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Happy Holi...!!!


Happy Holi to all of you! Hope you all are celebrating the day of colors with full gusto. It's all quite on my front.
Btw,remember the best holi we celebrated in our lives ? Ahh.Wat an experience!
Mainak said…
ya the Holi of 2004 the day before our Mid sems (2nd Sem).
Remember those days and the various incidents that followed
Just trying to name a few which i can recollect. Help me if i have missed out any
1. Pouring buckets of water under Bora's Door and finally Rahul breaking the door.
2. Bora furious that we didnt allow him to study and trying to bash up everyone around.
3. Putting Dion in one of those Hostel dustbins and he was unable to come out of it.
4. Pulling down of Nataraj's tracks by Arun Dhar
5. Nikhil Sood caught by warden in his undies playing Volleyball
6. Honey Chawla looking for his clothes on the terrace and begging ppl to offer him some sort of clothing :)
7. Blasting by the Warden
8. Chanting of the song "Pappu Ki maa ki ..... "
9. Tearing off Vaibhav's brand new ADIDAS T-Shirt by the sheer weight of Vipul(the quality of the t-shirt was too good so needed Vipul's weight)
10. Prem Tikolo frustating Gandhi with his tricks
11. Cabinet apne dhun mein
12. Seeing Rudra 1st time topless. Kya mast muscles thi Rudra ka :)

Just to name a few of the uncountable events of that day :)

Woh bhi kya din the :(
@ Mainak and Mann,
Brought back amazing memories! We flooded the hostel! Ha ha ha ha!
I still have a pic or two of that day.

Seriously can't stop laughing! Amazing recollection.
"Pappu ki maa ka..." was the song of the day on that holi.Abhijeet Guha aka Papu halwai was so damn pissed with all this crap!
I was witness to Natrajan's shorts being pulled off by Arun Dhar and what was even more hilarious was that after I went back to the room
Atri Boka***** asked me "e bolo ki Natarjan's nunu moto boro? ".Wtf! How curious! :-D
raj alakshendra said…
ha ha ha ... Atri really askd this.. OMG ....
chaki reminded of good old days was so much fun..
Mainak said…
Sry Missed out to mention the various GPL sessions that were being carried out in various corridors of Hostel-A. Maybe Krishnan's saga of GPL started after that day only :)

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