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We will see him no more.........

Well, I cant express how bad I am feeling while I am writing this post but I think though it's bitter everyone of us should know this news......... "Soumyadeep Da", our beloved senior in college is no more with us.

I got this new just few hours back and I am completely shattered. I don't know how many of you remember him but he is known to be the most coolest and calm guy among all the Bengal seniors. I have put his picture here for any body who is not able to recollect him......

May GOD Bless his sacred soul.........

Well, karma here....I know Dip would be incensed seeing me edit his post..But I just couldn't imagine myself in the confines of the comment section..sorry Dip
So much happening in such a dizzying pace that its hardly sinking into me.....few days back I lost one of my school mate and now Soumya-da!!

I guess my iconoclastic life-style has left me comfortably numb and aloof of the things around me...things that are more important...the glossier things in life has blinded me from the facile aspects of life...I have build such a comfortable cocoon around me that its hard to see what is happening around outside the confines of my Fool's paradise....

Today I feel real miserable...tormented to the extent that I have chosen this portal for self-mortification....How can I ever condone myself for the fact that despite living in Kolkata for close to 1 year it never crossed my mind to ever visit Soumya-da knowing that he is very very ill???

Me and my hedonist idiosyncrasies !!!! I thought I was well connected with the ones those who matters in my foolish of me !! Hah do I care if some one writhes in pain and spend most part of his time-bedridden..all I care is to be with the ones who don't have a problem going to movies at 11 o clock at night or to have a blast at every TJIF ! I mean how much self-indulgent one can get !!!

Sorry Dip to really spoil ur page with this meaningless blabber....I think our beloved Bard of Bengal, Rabindranath Tagore might be more atriculate than I am....


Omg!! That's a terrible loss..Wat happend ?& where ?
Although I didnt have much interaction wid him but the coupla times I had a chat wid him he was really a very sweet fellow without any airs-a rare quality in the bongs seniors there
Dipayan said…
well I don't know much, he was ill for quite some time and at the last moment he was detected with lungs cancer...really terrible loss.

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