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Woo her, keep her.. Love her!

 The following post is wholly and solely the world through the author's eyes. She is extremely naive and as her bf kam fiance zyaada says, I live in the fairy tales as far as 'Love & relationships' go, so please pardon the naivety and I really hope that you enjoy the post! 
Psssst.. this one is as good for the married, the dating and the ones looking to either date and/or get married. 

Let me start with a little joke.. It is often said that the thinnest book that is ever written is 'How to understand Women', considering that you can't really understand them.
Since, I failed to help anyone to get a date or a girlfriend here, I thought that maybe I can help the guys out here by giving them tricks and tips, to woo the women, and if already wooed to keep the woman safe and sound in your arms.

So here goes..

First Impressions- This one is the most cliched tip, but you have to make a good first impression. Very simple really, talk nicely, dress well, smell well and when you are talking to her, look in her eyes, rather than noticing her figure! *I am very sure, that one of your first criterion is that she is good looking, so get over it*

Flirt- But only if she starts. Keep your real talents for a little later. It may put her off, if you out rightly start with your flirting skills. Save some surprises for later!

Respect - It is very important and goes beyond saying that, respect is very important. I am sure that, this is something that I need not even tell you guys.

Materialistic aspirations are important in the relationship, whether it is at the nascent stage or whether the relationship has become old or as a matter of fact, even in the case of married couples.
Gifts are not only good for occasions but also for keeping the romance alive. I agree that it is the responsibility of both the parties that they should give some surprises to each other, to keep the romance alive.

Now, majorly the problem with the guys is, that once they have the girl, they start taking her for granted.. well it does happen, after all, the guys are much more busy than the girls.. but then, it would be really awesome if once in a  while instead of her calling you up in the middle of the day.. you call her up too..
If you think that it is too much to ask, an sms you know, a 'Just Like That' sort of sms would also do the trick.
You know, most of the times it is not about the big gifts and the small gifts.. it is about making her feel special.
Most of the times she would go out of her way to make you feel special, it may be a gift. It may be an sms, it may be reminding you of something that she knew that you would forget, and she will never ever really tell you but in the end she does expect that you be appreciative of her efforts without her really asking you or pointing it to you.

I know that we often irritate you by calling you during the day.. more often than not, you ignore our calls, don't reply to the mails and/or smses.. but how about calling back at the end of the day? It just shows that you knew that we were trying to get in touch with you.. yeah 99.9% it would be for an absolutely nonsensical reason, but nevertheless, give us our little bit of the whole fairy tale bit..

Learn to read into the hints. I am sure that you have heard about the whole when she says 'nothing', there is a lot to talk about. But that is not normally the case. Try and read her 'nothing', at times, it is actually nothing, and she just wants to play around.. and that is often the case with most of the things that she says.. the way she talks, should often hint on the path that you should tread on. She may be bubbling over with loads of gossip after a party.. or she may have felt bad.. so her tone.. of being bubbled over and of being sad and/or angry would be familiar to you *considering that you have been dating her and all* so try and listen to her, for a bit at least, that ways you would be able to make out her mood and then accordingly tailor made your reactions and then tune her out.

We women are not really that difficult to understand, we just want to be cared by the person who says that 'you mean a world to me'.. There are siblings, parents and too many others who often overlook us, and even though they love us, they often dilute that love with the love to be given to the other family members... and when the girls start dating.. all they hope is that NOW that love, atleast the one for her shall be only for her, and that she wouldn't have to really put into words the mere thing of being the one and being cared for in too many words. Most often than not, that is the one thing that is overlooked!

I understand, that there are expectations that often ruin the relationships. My father has rightly advised me, that I should not really get into the expectations mode, as it more often than not leads to disappointment in relationships.. and the things that we women expect, have nothing to do with bringing the moon to us. That happens only in movies.. all we expect is love, respect and appreciation.. not too much to ask, but often overlooked!

PS: I reiterate the warning above.. you are more than welcome to disagree!


Unknown said…

Now smile please :), click, okay done!
Sakshi said…
Where are all of you all.. no comments on such a controversial post?
Polar bears- Spring is here!
raj alakshendra said…
I tried every damn thing to make her happy but still couldn't hold anyone :p

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