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The Wedding Contest

"Will you Marry me" I think these words are more magical than "I love you" ....

In next three years many of us will be tying the knot so why not start a contest ... The idea came last night whn me n raths were talking on phone .... The contest goes like this :

The couple who gets married first among us will get a honeymoon trip air tickets sponsored by other members of wall-mag .. the rules & regulations of the contest are as follows:

1) Register urself for the contest that means comment on this post & u r registered for the contest.

2) The winner can choose any destination within India only ....

3) There is no backing out from the contest .... All the registered members have to pay for the trip of the winner ...

4) Kids fare wont be paid by the members ...

5) "couple" word includes all types of relations - male-female, male-male, female-female ...Dion, i know u must have got happy on this point :)

6) Registration is open till 31st october' 2010 only ...

If any of you have anymore points , please add it ...

All the best .....


raj alakshendra said…
i start the contest .... first one to register ...
But my bet goes on Shayon & sakshi since i need a miracle to win the contest in any case ...

@shayon & sakshi
If u both won , il definitely give a solo dance performance on ur wedding .....
Unknown said…
Dude, plane fares for destinations only in India? Damn! Then it won't really be a honeymoon trip sponsorship, you know!

By the way, if both Sakshi and I register here, and get married to each other on the same day, then the rest pay for both of us, and our respective partners, right? Which means, collectively, we should get 4 tickets. Right? ;-)
...@ish@... said…
Oh WOW!!!
nice contest.
I wish i could be in :(
Unknown said…
By the virtue of the fact that you commented, you are already in :)
Unknown said…
It'll be interesting..Lets wait and see if any nice surprises come up !!
@ Raj,
Go F*** yourself!
I've still got atleast 4-6 years before I settle down, but I'll contribute to the air-fare.

And I'm definitely waiting to see the solo dance performance!

@ Shayon,
Don't get too clever- the couple that finishes the 7 rounds faster will get the trip!

Unknown said…
What if it's a registry marriage? And what if the wedding's done the Christian way?
And by the way, how can you figure who did it "faster", since the total distance covered by both is the same?
Plus, remember, no one is "married" until both the individuals in a "couple" have completed the 7 rounds. Which means, both shall be considered "married" only the moment when the "last partner" (according to you) completes the round. Get it?
Sakshi said…
Lets just add one more thing, that you tell the couple the amount collected, and they can add some of their own and have a foreign trip (I am not honeymooning in India)

Those 7 rounds are not even 7.. it is the Satpadi (seven steps) and some four pheras.... and as a matter of fact, the seven steps are THE only thing in Hindu Laws that make the marriage valid- legally.

Now that I have commented, I too am the part of the bet..

Baby- you have NO clue about weddings.

None of you actually- Maybe I should do a self help post on that!

You have put your money on Shayon and Me getting married first.. it is only for couples that get married after this post?
raj alakshendra said…
Wow 5 contestants on day one .
@ Shayon
If two contestants marry each other , in that case too only 2 tickets .

There is raRest of rare chance that 2 people wil get married at same time .
@ Sakshi
after thiS post weddings r included in the contest .

U r welcome dear :)
Sakshi said…
Why is the rarest of the rare that two people will get married at the same time? Normally it is two people who get married at the same time.

It is THE rarest of rare case that two contestants in this game get married to EACH other.

My God, if this is the language that you are going to use, you will get into a major legal mess.

I would like to put on record a protest for the 'vote' widget that is here on the page. Earlier there was one, now there are two of us, can you people not be biased towards the 'guys'!
...@ish@... said…
I agree with Sakshi.
Unknown said…
@ALL (@Sakshi & @Aisha)

Just as actor is anyone who acts irrespective of gender..From today onwards the word 'guys' would mean all of us on this page..Be it the majority or the minority.

The session is adjourned and the decision shall be binding on all.

Sakshi said…

Your Honour highly obliged! :)
Haha. Nice banter going on here. I guess the obvious sequence of marriage is gonna be firstly that of Shayon,sakshi ,after that that of Raj,then there'll be a gap of 2-3 years,and then the other poor members of TWM like me will "throw in their towels" to this word called marriage. Haha
Come to think of it, these discussions about marriages,which spring up now and then in myriad forms, give me the feeling that we have probably grown up now. Gone are those college days when we used to hardly discuss about this word or used to associate these types of discussions with the interest areas of women only.
raj alakshendra said…
certainly v have grown-up now
shanoob said…
Count me in too...
please arrange a consolatory price for the last one who gets married...
may b I will will that :p
Seems like we love to go in hibernation again after bursts of activity. :-D
Mainak said…
Just a concern fromo a few members....
Is this offer valid even if the couple is from same sex???
Coz there are few ppl who might be thinking in these lines toooo :-P
Sakshi said…
Re-read the rules, it is very much valid!

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