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Life of Freedom...Life of Choice...

Its 9 am & the ph rings...
Me: hello
X: Good Morning ... are u sleeping ???
Me: no ...good morning
X : I have received my products ...Can u plese tell me how to use it??
Its one of the call that wakes me up ...
From the day i left my job i have permanenetly switched off my alarm..every morning some or the other call wakes me up ... it feels so good.. Il get ready to meet few of the people or do net or whatever i feel ... no more pnching at 7.30 or giving infinite nos of excuses to take a holiday ... Recently my dad gifted me a lappy on reaching the next level in business.. I encouraged him saying keep growing like this so that we can get more gifts..

Now i can daily see movie ...infact any damn movie...My count of watching LOTR series has gone to 10 times ... I donno why but whenever i see it , i feel something different from inside ... While writing now , i am feeling to see it again ..probably il start tommorrow..
Life has changed a lot after job ..Now when people ask me wht I am doing then I feel proud to say a Businessman ... for all u guys I am a Certified nutrition Advisor too ... I had passed the exam with 92% marks ... After all engineers can excel in any field ... I have got solution to any health problem through proper Nutrition supplements ... Through experience I am becoming an expert in this...
I tried a bit of cooking too but I cant do it alone so its better to eat in mess...
In this time of freedom there is no girl in my life :( ...
For all the NCR residents I am il be in delhi on 30th & 1st ... hoping to see all of u...


Sakshi said…
congrats on your new purchase..!!! :)
Rathindra said…
the other day I told Karma that you have started again with LOTR..he was proud and said he'll also do the same when he buys his new lappy !!

but Karma has been buying his lappy since last 4-5 months..he actually finally placed an order with Dell few weeks back and then he gets a mesaage saying Dell has stopped taking online orders for Eastern region !! may be this festive season, he will finally get one..Amen ;)

Sam on the other hand decided on buying one and the next day it was there !!

raj alakshendra said…
tell karma to just go & buy it ..dont think so much ...
Congrats to all on your new purchases!
Nice laptop, Raj!


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