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With Love, From Mumbai!

Monday morning, 9:47am, I have a deadline to meet, 4 blog posts to publish, and here I am, on The Wall Mag, writing after ages.
Well, last few weeks have been an absolute topsy-turvy ride for me. It all started with a little fiasco with Raj, my examinations in college, my resignation from WAT, my trip to Mumbai, meeting up Sakshi after a whole fucking year and loads more.

I was reading a book by Anirban Bose, named "Bombay Rains, Bombay Girls". The book is so much alike typical Chetan Bhagat novels. But, there was one thing in the story that caught my attention. The protagonist, an aspiring doctor, talks about some ritual among the chimpanzees. Apparently, the males always fight among themselves for the mates. However, just so as to enable them to live within the pack, in peace, they, apparently, kiss each other at the end of every single day as an act of making up. I do not know but is that where the "kiss and make up" phrase came from? Anyway, the reason why I mention this is every time such a reference came in, the only person I could think of, all the while, is Raj. I had never anticipated that I'd miss him so sorely, but yeah, I do. After spending so many months together, below the same roof, I do.

I had resigned from WAT because of some disagreements and clash of ideology with the founder, Mr RD. Moreover, another reason was the surprise I had promised you all. I was planning to start a new company, of my own, pairing up with two of my friends. Yes, everything had fallen into place - the proof of concept, the team and even the funding. We were all set to launch. Just then, Bang! I ended up getting another job, right out of the blue sky above. Somehow, the prospects of the job just couldn't make me hush it up and I ended up getting sucked into it.

The company that I'll be getting into is called the EFY Group, a publishing house that owns magazines like Electronics for You, Linux for You, it and BenefIT. It's a 20 years old company and has quite a footing in the IT vertical. Moreover, another reason that got me hooked is the prospect of working in Delhi. Yes! I shall be shifting in Delhi, in another week or two. All of these, coupled with the handsome package that I got offered, just couldn't find a reason to refuse the offer!
Right now, I'm in good ol' Mumbai, savoring my last few days in here. Of course, I shall always come back to this city, my home, my haven. But for now, despite all the good things happening, it leaves me a bit sad to leave Mumbai, where I grew up.
Me and Sakshi have been having quite a gala time out here, boozing almost every other night, romancing the Mumbai skylines, scourging for "couple spots" and just being with each other. My God! I do not know how many of you have ever fallen in love, but I just can not express in words - the solace, the satisfaction and the happiness that I feel, when we walk together, hand in hand (I know, it sounds cheesy. But what the hell, I don't care!), rubbing shoulders, speaking nothing, just letting the mood seep in. Devil knows how much I missed Sakshi!
@ Dion
Our luncheon is fixed, ain't it? Can't wait to meet you, dude! It's been a long long time. Unfortunately, you'll miss Mann by just 2 days. What a shame!
@ Karma
It's high time you came out of your trance and started getting a little more social, you know. There does happen to be life outside good ol' Kolkata!
@ Mann
I'm gonna in your city now, dude! It's party time!! (It's a pity that you do not booze)
@ Debu
Where the hell are you, man?
@ Atri
What happened to our TWM plans? Do you plan to blog about it?
@ Raj
I love you, man! Would it help if I apologized publicly  for all the mishaps and asked if we could be friends again? Also, miss your enthusiasm on The Wall.
@ Sakshi
I love you too! :-D


Sakshi said…
Jesus, I swear ppl, I had no Idea that Shayon had the capability of doing so much of PDA...!!!
(not that I mind really...!!!)

Hey Raj,
Cmon man... gustaki maaf karde..ab toh insaaf karde...please...

Dude, I second Shayon, CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU...!!!

I cant wait to see you either...!!! Both in Mumbai n in Delhi...!!! ;)

And Guys, where is everybody... wWAKE UP...
Hey guys!!!
Am also bac...was busy with a lot of exams & other crappy certification exams!!

Enjoy the rendezevous guys..Wish I could have made it.

Abey jayaada PDA mat kar..VHP aur Shiv Sena waale "couples" ka band baja dete hain...fir tumko PDA(Public display of Anger) ka victim banna padega. :D
Shayon said…
@ Mann
Abey chutiye... Mumbai is rather much more "couple friendly". Pata nahin Delhi mein jaa kar kya hoga. Saala... national capital... also touted as the Rape capital... what the fuck!!
"Rape capital"...but y r u worried ? darr lag raha hai ki "casanova Shayon" ka yahaan ladkiyaan rape kar dengi..:D
Sakshi said…
Alright guys, stop bickering over PDA.
Neways, Mannu yaar, jaldi aa, aur apna prog bata Christmas n New year ka...!!!
Shayon is gonna ditch will you accompany me?
Shayon said…
@ Mann
Yeah right!

New Year ko kuchh bhi ho sakta hai! :-)
arrogance is in the air..

Christmas pe milte hain..par c the deal is maine tujhe jitni masti yahaan karwai hai utni masti mujhe wahaan bhi aani chahiye..k? ..aur i m waiting to get hooked in the marriage..:DDDD(a devilish grin)
Sakshi said…
yahan par masti bahut zyaada hai.. I can stay out till late without any chik chik and y the fuck are you talking abt getting hooked in marriage...
now those expletives dont look gud coming form a girl's mouth or do they ? ;-)
wtf!! u only had told me that u ll get me hooked to somebody there ...bad haan..
Sakshi said…
Ah...that...!!! man, reading the posts n comments in office on a busy day gets you pretty fucked up...!!! neways.. I hope to c u soon...
Ankit said…
hi evrybdy seems like evrybdy s having a gala time...and i`m here too..though my picture isnt....nywyz news from my side is that
1. i dropped my N73 Music edition mobile into the toilet...c'mon it cud have been lost or stolen but had never expected such an unfortunate ending...
2. i banged my car badly into a trailer...

Rest is fine!!
Sakshi said…
Hi Ankit,
Doncha worry dude... this is one of the many times that you would have banged your car. Good thing is that you din get hurt. Be careful.

And abt your phone, a reason to chage your phone has just come...

Take Care...
Gandhi,tussi great ho!! tuwaada ko match nahin paaji..
Regarding banging the car,we are pleased to know that at least u have banged something.Finally!

I think Gandhi needs to take some inspiration from me.Why dont u tell him wat could he have done for rescuing his fone?
Sakshi said…
Mannu- You really think that he would have taken the same route to rescue??
And please dont be mean to Gandhi...and Dude cal me asap.when you reach Mumbai
Ankit said…
and more i dont have any phone nos. or contacts in ma new i'd be grateful if all of u can sms me ur no...(dont put it here, i`m also not mentioning it here)..
@ Mann,
Dude I liked the G-man banging someone/thing finally.
@ Mann,
Dude I liked the G-man banging someone/thing finally.

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