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Whats the Valentine's Day Plan ???

So, what u all guys are up to ??? today morning i had talk with shayon on ph (here i had to mention ph since now a days people do more of virtual talking) ... He is celebrating his 5th year of relationship ... Shayon baba ki jai ho ... Congrats to both of them & pray that they tie up the knot soon ...

What about others ... Anybody going out for a date or giving some gift to someone special ...

As far as I am concerned , my parents are coming to jsr this weekend ... So , it will be a family affair ... Or it might happen that il send my parents to enjoy & il be sitting in home ....
If i go into past, I havent ever gone out with a girl on this day ... ya thats true ... What a bad record ... In addition to this I havent ever got any Valentine gift also ... Hold on , hold on ..hey shayon , is it that, this is the best day to propose ??? Means this day is lucky & people end up into long relation ...

For many of us this might be the last or 2nd last V-day of their bachelorship ... So, guys wake up , do something or else what ur kids will say ," dad to total waste hai"

While writing this post, one college incident came into my mind .... In first year, I had a bet with dion & rai that if I take Richa out on V-day they will treat me in Centre Point ... any guesses what happened ??? She didnt come but yes I had asked her directly on her face to come out... Thank God she didnt hit me .. I lost the bet & my treat to both of them is still due...
I wonder where I got so much of guts to ask her .. Newez those were college days full of fun..

Why not all of us share some weird incidents of V-Day ... Who is the next one...


Sakshi said…
Blush blush- Wow, even I am not planning to do a 5 year in a relationship post, so this was a surprise to me.
Thank you for the best wishes... they mean alot.
And, I am going to be working for my college fest on the valentine's weekend...
But- I truly wish Shayon was here.

Btw- Tell me guys, what is the wackiest that you all have done on a v day.

oh and Raj, I think, it is like the worse day to propose a girl, so cliched...!!!
Shayon said…
Pata nahin yaar... I have proposed to only one girl, on the V-Day, and she stuck on :-p. Never got the second opportunity.

Well, I do remember the Valentine's Day of 2004 when we had convinced Dipayan to finally propose to Rashmi Pandey. We had been waiting in the CCD for both of them (Dip had wanted us to be around) but neither of them arrived. Dip got a cold feet at the last minute, and couldn't ask her out :-) And to add to our woes, the regular a la carte menu was on hold, in CCD, on that day. All they were serving was Valentine's Combo, which had one pastry, one sandwich, and 2 coffee. And it was hell weird, ordering for it, with Karma sitting with me.

This valentine's Day, I had kinda planned to be in Delhi but I think that ain't happening. Well, let's see how it goes. Most probably, I shall be perched at home, working away to glory, on Howzzit.
Raj,I never knew that you asked Richa to go out with you and you had a bet with Dion for this .Wat the fuck was Dion himself doing? I mean I was also one of those people whom Dion and Sam had challenged to ask Richa out!
And when I was promised a treat for the same.
And as can be expected,the treat was never given!Wat shameless fellows! :-D
raj alakshendra said…
dion had bet with everbody ... sala ....

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