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More Gyaan, on Techie Language

So, Karma in his previous post talked about how the techie slang has taken over his life, and the life of others. Here is my addition to it. The real author is Sorcy, and you should definitely go read him. He is really awesome. And the credit of the following pick up lines goes to him... :P

So here it goes Err..Feel free to try these pickup lines at your own risk.'
Note:There is no risk when you are standing sideways and a hand's length away while trying these lines on the chick you find in the pub.
Some of them are customized for e=mc^2 kind

  • Excuse me...Err...Is your name North? Cuz my compass is pointing in your direction.
  • Hello there Baby!! Are those firmwares real?
  • Ooh!! You turn my floppy disk into a 'hard' disk.
  • You have a greater gravitational pull than earth, I think I am locked in your orbit.
  • You look so hot, you would keep my lap more warm than my laptop.
  • Ooh la la..Can I mount my server on your rack?
  • Baby!! You overclock my heart.
  • I can't spell FCUK without U.
  • What's your name?I think I should call NASA and say I discovered new moons.
  • You slow the world around me like gaming on a machine with defective graphics driver.
  • Let's go to the parking bay and perform some 'illegal operation.'
  • Can I access your special folder?
  • Let's go to my shell and compile all night.
  • I can use my fingers for more than just Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  • What's your name?Err..I wanna shout your name when I have a buffer overflow.
  • You are like an HTML Structure. Small head and Huge body![This will definitely work]
  • You are my cure for low blood pressure.Sugar!!
  • Gwad!! you just gave me a level 5 outbreak.
  • Us together will be like 2 hard drives on RAID1[RAID 1 mirrors the contents of the disks, making a form of 1:1 ratio realtime backup. ]
  • Baby!I won't let anything come in between our relationship, not even latex.
  • I can be 3 and you be 23.Let's go home and multiply.

These should work mostly! Use Axe Deo Spray as 'Plan -B'. There should always a plan B.
Plan C is the door with the sign 'EXIT' in bold red lettering. Period.

This was gyaan from Sorcy Baba, at your doorstep... 


Karma said…
Wow! Did this Sorcy guy came up with all of 'em by himself? I am not sure but if it is then its mind-blowing stuff.......Loved all the comments!
Shayon said…
My my.. thanks for the tip. And also for the opportunity to try them out ;-)
This was the coolest thing I've read lately! But what does "I can be 3 and you be 23" mean ?
Shayon said…
@ Mann
You kidding me? How long since you last got it? what is 3x23?
Oops! Wat a blunder! Sheepish grin! Didn't strike me that time
Sakshi said…
Well,oh, yeah, Guys, I din get the 23 joke either. Just kept mouth shut... :)
Shayon said…
Jesus Holy Mother Fucking Christ!
That's all I got to say!!
Ankit said…
if this page was a chocolate, then the green dot behind it is turning red.....
Can you be a little more cryptic? This was a little too easy for me to understand.

Unknown said…

Green dot >> Veg product
Red dot >> Non Veg product !!!!

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