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My City..My Life.. 2

‘Yes, please provide the snapshots of the various scenarios by next Monday. Asok will then be able to provide an analysis report and then we can discuss and frame the roadmap for the project’, said he.

He sees Peter nodding in the screen in front of him. It's the weekly status meeting after which everyone cuts away from the office for the pursuit of everything and nothing; some just sleep, some do sports, some read, many go for dates and movies and also few do come to office on weekends occasionally.

'Yes, I'll provide the inputs. Anything else', said Peter.

He's all ears and concentrating to decipher the English accent. He replies, 'That's it, so have a great weekend'.

At the back of his mind one George Bernard Shaw's quote crosses his mind, "It is impossible for an Englishman to open his mouth without making some other Englishman hate or despise him".

Peter. "Thank you very much; you too have a good time. Bye.'

He collects the meeting agenda sheets, and dashes towards his cube from the conference room.

One more turn left and then he'll be at his cube.

That wasn't supposed to be. Instead all papers that were in his folder; now had taken to the air and were flying like kites in Kabul sky (Kite Runner - Kite flying is a passion in Kabul). He had banged into a new glass door that house-keeping had put in place to segregate the floor into two zones. As the kites were falling all over him, two small eyes and a lovely little nose appeared at the background of the sky.

In order to cut short the description of this angel and without any intention of racial remarks; she is a chinky from Chungju near Seoul in South Korea and is one of the international recruits in the company.

'Are you okay?'

He was still coming to terms with this chinky angel in a Kabul sky.

A coarse voice, 'Hhey aare youu okayy'.

Thick moustache and a big face. Asok.

Finally, he gets up and Asok helps him to his cube.

His friends had booked a bowling alley for the Friday night outing, but with an aching back, he decides to head for home.

'Hey, mister...hey hello....listen..'

He turns while he was just about to get into the lift. It's the chink.

'Here take your paper planes', said she as she handed the folder to him.

'Slumdog..AR the way thank you very much'.

'Actually Paper Planes is by M.I.A .. But yes I am big fan of AR Rehman'.

'Hmmm okay..So not finished yet on a Friday evening.'

'Well, I was almost done with my last mail of the day when you crashed in front of my cube', she starts laughing.

'Oh....anyways thanks for your helping hand', he gives a smile.

He continued,' well if you are done for the day, shall I walk you till the tram depot.'

'Okay, thanks'.

Chink in the armour!!

'So you are new in the office, I guess you are one of the international recruits in HR department.'

'Yes, you are right and I am Michelle from Chungju, South Korea'.

'Michelle..I am xxxxxx.. and I'm in the Consultancy department..well I Know only of one city in Korea, which is Seoul'.

'Ban Ki Moon, the UN secretary general, he is also from's a small town near Seoul'

'Oh really, Moon has taken over the Earth and another is on the trail already'.

They walked till the bus depot and before they bid good bye, there was exchange of mobile numbers.

She wanted to explore the city and he was already on a free fall with his latest crush.

Will the jinx of a single status be broken by a chink?

To be continued..



What a pleasure to read. It was like reading from a novel- something like Chetan Bhagat or Khaled Hosseini book.
Amazing work.
shastha said…
sahi tha bhai .. naration was great
raj alakshendra said…
hats off to raths .. he is the best ..
al the best to ashok ...
Sakshi said…
OMG I so completely agree with Dion... Its awesome. Please, hurry up and complete it...suspense is killing.
Shayon said…
Someone from north-east, calling someone else a chinky? Interesting!

But hey, seriously, really good read!
ABC said…
thanks for your lovely comments.. :)

Yesterday, I gave this piece to one of my friends in office saying that it is from a new book 'Intercontinental Mix'..I asked if I should buy this book worth Rs 99 !!

He mentioned the plus and minus points and said I can buy the book.. :)

Why are you wishing good luck to Ashok(Asok) for??

I am not too much of a chinky face or am I .. ;-)
raj alakshendra said…
so that to keep the suspense...
Awesome article,man! Seems like an extract from a book.Keep 'em comin'!

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