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Those "30 kms" of my life ...

This was the most exciting part of my delhi visit in last Dec.
Most of you know in bits & pieces about that crazy road trip we(me,shayon,mannu,dion) had made .. Here is the real story of those toughest 30 kms of the trip...

We were not more than 50 km away from Jim Corbett National Park. It was around 9 pm . We thought in next one hour we would touch our destination . Shayon was driving & I was navigating using GPS & google maps . Google maps is very nice application but there is a problem with it - it shows the shortest path irrespective of road condition . You can see in the map the blue path as shown by gmaps . Previously we took a parallel path given in the signboard on road but we changed thinking the "G-way" would be a shorter path & it turned out to be a blunder !!!

This G-way was under construction with big stones , no street lights , open fields on both sides & above all "FOG" . We cant see even 1 inch due to Fog.For the first time in my life I realised how Fog can affect the visibility .Here I would like to give the credit to Shayon for driving through this rough patch . I helped him by playing my part of giving live navigation commentary .
It was

To make the condition worse Dion was not feeling good due to decreasing temperature.

I donno about others but truely speaking I had three fears running in my mind -
1) Car shouldn't breakdown especially it shouldn't get punchered .
2) Dion's condition shouldn't deteriorate.
3) We shouldnt get robbed by any local people . It might sound weird but it does happen.

We kept on driving for next 3 hours in those harsh conditions praying "All Izz Well" .
As soon as we touched the road , I cant express my happiness ... It was like "Thank God " ...

I would also like to thank Mannu's car for being with us & giving us a perfect drive.

Today when I write here , I smile & think this was an experience of lifetime !!!


atri said…
unique experience..but you could have spice it up more to thrill the readers :)
Abey kya post likha hai. The post doesn't do justice to what actually happened but I understand that writing a long post would consume too much of time. It was a crazy, crazy night right from the time we entered Hapur. How scared were we when the car conked off because I had forgotten to pull out the handbrake. We were literally in the middle of nowhere. And that 30 km stretch the most pathetic stretch of road almost seemed never ending and combine that with fog and you have the recipe of an impending disaster which fortunately did not happen. Our hopes lighted up only when we came across that railway crossing which was a breather as we could see houses at a little distance and knew that even if some problem occurs, we'd not be left stranded :)
raj alakshendra said…
I left the rest of the experience on u, shayon & dion to share :)
Haha haha!
Definitely an infamous 30 kms or so!
I think I was asleep for about 30 min - 1 hr during that section of the journey!
And truly we have to thank Shayon and Mannu's car (we turned it into a dubba!) for getting us out of that ordeal!
I remember the train crossing and passing the small village thinking we were on the main road now, only to have to pass through another 1 hour of horrible roads till we got to something better!
We should do that trip again, preferably when I don't have visa complications to mess it up and even more preferably if we take some warm clothing (especially for the people who get sick in the blink of an eye (read Dion)).
I'll try to write up the journey from what I remember and add a bit of spice!


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