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The world we live in

Long time ago, by an instantaneous miracle, our world was created. So it happened Naari & Purush came upon to dwell upon this new world just so abruptly; both equal and complementary. The beginning was an Utopian dream in hindsight. Legend has it, the world would remain just so beautiful as long as a particular ring was out in the existential world. It is said the essence of life was inscribed on the ring. The inscription itself was indecipherable to anyone. Thus Naari and Purush explored the new world and lived happily together in harmony.

With passing time, the numbers grew and to manage numbers a structure was required. Thus came upon the reign of Sabhyata. Under it rules were established and responsibilities marked for each possible classifications of the race of Naari & Purush. There were boundaries set both territorial and abstract, which strictly were not to be crossed. The Utopian landscape was getting some shape & structure. The ring was still out there though; thus the race of Naari & Purush began to bring order to the explored new world.

As Sabhyata's reign went on, the race of Purush began to realize their natural physical superiority. The thought of dominion gradually started corrupting the minds of Purush. Them being powerful, the race of Naari would not be able to stand up to them.Thus Purush began the exercise of twisting old rules and creating new rules to accommodate their desire for dominion at least over half of the population of the new abstract territory Samaaj. 

The reign of Paurush just started. Purush were not oblivious of the ring that was out in the world and which could undermine their dominion. The hunt for the ring was started on a massive scale. It was found and brought to the Sabha of Purush. The Sabha decided to paint the indecipherable inscription about essence of life on the ring so that the dominion can continue forever. The race of Naari and some good Purush protested and stood against the Sabha demanding no discrimination against anyone. The Sabha did not bother and in fact punished the protestors. Life went on.

The ring was still out in the world but the essence of life was painted and the inscription erased. So all was not well in the world. The good dwellers of the world somehow managed to get hold of the ring from the possession of the Sabha. They took the ring to a foundry and re-instated the inscription. It seemed world will be the same again, everyone on equal terms living in harmony.

The Sabha of the Paurush reign then resorted to harassing the race of Naari and harming the group of Purush who went against them. They regained possession of the ring and decided to get rid of it once and for all. The inscription was dented by an evil goldsmith Purush  and under heavy security, the ring was taken to Volcanic Mount Agnipariksha and thrown into its fiery core. Thus, melted away the ring which was 'painted and dented'  and the ring was lost forever.

That day onwards, a gloom has prevailed in the world. The Sabha of Paurush reign is still not in realization of the reason for gloom. They think it's a passing phase. But since then it has come to present day. The realization for equality of all races and compassion for everyone around us has to come else the gloom just lingers on.


PS - Today we need a social change. We do not have leaders to guide us or follow. It is very important we look within us and bring the change for betterment in us and in people around us. The government itself has to do a lot and politics has to be kept away from the issues we have today in Bhaarat. We in a peaceful manner should keep the up protest and anger at the apathy of the various machinery of democracy. Unlike Sisyphus, we will roll the ball of change up to Raisina hill.


Sakshi said…
Beautifully writ, Rathz.
I salute her courage and the will with which she fought. Now, I hope that the ball is kept rolling!
atri said…
very true and very well written...... thoughts put down articulately

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