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Another Flight of Imagination

Knock Knock !! Anybody's home....Well, I guess everyone is in slumberland now.Ah long time since I dusted off the grime of my online diary and started scribbling random stuffs.What do I write now?? Today was quite eventful by the way.....Our dear 'ol Ton-dulkar,the holy grail of the cricketing community,has surpassed the coveted 200 run mark.What an achievement!! I could hear people whistling and howling in glee on the completion of the double ton - guys neatly dressed who normally speak nothing in office other than project delivery and deadlines.I guess it is in the time of great adversary and in tumultuous celebration the status quo and dis-congruity among people fades out.I think I am digressing from what I intended to write today.

Well,junta I am really tired of this office culture.The dog-eat-dog ambiance really has pissed me off.Employees of gargantuan MNCs bear the same trait - easy to procure and easier to dispose just like toilet papers,you clean your shit and flush them away.An interesting analogy to this would be crabs.If you ever been to a fish market,then you might have across crabs kept in huge vats.They always display an curious pattern - when one of those unassuming creature tries getting out,the others below invariably pulls it down.Everyone trying to get out by trampling over others.Sick!I guess this is how Natural Selection works.As aptly said by Viru Sahastrabuddhe "Life is a race.If you are not up to it someone else will pip you to post".

But Junta I am not here to dish out the miseries of my life but to torment you with my occasional flight of imagination - yet another poem.The purpose of all the preamble in the above paragraph was to bring you to the topic of the poem.Yeah not very interesting topic I know - this happens to be the labour of exasperated mind of two mindfucked brains.Yup one of my colleague called popularly as Jack and I formulated these lines during office time,the only real work we did in the whole day!His draft was crude and nascent which I had to iron out rigorously.Not a work of high standard.You would find loads of grammatical and syntax anomalies- but they are kept intentionally to retain the rawness of the composition.
Originally it was written as a spoof of the nonsensical song "Lemon Tree" - my perennial favorite,but we could not maintain the cadence and finished the rest in a jiffy.We could not come up with a better name ,so we simply call this "Office Days".Please spare your eyeballs on this for a moment.

It's office time once again.........
Time to drag yourself in the realm of pain.

Monotonous stuff, we don't wish to
Whatever the work, you have to do.

It grows by day, night and noon-
Can't finish 'em off anytime soon.

Concentration, hard to do indeed.
Long vacation, is that what we need.

Weekend came, but soon gone by,
Sitting in desk, you wonder why....!!!

"This mountain of work, on my head-
Could be finished ever until I'm dead?"

Then comes the pressure from the super-boss,
"Finish the work, Don't let the weekend cross".

And you'll see yourself In the desk again.
Gazing at the screen and frying own brain.

Friends having fun and giving you call.
You cannot go, your mood will fall

Dejected, I think - 'This is my hell'
I tell my heart - "Bhaiyaa.... Aal izz well"


And thanks for waking us out of our slumber!
How's everything in Cal. I know you sound gloomy and all, but I do hope life doesn't really suck that bad!

raj alakshendra said…
Karma writes so well. The selection of words is so good.
The poem very nice.
N one thing is true that this life doesnt end till u r dead :) :)
n wher do u get these to the situation pics...
Nice work,Karma! That's what all of us feel sometime or the other.
Jonty said…
Well done Karma... We are proud of you and your command over the language for such creations
Mainak said…
Abbe yeh Jonty Rhodes ka baccha kaun hai???

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