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Nothing Whacky,just a special mention :-)

Ladies and mentlemen,it gives me immense pleasure to invite the lawyer herself-Miss Sakshi Chopra to plead her case for a claim on the Mr.Whacko contest which ,as per her wish will appropriately get modified to "Miss Whacko"-IF SHE WINS-a highly improbable though in itself.So here we go with the lawyer and there she speaks :


I do not know if the following three incidents qualify being whacky or weird or whatever.Unfortunately, I have had a very unexciting life and incidents as compared to the life you guys had in college.
So,let me start with whatever whacky I think I have done -one by one:

1. I was asked, rather I acted for a TV commercial at the age of 8.The commercial was aired on Doordarshan for quite sometime. It was a social message commercial whose message was- That it is very important to educate the girl child. My role was of the girl child, I was to recite a poem called Jhansi ki Rani. I dont know if I got paid for it at all,but I do remember getting a new Tiffin box. A few years later when I was 13, the same aunty who got me into this commercial - got me and my cousin to be the side dancers in a C grade song, for a stupid album. The shooting was at a farmhouse in chatterpur.. the name of the song was 'sun meri behna', and my cousin actually fell for a two bit choreographer.. That was bad. He was seriously YUCK.

2. I sent secret admirer love letters and love cards to My first crush. The most embarrassing thing being that-he happens to be family friend's son. And,today he knows that it was me who used to send him those love letters.Sheesh!! but we have never talked about this..AT ALL!!

3. I have a history of getting men to fall for me on the net. The very first guy, I met him in some random chat room. His screen name was "friendly frozen" and my screen name was Smita Oberoi (Classy na..). This was when I was in 8th/9th grade. I did not have a computer but my Tyaji had a cyber cafe. Of course, that means a free net connection for me. My cousin and I used to go to random chat rooms and make chat friends. Yeah, so this guy proposed to my net id... and I said a yes...and crap.. from that day on I did not go online at all. Apparently, long after that, I got to know that my cousin was still in touch with Mr. Friendlyfrozen...and they had exchanged phone numbers and were texting each other..alot. The next hiatus, was with a Mr. Ketan Patel, who fell in love with my photograph on MSN, when he was talking to my friends id and I was talking to him as if he was my friend.He fell for me really bad. I still have e-mails that professes his love for me and tell me how I am the most beautiful girl in the world..This happened exactly a month before Shayon proposed me.And for all of you who still dont know then here it is- Shayon and I met on Hi5. It was a 'net affair' till we met.Yeah,and even after the two incidents of cyber stalkers, I gave him my phone number and got into a relationship with him.

These were the three whacky things I have done so far!!!




Hahaha...Seems like both ,shayon and you, have been internet and phone addicts right from birth. Kaafi gul khilaye gayein hai Internet pe ;D
And the second and third incidents would definitely get a coupla points.
Sakshi said…
Thank You mannu Ji...!!! lets just say, that destiny had its own way of making two ppl meet... (CHEESY AND CORNY I KNOW)... thanks never the less for the spl mention... love ya
ABC said…
hey would luv to see the DD commercial..

btw givme some tips to find a match online ;-)
Sakshi said…
I would also love to see the commercial.. am trying to arrange for that.
Tips for finding a Match ONLINE:
1. Go to random chat rooms with classy names...and start chatting.
2. Use your friend's messenger Id, to chat with his female friends, especially the one who has crush on your friend.
3. Join a social networking site, join a group which is controversial in nature and give replies especially to girls comments, which fuel an argument between the two of you...

All tried and tested formulas... result may vary for individuals.
Karma said…
Wow ! U know what more than the TV commercial I am really charged to see the music video -sun meri behna.Sounds too uberkool !!! Man we do have some quirky stuff onboard.

This online match-making is a funny business.Every time I used to type ASL the reply I got was 'Bye'!
Sakshi said…
If you are sooooo interested in that video.. that can be so arranged...!!! Lemme try and find out what can be done about that.(nothing to get excited abt- I am the background dancer... :))
Shayon said…
Where the hell are the rest of the entries, dude?
raj alakshendra said…
u r crazy doing all kind ofcrap

dere is no fixed rule for girl.. even God is confused abt dem...
u jus go on trying. some de or other ul get ur partner...
raj alakshendra said…
where is the post ... jaldi daal na... v r jus waiting for the next post...
Sakshi said…
Atleast RAJ thinks that what I did was Crazy...!!
Shayon is a RUDE bastard... comments on the post asking about the next post and not commenting on the whacky thingy...!!!

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