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Confessions of a love-struck kid

Here we go with the second entry of the contest.
I am least hopeful of the crown of Mr Whacko. I feel like David amongst the Goliaths ;-). No seriously my nomination will surely be a entry with the Olympic's principle 'Participation rather than winning. I am into this contest for the spirit of TOPFLOORers.

As I sit down to write something on my whackiest moment, the first thing that came to my mind was when I was still a kid who was getting used to his new school in second standard. That age I was still an innocent child and still coming to terms to understand the relationship between a girl and boy, though it still might be confusing at times. So I a young lad of 6 years was going to a new school in the big city of Madras. Parents are always apprehensive about their children at a new place. No wonder my mom got hold of a colony didi (she was one or two years senior) to keep me out of troubles at school.

So there she was coming to me at the small recess & long recess time. I was more the happy as I had someone familiar at an alien place. The recess time was always the best part during school days. You could share a lot of gossips with of course the tiffins. There was the recess & there were gossips too.

Some days went by and then my 'little' class mates began speculating !! Yes where on earth did they get the notion of me getting along with that girl. Somedays went by and one day to settle the matter once and for all, they called a gathering of the full class. Then begun the allegations and I had no defence. One by one all came up with fabricated piece of stories of my 'love story' with Priya. Ya that was her name. They had seen me eat lunch with her under the school bell. They had seen me walking hand-in-hand with her on a rainy day. They had seen me waiting impatiently for her at the bus stop. With all these visuals, they created a very lovely picture of my 'Love Story'.

Now the most embarrassing part. They discussed everything and then they concluded that 'I was in LOVE'. That conclusion was not enough for them and now they wanted to hear it from the horse's mouth !! So I was surrounded by the entire class and according to the consensus I would have to say out aloud the line 'I LOVE PRIYA'. Now I kept on saying the matter was altogether different but no one would listen to me. I was a culprit to them, I would have to take the punishment.

So there I was standing in front of an audience of 6 years old ladies & gentlemen, saying out loud 'I LOVE PRIYA'. I could have turned into several colors that day out of sheer embarrassment. Well that punishment was the last time I said the the beautiful phrase & I am waiting for that punishment to happen again.

Well that's it. This is one of my early memories & it surely makes me smile even today. This may not be upto the standard of whackiest at this forum but that will be my entry for 'Mr. Whacko'. I am all too eager for the post from mannu. So will there be some sort of voting or mannubhai is the sole judge.
Rathindra aka Planning Master,Flop-master


Hehe..With a meekish grin,I must say this was hilarious.Though nothing that whacky,but it was funny in it's own way.Don't know how Rathz falls for all women with their names starting from P..
Sakshi said…
Awwww... this was not whacky it was SWEET.... cho cute...!!! (HOLDING HANDS IN THE RAIN....!!!!!:))
Ankit said…
really cute yaar!! i am just imagining all 6 year olds in that god...i cant stop myself from laughing like a kid....
Unknown said…
ic udn believe that raths has ever said those 3 magical words . n that at such a young age .... u shud hav maintaind ur momentum .. also u hav walked hand in hand in raid ... i jus cant imagine raths doing so ... chupa rustam
I agree with you..mujhe lagta hai Rathindra ne bachpan main gaadi bahot tez chaali di aur dheere dheere fir love waali gaadi ki hawa nikal gayi..
ABC said…
folks it wasnt magical at that was very difficult and embarassing !!

aur ismey 'chupa rustum' ki kya baat hai bhai log..
ABC said…
PS:: Till now our entries have a different theme rather than being whacky..

It's more like 'unknown facts about me'..

the big shots posts are due, the real game shall begin now i suppose..
Karma said…
The contest started off in bit cheesy mood...but nevertheless the post was really good.Really had a rollicking timegoing through it. I must agree it must be an harrowing experience for Rathz !!
Walking hand-in-hand in god Rathz,never knew u were capable of pulling of that.Way to go.BTW who are the other girls you fell for whose name starts with P. ;-) I just can think of one ryt now.Mannu please enlighten us.

Pretty excited to see the other posts.Mannu can the posting be more frequent.
Howzzya,dawg ? Nice to c u here,after aeons!
Actually,I dont have internet connection at home so that's why the delay in posting the entries.However,i ll try my best to post an entry today.

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