woooooooo!

Driving a new Chrysler sedan for 300 miles flat (the approx. distance between Orlando and Miami), cruising at an average speed of 80 mph (almost double in kmph), music blasting from the stereo system and we finally off to where the party that awaited us. We entered Miami playing the very song you’ll are listening too.

Picture crowds trying to get into a the second biggest club on the East coast of the US. That’s right we went to the ‘Mansion’. The party we attended was named “F**k me I’m famous”! The musician of the night was the amazing David Guetta and to top it off we had a table at the place! The music was deafening and sooo unreal. The people were wasted/high on e and whatever Miami’s seedy population had to offer. We danced through the night from 23:00 to the next morning 06:00. Just being there was an experience I would never forget. Dion at the Mansion listening to David Guetta!

That was how I felt! But if you’ll were expecting the next installation of Road trip/Euro trip, I’m sorry to disappoint you. This was more like a comedy of errors than Mann’s daily/nightly dream sequence. We should have known the Miami leg was jinxed the moment we left Orlando. The hotel we had booked (or at least what my friend thought he’d booked) turned out to be a bust- my friend had booked it for June instead of March! Ha ha ha ha. We ended up staying at the Marriot in Miami (not too shabby for a screw up!). We drove down to Orlando from Miami (leaving at 01:45 and reaching at 05:00) on Monday morning and this time our average speed went up a notch (~ 95 mph) and took the 06:30 flight back to Philly. When I had to report to work at 10:00 on Monday I was truly cursing the decision to go to Miami for the break and wondering why I didn’t just stay at home!

So what was the moral of this story? Don’t and I mean never let your dicks do the thinking for you- incase you’re wondering my friends didn’t complete their mission. Do I regret the trip? The simple answer is nope. I went to the biggest party house in Miami and maybe the US, I had a world renowned musician playing for me and I had so much fun seeing my friends do all sorts of nonsense; bottom line, the trip was never short of entertainment! That was money well spent, but I’m sure as hell that I’ll never do something like that again- I’m done with spontaneity for a while, a long long while.


- The one time party man


raj alakshendra said…
while reading i felt we all should be there ... i got lost in my dreams ... it must be so much of fun ... that driving speed ...oh ..i hope its possible in india...
dion y dont u put up some of the pics ...
Shayon said…
Holla, all!

Dino, u got any idea how jealous u got me, out here, reading about your party's planned debauchery while on my way to office on a freaking monday morning? And I can not believe the only highlight Raj could find, in the whole trip, is the freaking driving speed!
"Mansion" visited the Mansion? Fuck! Suddenly I am oh-so- biting up my lips for letting the only chance I had gotten, to shift to US, right back in '01.
Anyway, some time, some time very soon, I am gonna top u up ;-)
As for your trip, awesome stuff, man! And it's all the more fun thinking it's our very own Dino who gave in to such compulsiveness.
And regarding your fondness for stuffed toys, doncha worry, buddy. Such want is pretty normal among people with legs like yours! ;-)
raj alakshendra said…
if i get 2 options : girls or high speed machines then i would go for the 2nd one ... ya, there is an exception ...

dont remind me of his legs ... i miss them a lot
Sakshi said…
'don't remind me of his legs.. i miss them a lot'.... WTF...

@ Dino
OH MY GOD... it seems that Miami is all about the spontaneous visits...(When my parents had gone to the US of A, Miami was not on their list, and they decided to visit it just like that... and then they went to Orlando) I am JEALOUS- coz you got to do three things that I LOVE- Dancing, clubbing... and going to Disneyland. Though glad to know that you had great fun... the enjoyment's oozing outta your post..!!! :)
raj alakshendra said…
where r the other guys ... karma is back in his hibernation ... raths is having net connection in his room but , no comments frm his side ...gandhi & all hav become chodwi ka chand ...
Dude,you got me excited,rather ecstatic!Especially,cruising on the freeway at such great speeds with "Let It rock" blasting on the speakers.The thought itself gave me a high!As for the mansion,the first thing that struck my mind was the "Playboy Mansion" parties which are hosted by Hugh Hefner in his own Mansion.Haha
Seems like you had the time of your life in the Mansion and the gud boy Dion hasnt changed a bit;-D
And regarding "kela",you can't help it."We" are destined for it and by now should get used to it!
Unknown said…
so you had some great time sometimes back..
Well I knew you would turn out to be same gentleman!!
post some pics yaar..
Unknown said…
so you had some great time sometimes back..
Well I knew you would turn out to be same gentleman!!
post some pics yaar..
Even if you request Dion a thousand times,he aint gonna post the pics.
"I don't mind posting the pics,but the thing is...." :-P
raj alakshendra said…
i too agree with mannu... i doono dion itns bhao kyon hata hai ... dion , we know u have got a sexy pair of legs but we cant do anything with ur pic... k
Sakshi said…
Dion... Pics would be lovely...
Raj- YOU are OBSESSED with Dion's legs...stop making me curious... :P

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